My Naked Wife

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“I said if she served us naked, I would fork out for her trip to Florida.”

“My God,” Garry said, shaking hid head. “Does Joan know anything about this?”

Jim shrugged. “I don’t know. They are good friends; maybe they talked.”

Garry brushed the hair off his face. “I bet they did. That would be why she’s been funny with me all morning.”

Craig swilled the rest of his beer down, then burped loudly. “I’m ready for some more food. How about the rest of you?” Jim glared at him.

It was just before the game started that Enid came in again. It had taken her some time to compose herself when she got back to the kitchen after her first appearance. Her legs were shaking and her heart was thumping. She swilled down a large glass of cool white wine from a bottle she had opened earlier, and she clung onto the kitchen unit for support.

She had actually done it; completely exposed herself to the four men. She smiled nervously as she thought about the moment when she bent over. Had they actually seen her pussy? She shivered slightly. She wasn’t cold; she was nervously excited by what she had just done. She finished the glass of wine and poured herself another. She knew she mustn’t overdo the drink, but she needed some support.

At last she was ready to do it again. She picked up her second tray and walked boldly through into the lounge. She knew every eye was on her, but she smiled and handed out the food as though it was quite normal to be naked.

“Any more beer?” Phil asked, speaking to Jim, but not taking his eyes for a moment off Enid’s naked body.

Jim opened the small fridge. “Just two left in here,” he said, passing them out. “I’ll get some more.”

Enid smiled at him. “You just watch the game, darling; it’s just starting. I’ll refill the fridge for you.” She made her way back to the kitchen followed closely by five pairs of eyes.

She took another box of beer from the big kitchen fridge and carried them through into the lounge.

They were all trying to take some interest in watching the game, but Enid was causing a distraction, not that any of them were thinking of complaining. She squatted down beside Jim’s chair and tore open the box. Then she began to stack the bottles in the small fridge. It was an awkward position with not a lot of room, and every time she leaned forward to put the bottles in, she had to slightly open her legs for support. From Jim’s position he could not see what she was doing, but the others were being treated to the sight of her delightful pussy being displayed to them again and again. At last she stood up, and with some amusement, she noticed them all attempting to adjust rising erections. Back in the kitchen, she had to control herself from laughing out loud. This was turning out to be fun.

At half time Jim, came through to the kitchen.

Enid smiled at him. “I think everyone seems to be enjoying themselves,” she said with a slight smile.

Jim looked at her. “Okay, the joke’s over. Now go and put some cloths on. I think they have all seen enough.”

She looked at him. “Now who’s bottling out?” she said. “I’ve no intention of going and getting dressed. I’m beginning to have fun, and I haven’t heard any of them complain.”

Jim knew it was no use talking to her when she was in this mood. He grabbed another case of beer from the fridge and made his way back to the lounge.

She had prepared some sausage rolls and some other hot snacks for the interval. She took them from the oven and placed them on a tray. Smiles greeted her as she walked around handing them out. A lot of the nervousness had gone on both sides. They could see now she wasn’t at all embarrassed being naked, and she didn’t seem to mind them looking at her. In fact, Garry thought she was beginning to enjoy it. He looked over at her perched on the arm of the sofa looking totally unconcerned, her long legs slightly parted as she chatted amicably with Barry and Craig and laughing at their comments. She made a couple more appearances during the second half much to everyone’s delight, giving everyone tantalizing glimpses of her most intimate parts as she bent over to pick up empty plates and discarded bottles.

At the end of the match, she brought in a tray of coffee. She guessed no one would be driving, but it would help to sooth aching heads. Jim had turned the TV off, and they all stood around chatting. She couldn’t believe that she was there in her own lounge standing naked chatting with four guys and her husband.

Suddenly the door bell rang. Everyone looked at each other. Then they heard the front door open and a voice called out, “It’s only me.”

Garry’s hand went to his head. “My God, it’s Joan,” he said.

She breezed into the room, smiled at Enid, and came over and kissed her on both cheeks. “Hope you have all enjoyed the game.” Garry looked at her sheepishly. She smiled. “It’s the rugby final next Saturday; how about you all come over to our place?” Garry’s eyes widened and he watched as Joan put her arm around her friend’s naked shoulders. “I could do with a coffee,” she said. Enid smiled at her and they walked together through to the kitchen.

Craig looked across at Garry. “What time does the game start on Saturday?”

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