My Golf Exhibitionism

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We still had young children at home, which greatly inhibited my ability to show off. I was in my early 30’s and had that female in her 30’s mentality of wanting to show that I still had it. (I guess being in my early 40’s hasn’t changed this mentality one bit. In fact, I may be getting worse.)

We had an older neighbor who would spend her summer weekends in her back yard wearing a thong bathing suit and I was jealous of her freedom to act non-mom like.

I started to wear a teeny bikini of my own whenever I would cut the grass and loved wearing short shorts and mini skirts whenever we went out.

But I still had very few opportunities to really play.

My husband was in a sales executive position and felt the need to start learning to play golf, as so many of his clients enjoyed the game.

I informed him that I would like to learn along with him. At least I thought that this was my primary motive for getting out of the house.

We both purchased used golf clubs and decided to get up early on Saturday mornings and play a par 3 course that was near to our house as a way to ease ourselves into the game.

Our children were old enough to be on their own and we were usually back home before they were up or when we arrived home we found them watching cartoons.

The course was out in the country with the clubhouse up on a high ridge. The course itself was laid out between ridges and ravines with some holes carved out of the woods.

The first hole started outside the clubhouse and from the tee box it dropped about 50 yards straight downhill to the green. Whereas the last hole ended at the bottom of the ridge and had an outdoor lift that you rode back up to the parking lot.

It had so many secluded spots that I immediately saw my opportunity to be my sexy self.

The first time that we played together, I really struggled just trying to hit the ball and quickly became frustrated and discouraged. My husband seemed to be doing so much better than I was.

It became clear to me that I needed to add my own personality into the game.

The next Saturday came and I put on some brightly colored teeny bikini panties along with a close fitting cotton golf shirt and a very short mini skirt without the typical lycra shorts underneath. I knew that the shorts would just hinder my fun.

I had gone to a local department store and purchased bikini panties in an assortment of bright colors such as yellow, lime green, red, orange, pink, etc.

Some women play golf with brightly colored golf balls. I play golf in brightly colored panties. I wanted to make sure that they would be noticed when put on view.

I was not necessarily ready to play golf, but I sure was ready to play while golfing.

We arrived at the par 3 course and the woman who checked us in commented on how short my skirt was, and how she wished that she had the legs to wear a short skirt like mine.

I immediately knew that I was in the right place to begin my golf exhibitions.

We teed off on the first hole and as usual my ball went about 20 feet rolling the rest of the way to the bottom of the hill. My husband said that if I wanted to I could simply pick it up and put it next to his, so I wouldn’t have to swing so much.

I liked this idea and as he watched me from the short fairway, I went over to my ball and bent from the waist to pick it up.

We were completely out of view from the clubhouse and only people on the tee above us could see us.

This way of bending caused my skirt to rise up and expose my colorful panties to my husband, which elicited a very nice “yummy” from his lips.

I already was having a much better time than simply trying to play golf.

After another two hits, we reached the green and I went over to my ball pretending to line up my putt by squatting behind the ball holding the putter out in front of me. I purposely spread my knees wide apart to give my husband as nice an upskirt as I could.

I enjoyed the feeling of the cool early morning air on my exposed skin as well as the reminder that I wasn’t wearing much from the waist down.

My husband was so flustered by my unexpected flash that he three putted the green.

I knew that I couldn’t provide the same show over and over again, so I thought of how to be more creative as our golf outing progressed.

On the next green I pulled the pin and while my husband tried to putt I straddled the flagpole making sure that the metal bar pushed against the thin nylon fabric between my legs.

The metal was still quite cold and elicited instantaneous goose bumps up and down my legs.

As he attempted his putt I starting riding the metal pole and made orgasmic moaning sounds to help destroy his concentration, although the cold metal between my legs made my moans sound more like gasps.

You men take every sport so seriously. It seems that it is up to woman like myself to put a proper perspective on things.

I now had found a theme to follow for the remaining holes.

As the morning air started to warm, I would hike my skirt above my panties on the tee box and bend over slowly from the waist to put the golf ball on the tee. Sometimes the club that I was holding would find its way between my legs while I bent over, and my teeny panties would slide on the shaft as I teed up the ball. Don’t you just love golf terms?

Of course, I would have to give out my obligatory moan each time that this happened.

I found it so interesting how serious men can be about their game of golf, as I was often only 30 yards from a group of golfers with my skirt well above my waist, and yet no one else ever noticed.

My husband admitted how he loved watching my panty-covered bottom when I would swing the club with my skirt pulled up. I guess my gluteus muscles would put on quite a show when I executed a golf swing.

By the fourth Saturday of our golfing summer, I found myself waking up about 30 minutes before the alarm clock with my body vibrating from the anticipation of performing my sexy acts outdoors

I found my hand exploring between my legs as I imagined new and more naughty things to do while on the golf course.

By the time we got to the course I was all ready over stimulated and found it difficult to concentrate on simply playing golf.

My new creative act was to place my putter between my legs when I was waiting for my husband to putt. I didn’t just lean the putter up against my skirt, but placed it up inside my short skirt and allowed the end of the handle to rub against a most delicate and sensitive part of my anatomy that was covered only by a thin layer of nylon. The length of the putter was perfect to set the blade on the grass surface and allow the handle to wedge itself between my legs pushing enough on my panties to almost be considered a sexual act. Of course this also brought a sequence of moans as I rocked back and forth on the tip of the putter.

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