My Husband Sucks

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“Did you see how big Joe’s dick is when it’s hard? My poor little pussy is a little sore, let me tell you. No more fucking for me for a couple days. But . . .”

Sarah pulled her chair away from the table and gave Charles a good view of her playing with herself. She pressed two fingers over her clit and began to rub back and forth vigorously. With her left hand she spread her nether lips wide apart and with the index finger of her right hand straight like a pencil she flicked the side of it rapidly across her clit repeatedly. And then she started to moan deliciously.

“Oh God, Sarah, can I lick your pussy? Please?”

She stood and approached Charles who still sat at the table. He nuzzled her little red bush lovingly.

Just then Joe walked into the kitchen, naked. He had a raging hard-on. “Hey babe, where’d you go? You know I wake up with a boner and like to bust a nut before I even piss in the morning.

“It’s no longer morning, Joe,” Charles chastised.

“All the more reason to get off a quick one,” Joe retorted insolently. Joe grabbed Sarah and bent her over, the throbbing cock in his hand eager to enter her from behind. “Geez, you’re nice and juicy, honey. All ready. We don’t even need the K-Y.” He barely got the head of his big cock in her when she pulled away frantically.

“No Joe!” she squealed. “You wore me out last night. I’m giving my poor little pussy a rest. You can pet it, but that’s about it.”

“Will you give me a blow job then?”

“No! You made me gag last time, but that didn’t stop you. I could have choked to death! I’ll jerk you off if you want.”

“I don’t want a fucking hand job!” he protested. I can do that myself. I need fucked or sucked.”

Sarah looked at her husband bemusedly. And then smiled wickedly. “Charles?”

“Yes, dear?” he replied over-eagerly.

“I want you to suck Joe’s dick,” she demanded demurely.

“But . . . but . . . that’s . . . gay!” he protested rather weakly.

“No it isn’t! You like to watch Amy and me go down on each other, don’t you?”

“Well . . . sure.”

“That’s not gay, is it? We both like men best. But girls can kiss lips better than boys—both places. Just a little buddy suck for a change of pace. It only stands to reason that a guy knows how to suck cock better than a girl because he has one himself he likes to have sucked real good. Now you just give Joe a little buddy suck, Charles.”

“That thing isn’t little!”

“Charles! Now you do what I say. If you want to eat me, that is. If you don’t . . .”

“Okay, okay, I want to eat you. I’ll do anything . . . anything.” Charles got down on his knees in front of Joe’s massive, throbbing cock. “I . . . never . . . did this before.”

Sarah giggled and rolled her eyes. “Start by putting Joe’s cock in your mouth and slide your tongue over the head until your lips close around the shaft just behind the head,” she instructed matter-of-factly. Charles did. “Now begin to slowly suck more and more of that big dick down your throat,” she continued.

Joe interrupted, “Sarah, you don’t have a wig you could put on your husband, do you? And some lipstick?”

“Unnn . . . uhhh . . .” Charles objected with a mouthful of cock.

“Shush up, Charles!” Sarah commanded. “You’ll look good in that black wig I wore for my Halloween witch costume. I’ll go get it. But don’t you dare stop doing what you’re doing. Keep sucking.”

Soon she came back with the wig and placed it on her husband’s head. Then she applied the Max Factor Lipfinity “empowered” shade Everlite.

“You got a pretty mouth,” Joe said to Charles as he thrust deeply down his throat. “My favorite movie is Deliverance.”

“What’s up with you and this wig thing, anyway, Joe?” Sarah asked.

“My college roommate Mike wears his mother’s wig and sister’s bra and panties when he sucks my cock.”


“Now be quiet, Sarah,” Joe demanded. “I’m getting close to blowing a really big load. Ohhh . . . yeah. Your old man Charlie here is better than Mike. Or you for that matter.”


“Well, it’s true. Just look. He can get it all down his throat.” Joe put his left hand on the top of Charles head and cupped Charles’ chin with his right hand. “Squeeze my dick with your lips, bitch!” Joe ordered as he thrust in and out as hard as he could. He kept yelling and calling Sarah’s husband a cocksucking slut. It didn’t take Joe long to cum after that. He pulled Charles all the way down on him as he shot his semen spasmodically down his throat as his legs shuddered and quivered. Then he pulled out and continued to cum all over all over Charles’ face. “That was good, honey,” Joe sighed. “Real good. Did you like it? I know you did. They all do.”

Charles wiped the cum dribbling from his chin with his sleeve. “I did what you wanted, Sarah. Can I lick your pussy now?” he pleaded.

The three of them heard the doorbell. Sarah went to answer it. When she didn’t come back, Charles and Joe went into the living room to investigate. There was Sarah on the plush rug on the floor. And Amy was with her. Both naked.

“Hey Charlie, old suck buddy, that Amy is one hot little number, ‘eh?” Joe quipped. “Nice tan—all over. And those perky little tits are all nipple.”

“Yes, Amy is strikingly beautiful,” Charles agreed. “Her hair is so dark. Blacker than black.”

“Say what, Charlie? Ain’t no fuzzy on that donut,” Joe observed. “Amy uses that Magic powder on her snatch. So says Sarah.”

Joe and Charlie fell silent as they listened and watched intently.

Amy and Sarah pressed their naked bodies against one another, nipple to nipple. Amy cupped Sarah’s face tenderly with her hands. “I love you, Sarah. You’re my best buddy. I’m going to give you a buddy suck.”

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