My Husband Sucks

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Five hours later Sarah and Amy returned and proudly displayed the diamond earrings, bracelets, pendants, and other accessories.

“I guess they had a Nude Day Sale at the jewelry store too,” Charles muttered dejectedly.

“No, my dear. We never made it to the jewelry story. We got a five-finger discount somewhere else. See these Agatha disco earrings? They would have cost a small fortune at the jewelry store.

Sarah opened the front door and invited in the two huge, quite ominous looking black men.

“Wha . . . who . . .” Charles stammered.

“This is Bubba and Jethroe,” Sarah explained. “They gave us the jewelry—for future services to be rendered.”

“Huh? For future services to be rendered? You and Amy are going to fuck and suck Bubba and Jethroe? While I watch?”

“No honey, not exactly. You see, Bubba and Jethroe have spent most of their lives in prison. Somewhere along the line they lost interest in pussy. You are going to suck and get fucked by Bubba and Jethroe while Amy and I watch.”

The two black men quickly pulled out their monster cocks.

“Oh my dear God in heaven!” Charles shrieked in terror. “Those are bigger than Joe’s!”

“Honey,” Sarah cooed, “I got you something for your asshole. Here—it cost $4.99. I expect you to pay me back for this lube, of course.”

“Sarah, no!”

“Well, okay, I guess you don’t have to pay me back. It’s the least I can do. Consider it your Nude Day/anniversary present.”

“No! I meant I don’t want to suck or get fucked by these convicts!”

Sarah lifted the front of her miniskirt again. “I’ll squirt in your face, Charles. Promise!”

Charles shrugged in resignation. “Darling, you promise no more shopping today?”

Sarah nodded in affirmation.

Soon Charles alternately whimpered like a baby and cried out like a stuck pig as Bubba drilled his mouth as Jethroe packed his fudge.

“C’mon, Amy, let’s go get a pedicure,” Sarah suggested. “That’s not shopping. Oh Charles, would you like to suck my pretty toes when we get back?” Charles grunted unintelligibly with a mouthful of big black cock. “That meant yes,” Sarah advised Amy knowingly. “Can I buy some new shoes, Charles? Something open-toed? Maybe some Alibi open-toed slides? In every color imaginable.” Charles grunted again. “Yes! He said yes, Amy! Let’s go! But we won’t take the Jaguar this time. We can get more boxes of shoes in Charles’ Lincoln Navigator.”

“Hey Sarah, why don’t we shop for shoes at Bottege Di Fabrizio’s of West Hollywood?” Amy suggested. “That’s where Madonna got her custom-made spikes. That’s only a little more than a thousand miles away, isn’t it? Better yet, let’s go get some handmade boots at Aubercy in Paris! Charles yelled really loud as Jethroe pushed his monster black cock as far as he could with one last orgiastic thrust. “Did he say yes?” Amy asked hopefully.

“Oui!” Sarah answered with a glorious smile.

* * *

Amy remarked on the flight to Paris, “I can’t believe your husband agreed to our little shopping expedition, Sarah.”

“Oh, it’s my anniversary present. You may recall we were married one year ago, on Nude Day.”

“Well of course I remember! I was your maid of honor, you may recall. First wedding I ever attended where the wedding party was totally fucking naked.” Amy giggled. “I’ll never forget when Charles got an erection while you were saying your vows. Although it was difficult to tell, what with his penis being so small.”

“Yeah, he was staring at the dude next to the best man. And he wasn’t looking into his eyes.”

“Wow, that guy had a big dick! I hooked up with him in the bathroom at the reception. You know, Sarah, I can’t believe how Charles spoils you when you humiliate him like you do. What did you get him for an anniversary present?”

“Chuck loves to suck.”


“You aren’t the only one who hooked up with that dude with the big dick at the reception.”

“You didn’t!”

“No, not me. Do you know why Charles married me, Amy?”

“Well, you’re gorgeous and great in bed. I suppose that had something to do with it.”

“Charles and I have a prenuptial agreement. In it he promised to buy me whatever I want and let me have sex with anybody I want. I only have to do one thing for him.”

“What’s that, Sarah?”

“Keep him supplied with fresh meat.”

“What, from the butcher?”

“Doh, Amy!”

“You mean . . .”

“Yes, Chuck loves to suck—cock!”

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