My Wife Has Been Blowing Black Men!

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I couldn’t believe what this diary was revealing. My wife-to-be was blowing a black man only minutes before we got married! The entries went on to say that Terrell was tremendously turned on. Whatever Barbie’s motivations, Terrell no doubt figured this was too amazing an opportunity to pass up. She wrote that he assured her, “Don’t you worry about that, girl.” And even as he was saying it, she wrote that he reached out and put his hand behind her head and veil and just nudged it forward. That day I remeber her face as angelic and beautiful. She had decided to leave her long blonde hair down and had used perfect glossy pink lipstick, sexy mascara and flirty rouge to look like some sort of model bride for a magazine. I remember seeing it as she walked down the aisle toward me. Little did I know it had freshly sucked a black cock only minutes earlier. I intended to continue reading every word in front of me if it took all night.

Barbie described her motion, stretching her neck upward so her lips would be even with the big, fat head and it says she widened her lips into the biggest “O” she could muster. Terrell hunched forward and in a moment Barbie’s bridal lips were stretched wide around the engorged head. She paused there a moment with the head of his black cock in her mouth and wrote that the reality of what she was doing had hit her. A virginal blonde bride in her dressing room getting mouth-fucked by a big black dick just minutes before her wedding vows. “This,” she thought, “is major payback.”

Terrell just let out a soft, “Ohhhhhh, baby,” and pushed the back of her bridal head a little bit further down his rock-hard shaft. Looks like she included a lot of detail here.

She says Terrell’s hard black dick measured about eight inches long. She had about three inches plugging up her mouth. She says here that she reached up to grab his dick with her little white lace gloves on but Terrell apparently wanted none of that. “No, no! Leave your hands down. I’ll do everything, sweetie. Just tighten your lips up baby. That’s the way I like it.”

Barbie dropped her feminine little hands and folded them in her lap as Terrell grabbed the base of his own cock with one hand and nudged her head forward another inch down his invading black cock. She struggled to accommodate him but, around inch number five, her gag reflex kicked in. Terrell didn;t want her to choke on her wedding day so he backed off an inch to where seemed like she could handle it. What a gentleman. Four inches seemed to be about all my wife could take it appears. She goes on to say that he started pumping like mad over and over again into her virginal bride-mouth. She says the room started to fill with juicy sucking sounds and he started jerking his black cock between her sucking lips while her head bobbed back and forth.

She even put down his little grunts and groans here, capturing every detail. “Suck it baby. Oh yeah, suck it like that. You and I are going to get along just fine baby!” I can’t stop reading this insanity. I must know everything she was thinking. How could she pay me back in such an extreme whorish way? It was over the top. Inexplicable. And here on that day I thought I was the luckiest man on the planet. I know now that was bullshit. Apparently a goddamn limo driver named Terrell had that honor.

Barbie goes on to say that she tried to respond to Terrell’s dirty talk but that all she got out was a muffled, “Mmmfff.” She said he misinterpreted it and just thought she was loving it, telling her, “I know you love that shit, baby. I know you gonna do this all the time. You a black dick Barbie if I ever saw one.”

All she could manage, again, was a “Mmmmffff!”

I remember that day asking one of the bridesmaids to check on Barbie and it corroborates this next part she wrote about. Barbie panicked when she heard that bridesmaid knock on the door followed by her asking Barbie, “Honey, are you okay in there?”

She tried to pull her head off Terrell’s black dick but he was fucking her mouth in a frenzy now. He had placed both hands on the sides of her head and veil and was fucking her mouth like a pussy with little short strokes, although he was making an effort to do it quietly at the moment.

The voice was insistent. “Honey? Are you okay?”

Barbie said as loudly as she could, “Mmm-hm! Mmm-hm!”

The bridesmaid bought it. “Okay, honey, I’ll give you a few more minutes to yourself. They’re ready to start “The Wedding March,” okay? Joe looks so handsome!” Barbie could hear her walk off and was relieved as Terrell’s black cock swelled wider in her mouth as it sawed back and forth.

I have to sit down but I need to see what else is in here. This diary is thick! Barbie was sucking off a black guy right before we got married. In her wedding gown! How could I not know this? How could she have done this?

She was sure that the danger of the situation was turning Terrell on because he started breathing harder and harder and fucked her mouth faster and faster with little staccato strokes that made her lips fulfill the role of basically jacking his dick off. She wrote that Terrell’s black cock hardened up like steel and swelled outward as the juicy slurping and sucking sounds returned with a vengeance. Terrell told her with the urgency of a man ready to blow his whole load, “Tighten them lips, little Barbie, cuz I got a wedding present fo ya you gonna love.”

Barbie wrote here that she moaned like a suck whore at that comment and Terrell delivered on his promise. A huge load of cum funneled between my wife’s greedily gulping lips. She had never taken cum in her mouth before but had heard an oocasional sleazy girl describe it as awesome. She never thought she would ever come close to doing it. Now she was just trying to swallow it all so none of it got onto her wedding dress. She gulped down load after load of Terrell’s spunk as it pulsed out of his mouth-fucking black cock. She tried to stem the gushing flow with a panicky, “Mmmmffff! MmmmMMm! MMMff!” but these urgent moanings just made Terrell more turned on! She goes on to write that her rapid and loud olympic-level, frantic swallowing did the trick. Other than some slight oozing around her red painted lips, nothing dribbled out onto her dress. She did write, however, that she didn’t think she would be able to get a piece of our wedding cake into her stomach from being so full! You have got to be kidding me.

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