My Husband Gave Me Condoms

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I didn’t ask because I wasn’t sure about Jim’s feelings or mine, for that matter. For the next two weeks our sex was very up tempo and as the Friday that Roger was to come by the office approached I was becoming quite excited about what might happen. Of course, I didn’t know for certain that Roger would really ask me out. He was a salesman and he could be just playing me. Also, I still couldn’t tell exactly how far Jim wanted me to go although he sure hinted that he was OK with whatever. I didn’t want to actually ask him. As we got ready for work Friday morning, he kidded me as I got dressed. He said I should wear something sexy, which I finally let him talk me into wearing a skirt a little shorter than normal. He asked me to call him if Roger and I were going to go out for sure.

At about eleven I slipped into the ladies room and dialed Jim’s cell phone. I told him that everything was set. I was to meet Roger at his hotel at eight that evening. I could tell that he was pretty excited. I spent the rest of the day getting more and more nervous. When I got home Jim was already there, and as I went upstairs to get dressed he took care of the kids. In a while he came into the bedroom and I told him I was very excited about my date.

“Well, I really want you to have a good time on your dinner and dance date. It is just a dinner and dance, isn’t it? I did get you a little something in case you do get carried away.” He held out his hand and I saw two condoms. I grinned and put the condoms in my purse. Jim had remembered that I had quit taking the pill after he had his vasectomy when we decided that two kids were probably enough.

“So you do want me to get carried away.”

“Are you asking?” he smiled.

“No, I think I have the answer.”

I didn’t get home until after one and Jim was waiting up for me. He was dying to find out what happened and I told him I would tell him all about it after we got in bed. I then handed him the two condoms he had given me. He got a real funny look on his face as I began to get undressed. I turned the light off and turned on the little night light by the bed. We climbed into the bed and Jim said “I hope you aren’t disappointed with your date.”

“Why would I be disappointed? We had a great time!”

“But you didn’t use the condoms. I thought you would probably end up having sex with Roger.”

I then sat up in bed and leaned over toward Jim’s face so that he could see the big hickey on the inside of my left tit. “We had a real good time. We just didn’t use the condoms. I let Roger come in me three times. When we ate I knew we were going to have sex and when we danced I decided I wanted Roger completely. He got me so hot I just wanted to feel him with no rubber blocking the sensation.”

Jim gasped “What if he got you pregnant?”

“There is very little chance. Remember my period just ended on Tuesday. But I have to admit that the faint risk made the sex even more intense. Are you mad at me?”

“I’m not sure. I did tell you to have a good time. I guess that it does turn me on a little.”

I reached down and grasped Jim’s cock. It was hard as a rock. “A little? That’s a little? We proceeded to fuck our brains out for two hours and the next morning Jim said that it was actually very erotic knowing he was plowing into my pussy filled with Roger’s come. Saturday night I told Jim that I had forgotten to tell him that my hickey was a message from Roger. He wanted to let him know how much he appreciated his letting me be with him. I couldn’t believe how hard Jim was over hearing that. I guess he wasn’t mad at me at all.

Sunday I told Jim that I had found out something about Roger that I hadn’t known. Even though he only called on our office every third Friday, he was actually in town every week. He just had other accounts. I told him that Roger and I had planned a repeat for next Friday. Oops, hard again.

“So you think it’s alright if I go out with Roger again.”

“Are you asking?”

“No. It’s already set up.”

Jim and I had wild sex every night that week. On Friday before I left on my date, Jim again said that I should have a good time. I think he forgot to give me the condoms. That was alright with me. I didn’t want to use them anyway.

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