Naked Maid

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Debbie asks my wife “have you ever stuck anything is his ass?”

“On occasion, but let him finish his show for us on his own. Maybe next time we’ll ad that to the show.”

“Next time” is all that stuck in my mind.

The thought of a next time and possible ass play took me from “close” to “almost there” in a flash. The girls all noticed this too as they must have seen my balls pull up tight.

“He’s gonna shoot” Lisa comments.

Then Desy orders me to “open your mouth and take the spunk Bill”.

I barely got my mouth open as the first shot flies out of the head of my cock. I had better aim than my wife and it flew right on my tongue. I continued to pump and received 4 more blasts before the last remnants dribbled out. I gave one last squeeze and a final drop fell into my mouth.

I sat there with a mouthful of spunk until Desy finally says “Ok swallow.”

It took three full attempts to get it all down but finally I was able to open my mouth and show them that it was all gone. Debbie and Lisa both burst into clapping and cheers, as I unfolded my self and lay on the carpet.

As I am recuperating I hear my wife say I think we can work out some agreement to let Bill clean your houses.

If those days will be like today I would gladly become the neighborhood maid.

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