Naked Tease

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As we were introduced and began to get to know each other, I understood why Trish had been attracted. He was a hell of a guy, very relaxed and easy going, with a great sense of humor and polished manners. He quickly put us all at ease and repeatedly thanked us for our invitation.

As it turned out he was as accomplished a dancer as he was a conversationalist, and soon he and Trish were out on the dance floor. I was content with sipping my beer and watching them as they moved gracefully across the floor. Trish was having a great time and since I was no where near her league when it came to dancing, it was fun to watch her “cut a rug” so to speak. They danced almost every dance, breaking only when the band did, or to down some drink and visit a bit. I never tired of watching them and began to notice that as the night wore on and the drink began to take effect, they danced more suggestively. Trish would shake her boobs at him as she thrashed her shoulders from side to side, turn and wiggle her ass against the front of his slacks. And she continually graced him with her dazzling smile. He seemed to hold her more closely, let his hands run down her side and back, or rest on her ass. I knew that he was be able to feel her naked tits flatten out against him and her bare ass cheeks beneath the thin fabric of her dress. They began to draw a crowd to watch the sexy dance of the tiny young white girl and her black stud. And what a show they put on! She would literally straddle his leg and hunch his thigh as they moved to the music. During fast songs Trish would dance in close and moving to the rhythm of the beat, slowly move into a squat position until her face was even with, and only inches from, his fly. I am sure he was as hard as a rock . . . I know I was!

As one song set ended, Trish rose on her tip toes and Todd leaned down so they could kiss. I lost my breath, my heart skipped a beat, my stomach got queasy, and my dick began to throb! My beautiful, sweet, innocent wife had just kissed a black stranger with a raging hardon on a lighted stage before scores of straining eyes! And that kiss was obviously one of passion and promise!

Todd and Trish returned to the table and in hand. Todd couldn’t have been more flattering. He told me how beautiful and charming my wife was and how lucky I was that she had chosen me to spend her life with. He said that he could only hope that some day he might find another woman as wonderful as mine to marry.

Then, Todd excused himself to the restroom . . . I think to give us a chance to talk privately. I hadn’t seen Trish so excited in a long time. She was aroused, flustered, and almost breathless.

“Michael, are you sure you want to do this?”

“I would never do anything to cause a problem between you and me.”

“We can call it a night right now if you want.”

“We’ve had an exciting night, and can end it now.”

I confided that I was hornier than I had been in quite a while and that her teasing was driving both Todd me wild. I asked her what she wanted to do. She surprised me again by saying that she had already told Todd that I wanted to watch her play sexually with another guy. He said that he would love it, was pleased that we had chosen him and that, as I had guessed, he went to the restroom to give us time to decide. When Todd approached the table rather sheepishly, I stood, slapped him on the shoulder, and invited him to stop by the house for a night cap before he headed home. He broke into a huge smile and immediately agreed. Since I knew the “cat was out of the bag” and we lived so close to the club, I suggested that we all take our car and that I would take him back to his later.

The ride home took about fifteen minutes. Todd and Trish sat in the back and after a whole evening of teasing each other, it didn’t take long before they moved together. I heard some rustling in the backseat and it became obvious that my wife had moved to sit on Todd’s lap. They were directly behind me so I couldn’t see, but Trish leaned forward to lay her forearms on the back of my seat so that her face was almost against my ear.

She began to whisper, “Oh my God, he’s touching me . . . he’s feeling my breasts. Her breath became short as she continued, “Oh, oh, you know what that does to me.” A couple of pants later she cooed, “Michael, he unbuttoning my dress, and I’m going to let him.” In a raspy voice I heard, “I can’t believe we’re doing this; he’s playing with my bare tits and twisting my nipples!”

“He’s pulling on them . . . oh!”

“Oh Michael!”

“Oh my God, Michael, I can feel his hard cock twitching underneath me.”

My heart was pounding. I couldn’t breathe or swallow. I couldn’t see anything, but her panting play by play was even sexier! I drove faster, hoping that we could get home before too much more happened. And then she whimpered, “His hand is under my dress and moving up my thigh.” followed by a sharp inhale and a soft, “Ahh . . . oh, oh.” I knew that he had reached her lace panty, probably had it pushed to the side and maybe had a finger in my wife’s sweet pussy. How well I knew the touch of her tender distended lips and the moist core of the mouth of her sex . . . but it was his turn. My wife was sitting on a strangers lap, legs spread, allowing him to explore her wet aroused pussy! She had teased him all night, but finally he was getting his reward.

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