Naked Maid

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When at last I am allowed to sit up she commands “Open your mouth and show me your come.”

I open my mouth and show her the load I am holding and after a few seconds she tells me

“Wow, that was a big load! Now be a good little slut and swallow it down.”

After I swallow several times she has me open my mouth back up so she can see that it is all gone. Once she is satisfied that I swallowed it all she asks me

“Well, what do you think of the taste.”

“It is not as bad as I thought it would be and I definitely don’t understand why so many women say it tastes bad.”

“Well if you like it so much you may just have to eat all of it from now on.” She chides.

“Enough fun and games, get started on cleaning the bathroom, I’ll be to inspect your work later!”

I finish with the bathroom and my efforts seem to have pleased her so she has me follow her into the kitchen to scrub the floors. We live in a nice neighborhood and all the neighbors know each other well and frequently pop in to chat and gossip, it is not unheard of for them to come in the house without knocking and on more than one occasion someone has been “caught each other in the act” with their respective spouses, this day would prove to be one of those days.

I was on my knees scrubbing the floor when a familiar sound caused my stomach to lurch. Our front door opened and I heard at least two female voices enter the house. They call out to my wife and she totally shocks me by replying

“I’m in the kitchen.”

Technically she was in the kitchen, but was actually at the far end of the room at our breakfast table. She could have easily kept me hidden from her girlfriends by calling them into the living room and allowed me to retreat to the bedroom. She obviously had other intentions.

As I am trying to figure out where to hide, two women walk around the corner, seeing me in my maid outfit, they begin to giggle and laugh.

“I didn’t know you hired a maid Desy?” Lisa comments.

“Who needs to hire one when I have a perfect maid in my own house” Desy responds.

My wife then orders me “Bill, stand up and show our guests your uniform for today”

Reluctantly I get to my feet and stand before them. Now this may seem weird to some folks but while it was very humiliating, it was also incredibly exciting to me, and the erection sticking out the front of the crotchless panties proved it to everyone looking. Debbie, the other girl who entered, notices the ribbon dangling from my shorts, reaches down and picks it up, pulling on it as she stands up. Her swift tug had the result of pulling my balls and cock completely out in the open. This caused a gasp and a squeal from both women. Debbie pulled on the ribbon a couple of more times causing my cock to bounce and bob up and down.

“How long have you guys been doing this?” asks Lisa.

“Just started this morning, but to be honest I wish I had thought of in earlier. I hate cleaning and I love to see Bill naked, so now I get the best of both worlds. Besides, wait till I tell you the new trick I discovered today that should keep me from ever swallowing come again.”

“Ooh, do tell”, this from Debbie.

“Bill, make us some tea and bring it into the living room.”

As I turn to start this latest chore, Debbie gives the ribbon one last tug, giggling at my predicament before dropping the ribbon it and following my wife and Lisa into the living room. After the tea is made I place everything on a tray and take it into the living room, where I serve the girls. I begin to leave when my wife tells me

“Bill, stand here beside me, but put your hands behind your back and spread your legs.”

This has the basic affect of leaving my erection visible to the women and increasing my level of embarrassment and excitment.

The girls talk for a while as if I am not there, occasionally glancing my way or having me refresh their drinks. During a lull in the conversation, Debbie pipes up and asks,

“So Desy what is this new trick you mentioned that will keep you from having to swallow come again?”

“Well, as you know, I love to have Bill jerk off for me (she once told me all three of them have a love of watching men jerk off and talk about it a lot) I am always trying to find more humiliating ways to have him do it when it came to me, why not have him swallow his own come”

“I wasn’t sure how to do it until last night, see Bill and I were watching the ball game and I saw the players do a stretching exercise where they flip their legs over their head to stretch their backs. It seemed perfect to me so I decided to give it a try. This morning after I got out of the tub I had Bill lay down on the floor and after I got him nice and worked up, meaning he was basically willing to do whatever I asked, just as long as I allowed him to come, I had him assume the position. With his knees next to his ears his cock was only a few inches from his mouth. Just as he was about to shoot I grabbed him and made sure every drop went in his mouth. I then had him sit up and swallow his load.”

“What did you think of the taste?” Lisa asked me.

“He loved it” my wife added before I could say anything.

“Did you really?” Lisa added.

“Go on and tell her what you said to me earlier Bill.” Desy tells me.

“I said that I didn’t think it was as bad as everyone has always said, and didn’t see why more women didn’t enjoy it.”

“Wow, you’d make a lot of guys happy with that outlook.” Lisa adds.

Debbie then says, “I can’t take it anymore, I have got to see this, Desy have him do it for us.”

My eyes must have gotten big as their tea cups at this statement, but Desy comes to my rescue by saying.

“I don’t think so, showing him off and embarrassing him like this is one thing, but that was a very personal moment for both of us.”

Both Debbie and Lisa continue to bug my wife until finally she relents.

“Sorry Bill, but you’ll have to give another performance. I can’t think of any reason why they shouldn’t get to watch the show you gave me earlier. Get on your back and start wanking.”

I lay down on the floor. But the panties seem to cover more than they should so I am instructed to take them off. After sliding the shorts off I open my legs wide and proceed to give them the show they are looking for. We have never talked about it, but I think my wife knows that it has always a fantasy of mine to be forced to masturbate in front of a group of people.

I slowly begin to pull and caress my shaft, but before I even get started I am told to throw my legs over my head and face them so they can “see it all”. I am now bared and open to their stares and there is nothing left to the imagination.

Looking at my wife, she just has a big grin and mouths “I love you” to me.

Debbie, always the bold one reaches out and caresses my balls causing me to shiver. She then slowly slides her hands along my ass cheeks and without warning slips a finger along my anus. This causes my cock to twitch and my hole to pucker closed.

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