My Wife Does In Front Of Me

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I was shocked by her orders. I did as she said and just watched as she worked over the big black dick. She was taking him pretty deeply. Her tongue would lick on the bottom of him as she sucked him. Every once in a while she would look over at me as she sucked him. She would stare at me as James pushed his big cock deep into her mouth.

Ashlyn pulled her mouth off of James and stood up. She was taller than me in the heels but still shorter than James. James reached around her and pushed her up against the pool table. She let out a little whimper as her hands landed in the middle of the table. She quickly spread her legs for James. James leaned over and pulled her thong to the side. I’ve eaten my wife out a thousand times, but this time for her it was different. She started moaning right from the beginning. She threw her hair over her left shoulder and looked over her right shoulder at me as she moaned louder and louder. His big black finger started probing deeply in her pussy as he licked it.

James stood up and pushed my wife down onto her stomach. Her arms were sprawled out each way on the pool table as he laid a firm smack on her ass cheek. She whimpered and moaned as he spanked her. He backed away after her spanking as she stood up. She grabbed his cock in her hand, standing proudly in her high heels.

Ashlyn: I want to fuck you in our bedroom.

James: Lead the way.

Ashlyn: (She took his cock in her hand and looked at me.) Clean up the drinks and then you may come into the bedroom. Sit down and you can take your cock out but don’t fucking touch it until I say you can.

The two of them started upstairs. His cock was still in her hand as her weak legs stumbled up the stairs. I followed closely behind but they didn’t stop. They headed right upstairs. I could hear James smack her ass again at the top of the stairs. I brought all the glasses into the kitchen and started the dishwasher. I waited a moment before I walked in. I could see the two of them. The door was left open a crack. She was on her back in our bed. Her legs were spread and her feet were sky high. James had a hold of each ankle as he kept thrusting into her. Her moans were now turning into screams. I took my cock out like she said. I started to jerk a bit knowing she couldn’t see me. After a few minutes, I walked in and sat down on a chair we had in the corner of the bedroom.

I watched as James pulled out of her and she switched and got up on all fours on the bed. I was shocked to see James without a condom on. He got up onto his knees as my wife was on all fours. She looked back at him then at me as he started to slide his big black cock into her soaking wet pussy. Right away, the urge of him in her made her rub her pussy. She looked back at me for a moment. Then he pushed her down into the bed. Her face was buried in the pillow as he started thrusting into her, shaking the bed with each thrust. Every couple thrusts he would hold it deep in her and give her ass a firm smack, her whimpers and screams muffled in the pillows. He reached forward and grabbed her long luscious blonde hair and yanked it back. Her face cringed a little as he jerked her back but she continued to moan and scream. I was sure the neighbors could hear. James was fucking her so hard for so long I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even realize that I had come as I watched him use my wife.

He pulled out of her and brought her off the bed to her knees. He jerked his cock a foot away from her face as she would lean in and lick the head. She knelt back and opened her mouth as he shot stream after stream onto my beautiful wife’s face. Some would land on her corset and her boobs. When he finished, she sucked him a few more times.

James pulled away and gave her a kiss on her cheek. He grabbed his pants and made his way for the door, not saying a word to me as he exited. My wife laid up against the bed on her knees still. She looked over at me and asked me to turn the shower on for her. I did so as I watched her stumble into the bathroom. I went downstairs to give her some space. I knew that was a lot and she would need time. I fixed myself a drink and sat down to digest what just happened. About twenty minutes later, I felt a pair of hands cover my eyes.

Ashlyn: I feel so naughty. Why don’t you come upstairs and use me? I’ve been a bad girl.

Connor: (I turned and saw her naked in just the heels.) Mmm, I would love to.

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