My First Time Is With My Teacher!

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Nicole slammed down on my cock one more time. She started thrashing around on my cock and I could feel her juices flowing out of her pussy.


I looked to my right and I saw Jill being pounded doggy style in the ass with her head thrown back and screaming that she is cumming. I see her body shake as her pussy gushes with some juices. I crawl over and suck up her juices and she gets in a 69 with me and sucks Nicole’s juices off my cock.

“Hey who is going to give me attention?” Nicole whined, after I moved over to Jill and started to get in a 69 with her.

“I will.”

The black guy that was doing Jill in the ass said this and went over and they started their own 69. She was deep throating him and he was fist fucking her.

“OOOHHH GOD YES FUCK!” she shouted.

I started feeling my cum come up my balls to my shaft from Jill’s blowjob and she has a small orgasm from my licking.


As I say this, Nicole stopped the 69 with the black guy and walked over to us, kneeling down. He walked off and changed a threesome to a foursome. Jill stopped our 69 and got up and knelt down next to Nicole.

“Come on John. Cum all over us.”

I grabbed my cock and started rubbing it up and down, going faster and faster. I finally came and it was a big load. I let my cock go and let it shoot wherever it wanted but Jill took it and aimed it at her mouth and then at Nicole’s mouth then her tits and then Nicole’s tits.

“MMmm John your cum feels so good.”

“Yeah it is nice and warm.”

They both started swallowing my cum and rubbed my cum into their breasts, and then they started licking each others breasts after they rubbed it in.

“You guys already have me hard again. So are you guys going to help me with my little buddy?”

“MMmmm we sure will.”

Jill rolled over on to her back and motioned for me to come to her. As I did she pulled her pussy wide open with her fingers. I aimed my cock at her cunt and thrust in to the hilt. I started pounding into her and Nicole went around and sat on Jill’s face, facing me.

“Oh god Jill your pussy feels as good as always!”

“MMmmm your cock feels so nice in my pussy as always too! do me faster and harder!”

I started pounding into her as fast and as hard as I could. I bent forward and started kissing and sucking on Nicole’s breasts. We kept doing this for another five minutes and in that time there was a lot of cursing and moaning and purring. Finally all at once all three of us came at the same time. I shot my load in Jill’s pussy and Jill came on my cock and Nicole came in Jill’s mouth. We all got each other off and then cleaned each other.

“Thanks so much Jill and you too Nicole. I must go but I really had a good time and Jill you need to tell me how the rest of this thing goes. Nicole I had a great time with you and I will get your number from Jill so we can have some more fun. Jill call me after this is done so we can meet and share the stories.”

“Alright thanks again John,” they both say in unison as I got up, kissed them and left.

I walked out the door and down the hallway. I walked in the main room and the couple was sleeping with his cock in her pussy. I went down the main hallway and into the lobby. I see the girl I talked to before fucking a 9 inch dildo that was suctioned to the floor. She saw me and stood up, letting it pop out of her pussy.

“Hey John are you ready for some fun? Cause I sure am as you can see,” she said, looking down at her dripping pussy.

“I am so sorry but that party drained me but if you give me your number and your address I will take a rain check for it.”

“Alright I guess that will do for now,” she moaned, as she gave me my clothes.

I put them on and was about to leave but I turn around and passionately kissed her as I lay her down. Taking her dildo off the floor I aim at her pussy and shove it all the way in. I start pounding it in her faster and harder.

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