My Wife Does In Front Of Me

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It was a few months ago I brought the idea up to my wife, Ashlyn. I suggested to her that I wanted to see her with another man. She was a bit floored and confused. I explained to her that it would be erotic for me to watch her please another man how she would please me. The enjoyment of seeing her in a sexual action and I can only watch was confusing to her.

It took a few weeks of talking about it to get her to consider the idea. She was worried about the guy and how he would act, look, was it safe, etc… All of these were acceptable concerns. She also was worried for me about how I would react. She kept saying to me that if she was enjoying it and I ended up not liking it, she may not want to stop. I had to reassure her that it would be okay.

Ashlyn liked muscular guys. She liked them big and brawny. I was at the gym one day and there was a new trainer, James. He was a big man, probably six feet four inches or so. Broad shoulders and big biceps. The only thing I thought that might shock Ashlyn was that he was black. I didn’t know what to expect when I mentioned it to her.

It was later that evening and we had just finished watching a movie. We were a few glasses into a bottle of wine when I brought up my idea again.

Connor: (I just walked back to the couch with two new glasses of wine) I think I found a guy for my fantasy.

Ashlyn: Who? (She had a look of “Not this again”, but was intrigued to know who)

Connor: His name is James. New trainer at my gym.

Ashlyn: Hmm, I do like the name James.

Connor: He is black.

Ashlyn: (She spit up a little of her wine) Black? Wow I wasn’t expecting you to say that.

Connor: Sorry. Is that okay?

Ashlyn: I’ve never been with a black guy but I wouldn’t necessarily say it is not okay. What is he like?

Connor: He is perfect for you. He is tall, taller than me. He has a huge chest. A bit younger than the two of us, probably.

Ashlyn: Well, if we went through with this… Would you want me to see him before it happens or want it to be a surprise?

Connor: I was thinking a surprise might be better.

Ashlyn: Also, you don’t want to be involved? At all?

Connor: No, it is your time to have some fun.

Ashlyn: I don’t know, babe. I’m not sure how to act. What to do.

Connor: Well… Maybe we could try you being bossy with me.

Ashlyn: Being bossy? What do you mean?

Connor: Why don’t you treat me like your servant and he is your guest.

Ashlyn: Would you like that? I don’t get why you would like that.

Connor: It would be hot for me, hun.

Ashlyn: I have to admit, I am a bit aroused myself. Let’s go to bed, baby.

My wife and I spent that evening having some of the best sex we have had for a few months now. I think it was the idea that sparked some hidden drive in her. We both were an hour late for work the next morning. We couldn’t stop with the romance even after the all-nighter.

I was at my desk going over a report one of my employees had turned in. My phone made that annoying text message noise like it has a thousand times before. This time the text made me feel happier than any other text I’ve read. “I will do it” was the message I received from my wife. I told her I would ask James his interest.

I went straight to the gym after work, which isn’t uncommon for me. This time, though, I had no interest in a treadmill or weights. I sought James out and introduced myself to him. We went into the men’s locker room and I told him about my idea. He seemed like this wasn’t the first time, then he asked to see a picture of my wife. I showed him and he said he would be more than happy to help out. This is when I started to get a little nervous. This was really going to come to fruition.

That night, my wife had dinner ready when I got home. I opened a bottle of wine, poured some glasses and we started to eat. She barely touched her food.

Connor: Great dinner, Ashlyn.

Ashlyn: What did James say?

Connor: (I coughed a bit at her abruptness) He said he would do it.

Ashlyn: When?

Connor: I was thinking Friday would be good. You and I could go out to a nice dinner, come home, and he would be here waiting for you.

Ashlyn: You will watch the whole time?

Connor: I would like to. But if you prefer something else.

Ashlyn: What am I to wear for him?

Connor: I will buy you an outfit.

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