My Wife Has Been Blowing Black Men!

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I don’t get this. That girl never once put her lips anywhere near my dick in our entire first year. Ever! She…she said she didn’t like it, that she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

But now I find out she sucked off the black limo driver for our wedding just minutes before we got….how could she be so….vengeful?

Oh no. Right before our wedding? Then, that means….oh no. Yes, here it is, here it is.

It says she kissed me with…that black guy’s jizz was in her mouth…coating her lips! I just thought it was her shiny lip gloss. How could what I did deserve such a vicious payback?

I drove around in that limo, with my new wife, not realizing she had sucked off the guy in the front seat already. It looks like it was just the beginning…

There are blowjob stories all through this thing…the company party….my boss?….our mechanic?….our neighbor?

I’m going to read it all before I call her. I want to know everything. Every little cheating detail.

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