My Wife the Womanizer

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“Oh God – Oh God-” I cried as she plowed my depths. “Ugh-Slut Stacy is gonna cum,” I gasped. “Oh my God, Slut Stacy is *really* gonna cum. Oh fuck fuck ahhh…”

She spanked my ass and pulled my hair. I felt a warm glowing feeling in my pelvis, and then I came. It hurt, the pain blazed through my shaft, as my cum sought to escape through the curved metal tube. And when it shot out, it was with blazing force.

The pleasure, the pain, it was too much. I had never come before . . .not like that. I remembered hugging my wife, tears falling from my eyes, kissing her, telling her that I loved her. Remembered her taking off the dildo harness and grabbing my by the ears and forcing my head down to her soaked crotch.

“You love me huh bitch?” she said. “Well, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to show me just how much you love me with that long slut tongue of yours my lesbian slave.”

I knelt down before her and did just that. And I never thought about leaving again. Not even once.

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