My Sexy Squirting Sister

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Still heavily panting she looked over to Brett, “fuck that was amazing. What did you think Brett, did you enjoy watching your sister fuck me?” she asked him, turning her head back to kiss her best friend. Brett was speechless as his sister made out with her best friend on his bed in front of him. Natalie broke the kiss and looked over at Brett playing with himself still through his boxers. She then clambered off the bed over to him, leaving Amanda alone on the bed.

Brett lifted his ass off the chair as Natalie pulled down his boxers, his hard dick springing up. Licking the pre-cum off the tip of his cock, Natalie took the end of it in her mouth, her lips surrounding the hard shaft. Her tongue ran along his cock, lowering her mouth further down his pole, taking more of it in her mouth. Letting his dick fall from her mouth she called to Amanda, “Amanda get over here and help me out.” Amanda crawled over and replaced Natalie on her brother’s dick, taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. Natalie began to lick his shaft, Brett shifting to the edge of his seat to give her more space. Getting up off the floor Natalie kissed Brett, their lips touching for the first time. “I bet you’d love to fuck your sister wouldn’t you, she’s so fucking hot.”

“I’ve always dreamed about it,” replied Brett looking down at his sister who smiled back at him with his stick in her mouth.

“Well here’s your chance, she’s naked, sucking your dick,” she said, pausing to run a finger through the slit of her best friend, “and she’s so wet for you. Simple mathematics says she wants you too.”

Brett picked up his sister and laid her on the bed, Amanda spreading her legs. Brett positioned himself at the entry to her love hole, pausing for a second. “Are you sure you want to do this Amanda? I mean I love you but this is kinda wrong.”

“Just hurry up and do it Brett,” retorted Natalie, “your parents are going to get home soon.”

“Oh shit, mom and dad!” “Brett I don’t care what mom and dad think, I love you and I’ve seen the way you look at me. I know you want me. Now please fuck my pussy. I want this as much as you.”

Brett guided the head of his dick into her tight hole, easing himself in as she sighed. He withdrew and pushed it in back further, continuing, burying himself entirely into her. The pleasure for both of them was immense. The combination of her tight, moist hole and the immorality of the situation blew Brett’s mind while Amanda’s stretched pussy from her brother’s cock filled her with pleasure and joy. Brett looked down at his sister getting her tits sucked by her best friend, biting her lip as she stretched her.

“Oh Brett please fuck me, fuck your dirty sister like you always imagined.” Brett pushed his dick into her pussy, pulling out and pushing back in. “Oh, oh, oh,” yelped Amanda as he continued to fuck her, balls slapping into her ass as he picked up his speed.

Brett, leaning over as Natalie began to rub Amanda’s clit asked her, “how do you like your big brother pounding your tight little pussy sis? Is this the way you like it?”

“Oh yes Brett I love you pounding my pussy. Keep loving me Brett.”

As Brett began to build up speed and angry voice spoke to them. “What the fuck is going on here,” asked Brett and Amanda’s father, John. Everyone jumped and stopped, Brett’s dick fully buried in his sister’s pussy. John and Brett regularly talk about sex, Brett explaining how he wanted to fuck both his hot sister and his mom as well. John told Brett he would help him get them one day, at least his mom anyway.

“Dad you’ve got to feel this pussy, its fucking wonderful.” Brett withdrew and moved to the side, Amanda’s spread legs giving her father the perfect view of her violated pussy.

“You don’t mind do you sweetie?”

“No daddy, please fuck me, your more man than Brett will ever be!” she pleaded. As John began to pull his pants down and move between his daughters legs Brett had already buried his dick in Natalie’s pussy, fucking her from behind.

As Brett picked up his speed John began to push his larger dick into his daughter’s pussy. “AHHH FUCKKK!!!” cried Amanda as her dad’s larger dick stretched her pussy more than Brett’s did.

“Wow Brett’s right, you feel good baby,” John said to his daughter as he buried himself into her. “How does daddy feel inside of you?”

Amanda just replied, “I love you daddy.”

“I love you too sweetheart.”

“Look at your dad fucking your sister, that’s so hot.” Brett didn’t look across, instead looking at Natalie’s puckered asshole and his big dick sliding in and out of her tight hole. “Look at him go, why can’t you fuck me that hard?” Brett then grabbed Natalie’s hips and pushed himself in as fast he could go. “Yeah that’s better, faster, faster,” she said as she bucked back into him.

The girls were enjoying themselves, moaning louder as Brett and John pumped into them, their tight pussies accepting their big dicks. Brett was holding on, desperately needing to cum, and attempting to outlast his aging father. John was first to cum, his daughter’s tight pussy just too much for him, pulling out and shooting his load all over Amanda’s stomach, some even reaching her small, firm tits.

Natalie wanted more, “faster faster, I’m going to cum! Cum in me Brett, cum with me.”

“Oh yeah Nat I’m going to cum too!” Natalie threw her hand back as her orgasm shook through her, Brett’s dick erupting into her, spurting over several streams of his thick love juice into her sweet pussy. Natalie turned and sat next to him, bringing herself to Brett’s face and kissing him.

She then broke the kiss and said to him, “hmm that was fun, we should do this again sometime.”

Natalie snuggled up on the bed next to John who was now lying in between the two teens on the bed, puffing from the draining session. “I’ll get us some drinks,” announced Brett, remembering he had a few cold beers in fridge. He walked down the hall and stairs naked, his flaccid dick swaying as he walked.

As he reached the kitchen the sight of his mother, Judy, sitting naked on the bench top shocked him. His dick immediately began to harden as the unexpected surprise turned him on. “I heard the fun upstairs but I didn’t want to interrupt so I thought I’d wait my turn,” she said her to son, one hand roaming one of her large tits and the other sliding up and down the slit of her hairy pussy. Brett stood and admired her as she played with herself, his dick growing in length at the sight. “Your father always tells me how much you want to fuck me. How you want to play with my big tits, eat my pussy, fuck me as hard as you can. It turns me on so much.”

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