My Wife Does In Front Of Me

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She immediately took me upstairs and we started in on another all-nighter. I could tell the idea was arousing her more and more. She didn’t speak of it, though. We went through the rest of the week as if nothing was out of the normal. She told me on Thursday she was going to cut out of work early and go to the salon so she looked nice for our date. I could tell she wanted to look nice for James more than our date.

Friday, during lunch, I went to this store called “Forbidden Boutique.” I had been there before but this time it felt very different. I was buying an outfit for my wife to please another man. I spent almost all of my lunch picking out something I would kill to see her in. I didn’t mention to the sales girl what it was truly for but she was very excited for me.

I got home before Ashlyn. She was probably still at the salon as I made way to the bedroom. I put the outfit in the back of the closet. I texted James to make sure everything was still okay. I told him what time we would be coming home, how he could get into the house, and to wait down in the pool room downstairs.

Ashlyn came home and went upstairs to get ready. She looked stunning, a mid-thigh length clingy black dress. She wore these heels that were just to die for. She came down after about an hour and we went to her favorite restaurant. She didn’t eat much, just picked at her salad. She only had about a glass of wine, too. I asked her if everything was okay and she said she was just nervous. She paused for a few seconds then blurted out, “but excited.” A smile came over my face. I knew she was ready to try this.

We made our way back home. I pulled in the garage and closed the door behind us. I let her into the house.

Connor: Let me go upstairs and get your outfit for you.

Ashlyn: Okay. Wait.

Connor: (I stopped dead in my tracks) Yes, baby?

Ashlyn: Don’t “Yes, baby” me. When I go up to change, I want this house tidied up a bit. We have a guest come over and you don’t clean at all.

Connor: I’m sorry, hun.

Ashlyn: Don’t say you’re sorry, “hun”. Just fucking clean it.

Connor: (I was a bit shocked at how assertive my wife was. She was never like this. I quickly ran upstairs and laid the outfit on the bed.)

Her outfit was something to die for. It was a red corset that clipped in the front. The spaghetti straps and bra cup would lift her nice size breasts up in the air to be gawked at. The red lace thong was a thing of beauty. The red fishnets clipped onto the corset. The heels I thought she might get mad at. They were the highest I had ever bought her, 8 inch clear sandal platforms. I almost felt as if she would not wear them and pick something else out that she had. I came downstairs as she was waiting at the bottom stairs.

Ashlyn: Go clean the kitchen while I get ready.

Connor: Yes, Miss Ashlyn. (I don’t know where the Miss came from but I could see the smile widen on her face right after I said it. I made my way into the kitchen and started to put some dishes away.)

Ashlyn: (She walked back down about ten minutes later.) Make us two margaritas. You know how I like them. Bring them downstairs to us.

Connor: (I turned and was stunned.) You look amazing. (I reached over to touch her waist in the tight corset.)

Ashlyn: (She swatted my hand away.) Don’t touch me. This is for James. Before you come down with the margaritas make sure you go upstairs and put all your laundry in the bedroom in the closet, and make the bed nice for James and me.

Connor: Yes, Miss Ashlyn.

She walked downstairs. Her ass swayed high atop the heels. She walked slowly but I could tell she loved the shoes. I watched as she opened the door to the basement and then disappeared downstairs. I hurried upstairs and made the bed and put my laundry away. I made my way back down to the kitchen and got the margaritas ready. I was in such a hurry to get down there, I didn’t do the best job. I walked downstairs to the side of my wife leaning her little white butt up on the pool table as James took a shot. He was dressed in nice slacks and a button up shirt. I put the drinks down on the table next to the two of them and stepped back.)

Ashlyn: About time. (She grabbed a drink and handed it to James) There you go, baby.

As she took hers and took a sip from it, I could see a bit of displeasure on her face. She put her drink down and took James drink from him. She set them back on the table.

Ashlyn: These are awful. You didn’t do a very good job. (She purposely spilled one on the table.) Make two more and clean that up.

Connor: (I quickly grabbed the glasses and ran upstairs. I made two drinks, much better this time. I brought a rag back down with me as I handed them each a drink and cleaned the table.)

Ashlyn: Much better. How is yours, James?

James: Very tasty.

Ashlyn: (She looked at me and pointed to a chair against the wall.) Go sit down now, Connor.

I sat down in my chair. I was already starting to get aroused. James took another shot then he put the pool stick down. He moved in front of Ashlyn and started kissing her neck. Her eyes closed as I watched this stranger kiss up my wife’s neck and then to her lips. They kissed deeply for almost a minute. She was gasping for air as he pulled away. His big black hands were roaming up and down her sides. I sat in my chair, quite aroused. The outline of my erection was visible through my slacks. He felt up every part of her body. His lips moved from her lips down to her exposed cleavage and back up her neck. He pulled away after a bit and grabbed the pool stick and took another shot. My wife quickly downed her drink and started to touch her pussy as she watched him move around the table.

Ashlyn: (She turned to me.) Get us two more drinks.

Connor: Yes, Miss Ashlyn.

I disappeared upstairs. I quickly poured myself a shot of bourbon and I took a big swig of it. This was very arousing but I wasn’t expecting her to be so easy going with him and so bossy to me. It all was turning me on. I took my time to make the drinks just right this time. I put the limes on the rims of the glasses and made my way downstairs. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I did everything in my power not to drop the drinks. My jaw dropped.

James was leaning with his back against the pool table. His pants were unzipped. I couldn’t see his penis yet but I could see my wife, on her knees, with her thong riding up in her ass crack. Her head was making a bobbing motion forward and back. I walked up next to them and set the drinks on the table. She looked at me for a split second but didn’t stop. She kept taking his big black cock deeply into her mouth.

Ashlyn gave me a blowjob almost every day. She was very good at it. It didn’t matter how big James was, I could see the look in his eyes of approval. His hand moved onto the back of her head as he started to push her down more on his cock. I was a bit shocked to see that she was okay with this. One of her hands was massaging his balls while her other was rubbing her pussy through her thong. I made my way over to the seat I was in before and sat down.

Ashlyn: (She stopped sucking for long enough to speak up to me.) Don’t take your cock out till I tell you to.

Connor: Yes, Miss Ashlyn.

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