My First Time Is With My Teacher!

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“No, thank you. That was the best orgasm I have had in a while. My husband has never made me orgasm. Jill is a really lucky lady. Have fun with her.”

“Thanks. Alright let’s go Nicole.”

I got up and Nicole got down on her knees and sucked my cock really quick

“MMMmmm you better stop or I may cum right now.”

“Alright let’s go then.”

She took my cock in her hand and pulled me out the door as we took one last look. I see that the black guy just came in the white girl and the Filipino girl was about to take the place of the white girl. We closed the door to give them some privacy. Nicole shoved me against the wall outside.

“So did you like that John?”

“MMMmmm I sure did.”

Nicole kissed me passionately while stroking my cock.

“MMMmmm that was so hot and I am soaking wet. Would you help with my problem?”

“I sure will but after that we better find Jill.”

I pushed her against the wall and started kissing her passionately. Then my lips started at her neck and moved slowly down to her tits. I start kissing and caressing them and I even pinched her nipples which made her start moaning and purring really loud. I kept kissing down to her belly button where I tongue fucked it for a minute as I started rubbing her pussy lips. She kept on moaning.


“You got it.”

I kissed my way down to her pussy lips and as I spread her lips with my fingers, started licking her lips up and down.

“MMMmmm OH YES. Right there!”

I start tongue fucking her silly. “So do you like this?”

“OH FUUUUCCCKKK YEAH I do! Jill is so lucky.”

I started licking her clit faster with my tongue and I inserted one finger into her pussy and found it so wet that I pushed two more in and start finger fucking her sopping cunt.


She came all over my hands and quickly took my hand away and put my mouth at her pussy to drink up all that I could.

“MMMmmm very tasty. I could drink this all day.”

She pulled the hand that was in her pussy to her mouth and started licking the fingers clean.

“MMMmmm you are right I am tasty.”

“Well we better get going and find Jill so we can have some real fun.”

She took my cock in her hand again and we kept walking down the hallway to the next door. She opened it and stopped dead in the door turning to me.

“Get ready for the fun to begin.”

Nicole moved into the room and I move to the doorway looking in. I stopped dead in my tracks because I was so surprised from what I saw. What I saw were about twenty people male and female all in different sexual acts. There were people doing oral, having vaginal and/or anal intercourse, and then there were threesomes and foursomes and small gangbangs. I looked all over the room and I finally saw Jill. She was being fucked really good in the ass by a black guy. . Nicole turned to me and led me over to her.

“HHHeeey John SSSooo HHavve yyyoouu beeenn eeenjoooyinnnggg yyyyouuurrrseeeeelfffff!?”

“I have.”

“He hasn’t cum yet because he has been waiting for you but since you look like your busy. Would you mind if I had some fun with him?”


Nicole took me and pulled me to the ground on my back. She straddled my crotch and knelt lining up her pussy with my cock. She sat down burying my cock fully in her pussy. Her pussy was so tight.


She really started pouncing up and down faster and faster and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter.

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