My Husband Gave Me Condoms

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It was Friday and I had to hurry to get the kids at the babysitter’s house because she had to leave for the airport as soon as I got the kids. Traffic was congested but I made it with twenty minutes to spare. As I drove to our house, I asked Jimmie and Beth if they would like pizza for dinner. A silly question, I knew, because they always wanted pizza. It would save having to cook and I knew Jim wouldn’t mind. I called the Pizza Cave and set up delivery for a couple of our favorites in about an hour.

As I pulled into the garage, I noticed Jim’s car was already there, which meant that he must have gotten off work a little early. He met me in the kitchen, grabbed me and laid a big kiss on me. He hugged the kids and said that he picked up a movie for them. I told Jim that they could watch it after they ate their pizza which would be there soon. He smiled and said that he also picked up a couple films for us. The term ‘film’ was his code word for a sexy porno movie. I knew that he would want to get the kids to bed as early as possible.

We had been married for a little over six years now and ‘films’ had become a big part of our love life. I had been pretty naïve and inexperienced when we first met and Jim had made it a goal to get me wised up in the area of sex. Over the years we had explored our fantasies, role played, and read and watched quite a bit of the adult fare. Whenever he brought home a ‘film’ or two, I knew that it would be a fun evening. Even though Jim was in a bit of a hurry, we didn’t rush the kids to bed. We spent about three hours eating, playing with them and at last settled down to watch their movie with them. It was actually very funny and we all laughed a lot. Jim and I exchanged glances during the movie and I licked my lips seductively causing Jim to squirm in his seat and adjust his pants a couple of times. At about nine we bundled them off to bed.

We then headed up to our bedroom, got undressed and put the first film in the DVR. It was pretty much a typical fuck and suck, not very exciting. The second film was much better and much more professional. When the blond housewife first appeared in a love scene with her husband, Jim could hardly contain himself. He said “Amy, you are a dead ringer for her.”

I couldn’t quite see it and I told Jim “She’s taller than I am. And I think her boobs are bigger. And look at her legs.”

Jim replied “Well, I think you two could almost be twins.” I actually was quite flattered and I moistened right up as Jim began to cuddle and play with my breasts. The husband and wife in the movie were discussing the offer she had received at her work. One of her co-workers had asked her out on a date. They were talking about their fantasy of her becoming a hot wife. She said she wasn’t sure because her co-worker was a handsome black man. At this point the movie really got my attention. I rolled toward Jim, grabbed the remote and paused the movie.

“This is really strange, Jim, because this scenario could almost be about me.”

“What do you mean? You have a black boyfriend?”

“No, I don’t. I haven’t mentioned this to you before because I wanted to tell you at some good time, and this seems like a good time because it meshes right into the plot of this movie. For the last six months there has been a software salesman calling on us at work. He sees my boss every three weeks on Friday morning to ask if we need any new computer stuff. Anyway, as he leaves he always stops at my desk for some small talk, and lately he has asked me if I want to go out with him to dinner that night. I always tell him that I’m married and that I’ll have to ask my husband if it would be alright. It is sort of a standing joke between us because the conservation always goes the same.”

“And now you are asking?”

“No, I just thought it was very coincidental with this movie.”

“Well, are you asking?”

“No, No,” I replied. “But he is awfully good looking and he does happen to be black. I guess it is just a little fun being asked out all the time.” I glanced at Jim and noticed that he was all horned up. So I turned it back on him. “It looks like you are excited about the prospect.” He grabbed me and gave me a very passionate kiss.

As we broke the kiss, I said “Whoa there big boy. Do you want me to?”

“Now are you asking?”

“Not really, but if it gets you all steamed up, maybe I should tell him I can go. After all, he just wants me to go to dinner and then a little dancing afterward.”

“Are you asking now?” Jim repeated for the fourth time.

“OK, OK. Would you mind if I went out with Roger the next time he asks me?”

“Well,” Jim said with a twinkle in his eye, “I thought you would never ask. I think that you should go out with him and have a good time.” With that Jim took the remote and resumed the movie. We watched the rest of the movie and, of course, the wife had a torrid affair with her black co-worker. By the time it was over, both Jim and I were hotter than two firecrackers. An hour later we lay in bed exhausted.

I was playing with Jim’s nipple and I whispered in his ear “Is that what you want to happen between Roger and me?”

Jim rolled over toward me and kissed me hard. He said “It is just dinner and dancing, isn’t it?”

“That is what he said but he is awfully good looking, you know. I might get carried away like the wife in the movie.”

“Whew, that was really hot. When is he going to be back?”

“Well, he was here a week ago, so he will be here in two weeks. Are you sure about this? I don’t want to mess up our marriage.”

Jim replied, “I don’t see how a little innocent fun could do any harm.”

“What if he wanted to kiss me good night?”

“You are going to really get into this, aren’t you? I think it might be exciting for both of us. What do you think?”

“Well, he is awfully good looking and he is pretty sexy.”

“But I thought you said it is just a dinner and a little dancing.”

I could feel Jim’s cock getting hard again. Without a word I climbed aboard and rode him to a thunderous climax.

“Wow!” Jim cried. “Maybe dinner and dancing won’t be enough.”

“Jim, I’m starting to think you want me to sleep with Roger.”

“Are you asking?”

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