My lady Secretary Seduce My Wife

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Linda then sat at the edge of the bed and leaned over and softly kissed my wife on her mouth. as she continued with the kisses she let her hand gently caress Sharon’s breasts and then when Sharon’s nipples stiffened, Linda’s hand went down to my wife’s mound. Sharon still had on her thongs but Linda didn’t pull them off at this time, she just teased all around her mound, Sharon has a tendency to push up when I get anywhere near her pussy letting me know that she wants me to forget the other stuff, play with my cunt. Linda knew how to play her as she was still kissing Sharon, her hands were teasing Sharon’s pussy lips but not enough to get her off.

When they broke the kiss, Sharon asked Linda pleadingly, “oh Linda, touch me on my pussy, I’m ready to explode.” “OK, but only if you say, please Linda, my cunt is on fire and I want you to make me cumm.” My wife said the words exactly as Linda had told her to, I realized that my wife was hurting. My wife needs at least six to ten orgasms to calm her down, at least for a little while. Sharon had told me that one time, with help from her vibrator, she gave herself 32 orgasms, but when she was through she could hardly stand up for the next hour or two.

Linda then started to caress Sharon and started to kiss her breasts and worked her way down to hare navel, her tongue was lapping at every inch of Sharon’s beautiful body. I had to admit, as horny as I was getting from watching Linda caress my wife with her tongue, I was getting a little jealous and thinking that it should be my tongue doing this to her. Sharon was getting inpatient and tried to push Linda’s head down but Linda told her not be in such a hurry. My wife was moaning loudly and was know tweaking her nipples and pulling on them fiercely. Linda’s mouth now reached Sharon’s mound and with her teeth she pulled down Sharon’s panties. When she got them below her butt, she took her hand and pulled them all the way off. Sharon wasted no time in spreading her legs wide for Linda. As I had mentioned, Sharon can get herself off just by playing with her breasts and pulling on her nipples, and she was almost there, but being aware of this, Linda grabbed Sharon’s hands and pulled them away from her breasts. “Stop that Sharon or I’ll go no further.” My poor wife whimpered back and I think she was crying a little, “oh please Linda, please, I’m begging you. I won’t touch myself anymore, but please keep going, your mouth feels so good.”

I couldn’t believe it, my wife was begging Linda to finish her off. I had told Linda that it takes a lot to satisfy my wife and at the time she looked at me and said, “Bob, it’s never a problem if you know what a woman needs,” evidently Linda knew what she needed. Linda had my wife on the ropes and she was seemingly punishing Sharon by teasing her to the point that Sharon was moaning and thrashing around like a fish out of the water.

Linda went down to Sharon’s feet and started to suckle on her toes, one by one while Sharon was fighting with every once of her will power to not touch herself. Linda looked up and could see how much Sharon was restraining herself. She worked up Sharon’s legs, licking them and rubbing her breast against them as she made her way up to Sharon’s over-flowing love hole. She could see the tip of Sharon’s hard clit poking it’s head out of its hood, as she slowly licked around her clit and then started sucking on Sharon’s engorged lips. Now Sharon was thrashing around in a way that I have never seen, Linda had put her such a state of arousal that I think if Linda didn’t hurry up my wife would lose her mind. Linda then pulled up on the clits hood with her thumb and Sharon’s hard little clit became fully exposed. Sharon let out a shudder but I new it was just another small orgasm that would soon be followed by an orgasm that would be earth shattering.

The mini orgasm took the edge off Sharon momentarily but I knew her body was tensed in anticipation for what would happen in just a few more minutes. Linda looked up into Sharon’s eyes and smiled, then with her tongue she started licking up and down her slit. She pocked her tongue, which was rolled up, and poked it into her little back hole, she still had her one hand pulling up on Sharon’s clit hood. Linda then worked her tongue up further to Sharon’s blood filled lips, Sharon’s lips really get puffy and meaty when she is aroused. She then rolled up her tongue again and started to tongue fuck my wife. Linda intentionally teased Sharon but she realized that she had to finish her off before my wife lost her mind

Linda now started to tease Sharon’s clit with her tongue and then my wife screamed at Linda, “oohhhh Linda, I love you, but please bite my clit, I’m going out of my mind, Oh fuck fuck fuck, I got to cum.. Please please Linda.” I have to say at this point, my wife doesn’t have a large clit but she likes her nipples and her clit treated roughly. Linda started nibbling on Sharon’s clit and Sharon could no longer keep her hands of her hard nipples. As Sharon started going into a convulsive orgasm, as powerful as I’ve ever seen her have, Linda shoved a finger into Sharon’s cunt, pull it out and then push it into Sharon’s ass-hole. She put a couple of her fingers into her spewing cunt while she was still sucking on her clit.

Sharon scream of ecstasy was that of an animal as her body was vibrating and twisting for a couple of minutes before it slowly started to relax. Linda, with her cum covered face went up and started kissing my wife, letting my wife get a good taste of her own cum, but my wife was only semi-conscious as Linda stuck her cum coated tongue into Sharon’s mouth.

In a few moments Sharon recovered and looked at Linda and said to her, “God Linda, I’ve had some powerful orgasms, but nothing that knocked me out like this. Thank you, ohhh thank you.” Linda looked at her as she was gently caressing Sharon’s body and said to her, “Sharon, you are soo beautiful and sexy I could make love to you all day and all night. So let’s take a shower together and I’ll show you how you can give me the same pleasure as I gave you and then even satisfy each other at the same time in a good old fashion sixty-nine.”

By this time I was too weak to move plus I wanted to watch Sharon make love to Linda. So I called Sharon just after they had finished their shower, on my cell phone and told her that if she didn’t mind, I was going to stay over at my friends for the night and that I would see her Saturday morning after I took my friend to the airport… She told me in a very upbeat way, “Oh Bob, that’s perfectly all right, Linda and I are having just a great evening together. I want Linda and me to be good friends because I really like her. Just give me a call when you are on your way. I’ll see you then, bye.”

I thought to myself, “wow, maybe I’ll just have to sleep in the spare room when Linda comes over the next time.”

If anyone is interested in what happened I might continue on with the story of “MY WIFE BEING SEDUCED”…

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