My First Time Is With My Teacher!

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More to come in the future and the fuckfest is in the next story. Please comment on this story and the past one. I really appreciate some positive feedback. Thank you for reading.


“What? I am sorry I was a little distracted by something,” I said that with a wink.

“See me after class,” she said with a wink, and then turns back to the board shaking her ass a little.

I stared at her for the rest of class and she makes sure to pick other people and not pick me so I can get a good look at my little slut. She shook a few more times and when she lets us all do our homework I ask for some help. I asked a dumb question; the whole time I was just staring at her cleavage as she bent over to talk to me. She saw what I was doing and she played along and when we were done she stood back up and walked back to her desk. The student next to me saw her cleavage too and said how I was lucky. I laughed to myself and told him to ask her a question to see her cleavage also and he did.

“Mrs. Smith can you help me?”

“I sure can,” she said

“Well this is going to be very fun,” he said to me.

When she got there he looked up and he got so sad when he saw that she pulled her sweater up so her cleavage was gone. I laughed so hard. He asked his dumb question and she left.

“Well that was freakin’ hilarious,” I said while laughing.

“Shut up,” he said.

I looked over at her and she winked at me and I winked back but nothing else happened for the rest of the class but I kept making fun of the guy next to me, which I really enjoyed since it annoyed him.

After the class ended I stayed in her classroom and when the last person left I closed the door and locked it. I walked over to her desk and I caught her with her hand under skirt.

“I was rubbing myself through the whole class when I was sitting down. Seeing you in class after this morning got me so hot I had too and it really was a turn on knowing someone may have seen me doing it.”

“MMMMmmmm you naughty girl. You need to be punished.” I pick her up and bent her over while she was still rubbing herself and I started spanking her and she started cumming from the spank. I got under her and lowered her down on my face and started licking up the cum. After I was through I got up from under her.

“Now it is my turn.”

“Not now.”

“What? Why? Did I do something wrong?”

“NO it is not you baby. I love you but the neighborhood fuckfest is tomorrow and I want you to be nice and full because you are going to be used a lot tomorrow.” After she said that she winked at me and kissed me passionately allowing her to taste her own juices.

“Alright I guess I can wait but I am just glad that this didn’t end because I don’t know what I would do if it did.”

She gave me a passionate kiss and said, “Well I think you better go so we don’t have the urge to go any farther. I will call you later about the details for tomorrow.”

“K bye.” I spanked her and she moaned and purred and I left for my next class. My last class I got a phone call and it is her. She told me that the fuckfest is tomorrow at 11:00 A.M. at a certain address which I wrote down on my hand.

“MMMmmm I can’t want till tomorrow. I don’t know how I am going to be able to not pleasure myself tonight.”

“Believe me John it will be worth your while not to pleasure yourself tonight.”

It was hard getting through that night but I eventually did. When I got up the next morning I was already sporting a huge hard on because I knew what was going to happen. I really was tempted to get off but I didn’t but I didn’t want to walk around with that raging hard on before it was time for the party so I took a cold shower. I made sure to get thoroughly clean and the water made my hard on go away. I shaved and made sure I was properly groomed and I even went got a hair cut. I knew it was time so I got in my car and drove to the location. It was a gorgeous mansion.

I drove up to the gate pushed the call button. A voice said, “What is your name and what fuckfest are you here for?”

I was shocked by his blatancy about the fuckfests going on inside the house. I replied, “My name is John and I am here for the neighborhood fuckfest.”

“Alright sir I see you on the list so go right in and have fun.”

The gates opened and I drove in. The driveway was very long and lined with a bunch of statues; all of a sexual nature. Some of the statues were just images of naked girls or naked guys and there were some with guys and girls and some with girls and girls. Even the bushes were shaped into cocks or breasts or vaginas or even of asses. When I got to the end of the driveway most of the parking spaces were filled but I end but finding a space in the front.

I walked up to the front door and noticed that the door handles were a naked guy and a naked girl. Of course I opened the door with the girl handle. I walked in and again everything there was sexually based. I walk up to a podium where a hot woman was standing COMPLETELY NAKED. I was really taken aback by her beauty and got an instant raging hard on.

“Welcome sir, which fuckfest are you here for?”

“I am here for the neighborhood fuckfest. I hope you don’t mind me asking but how many are going on here?”

“Today there are 5 going on with about 30 people each. Alright the neighborhood fuckfest is on the far right corridor all the way down. You will see the sign on the door but before you head there you must check in your clothes.”

I took off my jacket and handed it to her. “Here you go.”

She giggled, “No sir you must be new here I mean all your clothes.”

“Oh umm okay.”

I took off all my clothes and my raging hard on popped out and I got a little red in the face from getting naked in front of this beauty. She looked me over and pointed at my cock and said, “Very nice one sir. Come see me before you leave and I will give you a little something that will keep you coming each year.”

“Thanks. ummm okay. Looking forward to it.” I said with a smile.

As I walked past her she turned and gave me a spank and I jumped. I turned around and she winked at me and slipped a finger in her pussy. She took it out and showed me how wet she was and I winked back at her saying, “Now I really can’t wait.”

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