My Husband Sucks

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“I love you too, Amy. I’ll do for you what you do for me.”

Separating their bodies slightly, Amy kissed Sarah so softly and sweetly. They both began to explore one another’s mouths with their tongues. Soon their hands found each other’s breasts. Then navels, and lower, until they had fingers in pussies.

“It’s wet,” Amy pronounced impassively.

“Yes, that it is, and so is yours,” Sarah responded.

Amy moved down to nibble one of Sarah’s hardened nipples, keeping her finger in Sarah’s pussy. Sarah groaned a little. Then Amy turned her attention to Sarah’s other breast. Sarah moaned a little. Slowly Amy followed a downward path on Sarah’s body with her teasing tongue.

“Spread your legs,” Amy requested hungrily.

“Kiss her clam, Amy!” Joe encouraged enthusiastically.

The preoccupied young women ignored the peanut gallery.

Amy nuzzled her face in Sarah’s little red bush. Sarah strained to get her pussy closer to Amy’s eager mouth. Amy put her lips right on top of Sarah’s slit. Then she kissed her there. First gently, then harder.

“Oh my God, Amy, that feels so good!”

“You taste so sweet,” Amy paused momentarily to say. “Best pussy I ever ate.”

“I’ll second that!” Charles concurred emphatically. “Not that I get to lick my wife’s cooter much these days.”

Amy used her tongue to separate Sarah’s pussy lips. After she opened her up, she ran her tongue up and down between the layers of flesh. Amy spread Sarah’s legs a little further apart and began to tongue fuck her.

“Oh Amy . . . that’s so good,” Sarah moaned. “So good. Amy, Amy, pretty Amy. I love the way you do that.”

Sarah’s clit had gotten aroused enough to peek out of its little hood. “Peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo,” Amy whispered. She pulled Sarah’s pussy lips apart with her hands and quickly flicked her tongue on Sarah’s exposed clit.

“Oh Amy . . . oh my God! Don’t stop. Go, girl, go! Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. You go, girl!”

And that she did. When she could tell Sarah was close, Amy formed her lips into an “O” and began to suck Sarah’s clit. First softly and then a little harder and then still harder. Sarah pulled Amy’s head to her.

“This is so hot!” Joe exclaimed, and Charles nodded like a woodpecker.

“Oh Amy! Ohhhh Amy!” Sarah quivered and shook in ecstasy as she exploded in intense orgasm. Amy came up from down under after Sarah wound down and embraced her. “Thank you, buddy,” Sarah whispered, “for the buddy suck.”

Joe urged, “Okay Sarah, your turn! Let’s see you go south on Amy now. Go get a perm!”

Sarah went down between Amy’s deeply tanned long stems and did the same exact thing to her. Amy came wonderfully in Sarah’s mouth just as Sarah had done in hers.

“When do I get a turn licking your pussy, Sarah?” Charles whined.

“All this muff diving is really turning me on,” Joe announced, a fact obvious to all as his huge dick now pointed towards the sky. “C’mere bitch.” He pulled Charles down to his knees again in front of him.

Sarah and Amy quickly dressed.

“Where are you going?” Charles asked, his face covered with cum again.

“To the new boutique at the mall,” Sarah replied. “We won’t be long. Five or six hours. We need some new clothes for Nude Day.”

Amy and Sarah giggled hysterically.

* * *

Sarah and Amy returned eight hours later.

“How much did you spend?” Charles asked, concerned about the large number of packages.

$10,000,” Sarah replied nonchalantly.

$10,000? Oh my God!” Charles blurted.

“But look at these beautiful things!” Sarah exclaimed gaily. The girls showed him the Rampage stretch-suede blazers, Necessary Objects pants by Amy Gluck-Frankel, Banana Republic camisoles, D&G metallic poly-blend miniskirts, AIX Armani Exchange tank tops, and all the rest.

“But I only gave you $5,000 for your weekly allowance.”

“Half off sale, Charles. On one condition.”

“What’s the one condition? Then he noticed the decidedly gay-looking forty-something man behind them dressed in a blue jeweled jumpsuit and white fur-lined cape.

“Oh, this is Liberace,” Sarah offered. “He owns a new boutique where we shopped for the first time. He had a Nude Day sale!”


“Yes, he got his name from his mother who loved the original Liberace. This Liberace likes straight married men around his own age, don’t you, Libby?”

Libby already had his cock out of his pants and began to stroke it with an anticipatory look on his face.

“You don’t expect me . . . to . . .” Charles mumbled.

Sarah lifted the front of her newly purchased leather miniskirt. No panties. She began to finger herself. Soon she pulled out her fingers and licked them seductively. “Charles, you want some of this, don’t you, honey?”

“Yes, I certainly do, my love.”

“Then get on your knees and suck off Liberace.”


“I’ll let you do me like Amy did me. Promise!”

Ten minutes later Charles had a pearl necklace and Liberace had a limp dick.

Amy and Sarah giggled hysterically. “Charles, your pearl necklace reminds me that Amy and I forgot to stop at the jewelry store. We’ll be right back.”

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