Naked Maid

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My wife and I were sleeping late one Saturday. When we finally decided to get out of bed it was around eleven am. I got out of bed first and as I started to get dressed my wife tells me

“Stop what you’re doing and stay naked.”

She has quickly transitioned into her mistress role and explains to me that I will be cleaning the house toady and will be doing it in the nude. My first task is to serve her breakfast in bed and she gives me her order then dismisses me. As I turn to leave she calls me back and says

“If you are going to be my maid you need to look the part. Go get out that skimpy maid outfit you bought me last year.”

Well after much wrestling I am able to get the costume on and while I think I look ridiculous, she loves it;

I really like how the ruffled boy shorts barely hold your cock in place.”

She has me spin around to model it for her as I turn around she remembers that the shorts are crotchless and slipping a finger inside the opening she tickles my anus and says

“Perfect, now get my breakfast.”

When I bring her food back to the bedroom I notice that she is lazily diddling her clit and has a glazed look on her face. She sits up in bed and offers her fingers to me which I gladly lick her juices from.

As she settles into her meal she berates, “These eggs too hard and you over cooked the toast.”

Pushing the tray aside, she tells me “You’ll pay for that later, but right now you need to please me.”

Scooting to the edge of the bed she pulls her legs up and tells me to lick her to orgasm. I put my face where she wants and begin to lick and tease her swollen lips and clit. Every so often I slide my tongue down across her asshole which elicits and moan. After several minutes I concentrate my efforts on her clit and begin to saw my tongue across her hard nub while simultaneously sucking it into my mouth.

Within seconds she begins to shudder and then explodes, spraying my face with her juices. After calming down a bit she pushes me away with her feet and tells me to get her bath ready.

As I begin to stand she informs me “slaves crawl, get down on your knees.”

As I am crawling away my mistress comes up behind me and grabs my erection and pulls it back between my legs causing me discomfort.

From seemingly out of nowhere, she produces a length of ribbon and proceeds to tie it around my cock and balls. After her bath water is ready I call her in and she proceeds to stand in front of the tub and explains that I am to undress her and to also take care of all her bathing needs.

Once I have her undressed, she climbs in the tub. I grab a wash cloth and soap it up preparing to wash her body.

At this point she looks over at me and says, “lose your erection or pay a price.”

She knows that this is next to impossible but repeats her demand anyway. Her attention to my erection only proves to make it harder so she reaches down and gives a swift tug on the ribbon tied to my groin. As she is pulling, it is painful, but as any guy will attest, even painful attention is attention to your private parts and erections just don’t go away that easily. She does enjoy making me flop around and continues to pull and tug on the ribbon frequently.

“Since you can’t seem to make yourself presentable to me we’ll have to figure out some other way to make this go away.” She says giving me a slap on the ass.

I get her washed up and go to get her towel while she is letting the water out of the tub. Remaining on my knees I do my best to dry her off, when she turns her back to me, her luscious ass is right in my face. Not being able to help myself I put my face in between her cheeks and extend my tongue to her nether hole. With a moan she bends forward allowing me greater access.

She allows me this pleasure for about 5 minutes then abruptly stands up saying “you have too much cleaning to do before I can allow you any pleasure, but you will definitely be putting that tongue to use later.”

“Follow me into the bedroom slave, I know a way to get rid of that unsightly appendage.”

“Lay on the floor and jerk off for my viewing pleasure.”

I have given her masturbation shows before and love to perform for her in this way. I lie on my back and pull my erection out of the panties and begin a slow stroking motion sliding my hand up and down the entire length. My mistress leans down and grabs the ribbon she had tied around my balls earlier and begins to repeatedly pull and tug on the leash, causing me both pleasure and pain as she does it.

As I get close to coming she will give an especially hard tug causing the sensation to quickly subside. She does this 4 or 5 times leaving me with a desperate need to come.

She must sense my urgency as she asks me “Oh, is my poor slave ready to cum for his mistress?”

“Mmore than ready mistress” I reply.

“Ok, here’ the deal, for ruining my breakfast you must do as I say if you want me to allow you to come.”

“Anything mistress, I just need to release my balls, they are painfully full from your teasing.”

“I’m glad to hear that, I’ll keep that little trick in mind for later.”

“Here’s the deal, if you want to come you must throw your legs over your head so your cock is pointing at your face, you will then continue to stroke your cock until you cum, and here’s the catch, you must open your mouth and catch your spunk as you shoot.”

Needing to come as bad as I did overruled any sensibilities that may have prevented me from following her orders. I threw my legs over my shoulders and with my hard cock pointing at my face I begin to stroke with renewed vigor. Standing over me my wife sees how close my cock is to my mouth (the head is only about 4 inches from my mouth) and tells me

“We’ll have to work on your flexibility so you suck your own cock, that way I’ll never have to do it again”

As I continue to stroke away she sees my balls tighten up, reaching down she pushes my hand away saying “I’ll take it from here, I want to make sure you get the whole load!”

She can feel the excitement pulsing through my shaft and tells me “Open my mouth bitch and get ready to catch it all.”

Just as I begin to feel the first spasm course through me I open my mouth and she points the head of my cock straight at my mouth. The first shot flies out with such force that most of it splatters across my face, correcting her aim she is able to get the next five blasts directly on my tongue.

Holding me in this bent over position, she reaches down and scrapes the come from my face into my mouth. Finally she allows me to straighten out, however she tells me

“Keep the come in your mouth and don’t swallow.”

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