My Golf Exhibitionism

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Some of my moans were simulated although as I continued to perform my act of self-stimulation over the next 3 holes, I found my moans becoming much more spontaneous.

I had to stop myself for the rest of the morning or I was going to be more than playing golf. I wasn’t quite ready to orgasm on a golf course, although the fantasy of it was quite exhilarating.

By the middle of July I found myself unable to wait until Saturday morning. When you have young children at home, your opportunities to play are so very limited and Saturday mornings had become my weekly chance to partially release my pent up sexual drive.

I was now regularly waking up early on Saturday and by the time we got to the par 3 golf course my body was shaking in anticipation of my outdoor playtime.

If you have already read my story “A Play Date”, you know that when I am deprived of any opportunity to express my wild side, I have a tendency to get a little extreme when an opportunity finally comes along.

Our early morning golf games had offered me the chance to let my wild side loose, and on this particular morning I definitely left the gate wide open.

Once we got to the third tee and were far enough from the clubhouse, I pulled my skirt up to my waist and straddled my 3 wood (I do love golf terms) letting my body slide up and down the shaft until it was my turn to tee up the ball.

As I bent over to put the tee into the ground, I made sure that my club was still between my legs, which resulted in the shaft pressing up on my nylon panties and eliciting an exquisite sensation in my lower body. I squeezed my thighs together around the golf club to trap it between my legs and allow the sexual tension build throughout my body.

After I hit the ball, which traveled a good distance (there is something to be said about being relaxed while playing golf) I walked along beside my husband encouraging him to place his hand on my panty-exposed bottom, which served to further activate by already over stimulated libido.

We were alone on the course, so I left my skirt up as we approached the green. I pulled my putter out of my golf bag and as I stood over my ball and repeated my earlier learned process of leaning the end of the putter up against my lower lips, I rocked back and forth on it until it was my turn to putt.

I was feeling very moist and noticed my breathing was changing from a very relaxed tempo to a more urgent intake and outtake of forced air. I was leaving a cloud of vapor in my wake as I exhaled with increasing sexual excitement.

The logic of pulling my skirt back down to cover my exposed skin and panties was minimally considered and tossed out as a viable option.

By the time we reached the 5th hole, my entire body was begging for release. My muscles and nerves were so keyed up in sexual anticipation that I found I couldn’t concentrate on golf any longer and simply walked along with my husband as I vibrated from head to toe.

He looked over at me to ask me why I had stopped playing and by simply seeing the look in my eyes knew that I was lost in my fantasy.

There was nothing for me to do but allow the sexual energy building inside of me to play itself out.

The 6th hole was the farthest away from the clubhouse and due to the undulating nature of the golf course offered the most secluded location to release my pent up inhibitions.

I unzipped my golf skirt, stepped out of it and tucked it in the side pocket of my golf bag.

I again straddled my 3-wood pressing the front of my bright red nylon panties against it as I teed up my golf ball and let out a little “oh” sound as the shaft found the hypersensitive spot between my legs.

I surprised myself with how well I hit the ball and again walked along side my husband no longer wearing my skirt.

Although there were no other golfers to be seen anywhere on the course, I don’t think that it would have made any difference, as I was now committed to satisfying my primal instincts.

The warm, moist air of a July summer morning matched the warm, moist sensation emanating from between my legs.

My nipples were standing straight out from my cotton golf shirt and since I felt no need to wear a bra, they were being wonderfully stimulated as they rubbed on the cotton fabric.

I was on the edge and either needed to calm myself down or fully commit to releasing the sexual energy taking me over. Guess which path I chose to take?

As we put our golf bags down alongside our balls, I pushed my body up against my husband’s and guided his golf-gloved hand between my legs and I kissed him urgently on the lips.

The feeling was electric, but we both knew that we had to keep moving, as we had to be home by a certain time that morning.

I am sure that he thought that I could wait until later to release myself. Oh, how wrong he was.

As he pitched his ball onto the green, I simply picked my ball up and threw it next to his taking my putter from my bag.

As my husband attempted to line up his putt, I started my rocking motion on the tip of my putter and quickly reached that point of excitement when all of your muscles tense and your back arches in order to luxuriate in the sexual tension that is about to release itself sending you into multiple convulsions and spasms.

As my husband watched me and at the same time looked for any other golfers that might be in the vicinity, I let out a loud, “Oh God”, and gave in to the orgasm and fantasy that had been building for these past so many weeks.

I bent over in half as the positioning of my putter kept me upright allowing each glorious convulsion to rock my very soul.

My chorus of uh’s and oh’s echoed through the woods surrounding us.

The shaft of my putter was bending from the pressure that I was applying to it as each wave of pleasure coursed through me.

I was impaled on the end of the putter in a most erotic way.

As I reached the end of my orgasmic spasms, I collapsed unto the dewy grass surface and felt the early morning moisture soak through my panty bottoms mixing with the sexual moisture between my legs.

I lay completely prostrate on the grass placing my glove-covered hand between my legs as another smaller set of tremors coursed through my body. The cool wet surface of the grass on my bare legs and panties only added to the exquisite sensations that my first orgasm had introduced.

If my husband hadn’t come over to help me up, I might have laid there for 15 minutes or more as minor orgasms continued to rock my body.

As he held me in his arms and stroked my soaked bottom, I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of orgasming while playing golf.

Once all of my sexual sensations had passed, I became fully aware that I was skirt less outdoors on the 6th green of a public golf course. And my panties were soaked from two forms of moisture.

I quickly reached into the pocket of my golf bag and retrieved my golf skirt. As I was stepping into it, a twosome rounded the corner of our secluded ravine and approached the tee box of the hole that we were on.

As my husband picked up our golf balls from the green, I pulled my skirt up my legs and zipped the side zipper.

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