My First Time Is With My Teacher!

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I lower my face between her legs and stick my tongue out at her pussy tasting the mixture of our juices. “Oh baby that feels so good,” she says.

I lick and swallow it all. She purrs, “I’d love to cum again.”

“Sure thing baby,” I say.

When the phone rings we ignore and it goes to the answering machine. We hear her husband’s voice telling her that he will be there n 20 minutes. I say, “I’d better get going now.”

“No please don’t go yet. I need to cum all over that beautiful cock again baby.”

“I don’t want your husband walking in on us and taking a hissy fit. We will soon meet again and there is next week,” I chuckle with a wink. With a little more convincing she agrees and I say, “Thanks for taking my virginity.”

She just smiles and says, “My pleasure John.” “Next time we will try some new stuff.”

I reply, “I can’t wait!”

I get dressed and while leaving I see a neighbor across the street. She is a very cute Asian. She blows a kiss to me as I smile and get in my car and drive home.

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The next day in the morning at 6:00.


“Hello my sexy lover.”

“Hi Mrs.Smith. What’s up?”

” MMM it is so hott to hear your voice.”

“Same to you and when I hear it I have a mental image of me fucking you and it is so hot that I just get an instant hard on.”

“Oh so my little buddy is up I hear. Well I am really missing you if you know what I mean so I was thinking how about you come to school a little early and help me out?”

“I would love to. Isn’t your husband going to ask why you are going early?”

“He is out of it from the bj I just gave but don’t worry it only took 2 seconds and then he shot is load over the bed and fell asleep. He doesn’t like feeding me cum or spraying it on me.”

“Well I will be there early and I will cum wherever you want me to my little slut.”

“MMmmmmm can’t wait till then. Well go to the school in about 30 minutes. See you there.”

“Alright my little slut see you there.”

I drove to school after about 20 minutes where I get dressed. I see Mrs. Smith pull up and I walk over to her. She gets out and I get an instant hard on when I see what she is wearing. She is wearing a white shirt that in the right light you can see her breasts since she isn’t wearing a bra. She is also wearing a skirt that is really short but not to short to not be professional. There is a slit on the side that goes the whole way up with a zipper and it is unzipped all the way.

“You look amazing Mrs. Smith.”

“Why thank you John so do you honey.”

“So what do you have in mind that we do?”

“I was thinking we should take it to my office and go from there.” “Sounds great.”

We head to her room and we walk in and when we do she takes me and shoves me against the door which closes it and grabs my bulge and French kisses me.

“MMmmmm I missed that but my slut you don’t get to take control, I do.” I take her and shoving against the door French her.

She rips off her shirt and her tits spring out and she takes my hands and puts them on them and has me caress and need and pinch them. She starts moaning and purring just like I like it.

“What are you doing? You won’t have a shirt to wear.”

“I have a small skimpy tank top I can wear. I thought you may like it instead.”

“I can’t wait to stare at you in class and get caught. Lots of laughs.”

“Oh don’t worry you are going to get caught believe me.”

“MMM sounds like fun.”

I start unzipping her skirt and take it off along with her wait she wasn’t wearing any panties, that naughty girl.

“You naughty girl, no panties, you need to be punished.”

I turn her around and bent her over the desk. I slap her ass a few times. She starts moaning and purring a lot and she gets really wet.

“Please fuck me now. Please do it nice and hard and fast. No need for the foreplay because I am already nice and wet.”

“Sure thing.” I pull out my dick from my pants and line up my dick with her pussy and push it in an inch and then out and keep doing that.

“Stop being such a tease and just fuck me already. I really neeeeeeed it.”

” Here you go.” I insert the whole thing in one thrust and really pound her and fast too.”

She really is moaning and purring loud so I kiss her to stop the noise.

“MMM harder, harder, faster, faster.”

I really give it to her and she finally cums all over my dick and I keep pounding her for another minute and I finally cum as she does. I pull out and she takes my cock in her mouth and cleans it off.

“MMM it tastes so good that I think I am getting addicted to it.”

I lay her back down on the desk and put my head between her legs and start licking the cum out of her pussy and the stuff on her pussy and on the desk.

“MMM that felt so good. Too bad school is going to start soon. You better go and get your things and I better get dressed. Thank you and I can’t wait till class.” She said.

“Alright my little shut I will see you in class.” I give her a little spank and a kiss and I leave and get my stuff.

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