My Golf Exhibitionism

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I am sure that the two golfers saw something but undoubtedly had no idea as to what it was. I don’t think too many golfers expect to see a woman in her panties standing on a green out in the open.

I have learned that when an unexpected vision is replayed in a person’s mind, it normally plants a seed of doubt as to what was really seen and then is replaced by a vision of something that makes more sense. So it is possible that they saw me standing in my red panties pulling my skirt up, but their memory of the scene more likely was of a woman simply adjusting her golf skirt.

Over the remainder of that summer, I found that I certainly wasn’t getting any better at golf, but I sure was having a better time.

My little performances continued for the rest of that summer even into the fall as I continued to wear my mini skirt and expose my panties even when the morning temperature was in the high 50’s.

I even experienced a few more orgasmic rounds of golf as my husband encouraged me to play my version of the game, and we allowed ourselves a little more time to play at golf.

Amazing what an artist will do for her trade.

A few times a friend of my husbands from work would join us, so I had to be a little more discreet. I still wore the mini skirt and bright bikini panties and lined up putts with my knees apart as well as bending from the waist to tee up my ball, although I made sure it looked accidental and never looked our co-golfer in the eyes whenever I knew that I was flashing him.

I was restricted from riding the various poles and shafts of the game of golf, much to my dismay.

Although every time the new member of our threesome (another great golf term) walked ahead of us, I found my hands pulling my skirt up to flash my husband.

I was amazed at how I was never caught other than by my husband.

I think that the only downside of my introduction to golf was that neither one of our games dramatically improved from our start, although we do play better than we did at other things.

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