Motel Maid

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Through half lidded eyes she looked at me, smiled and said, “Mmmmm.”

I leaned on the bed and said, “Have you ever laid naked on a bed with a naked white man?”


“You will if you move up and lay on your back.”

She quickly crawled up to the head of the bed and rolled over onto her back. Her tits flattened and spread wide. Her legs were partially open, showing her pink slit, almost the first pink I had seen on her except for her tongue.

My mouth watered. I love giving oral sex.

“Have you ever had a white man lick you’re pussy?”


“Good, I‘ll be the first.”

I moved between her legs, pushing them open more. First I took a long sniff of her womanhood. She smelled clean and musky, like an aroused woman should. I stretched out and looked at my first black pussy up close.

She was very swollen. Her outer lips were puffy and as black as her nipples, but her inner pink lips pushed them open like a budding flower . Her dew glistened and I swear I could see her pulse. The thick, black pubic hair covered her mons like a curly pelt and framed her pussy completely. Some was even growing on her outer lips.

My tongue went to where it could do some good. She jerked when I first touched her as if I had given her a shock. I gently licked her lips several times, doing one side then the other. She started rocking with my actions, until I brought my fingers to my mouth and plucked a black, curly hair off my tongue.

I went back to what I was doing. Her movements continued until I had to remove a couple more hairs. She whined in frustration.

I placed my hand on her sex and spread her open with my fingers, moving the hair out of the way of my questing tongue. Her inner lips bulged out at me obscenely as I ate her juicy center. As her movements became constant rocking, I settled into one area. I was hitting her sweet spot and was not about to stop until she climaxed.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out quite that way. As she neared cumming her thighs closed on my head until I was trapped in a fleshy, black vice. She didn’t notice, but I was starting to feel my skull crack.

“Mmmphmmm!” I yelled, several times, which means ‘let me go.’ I pushed away from her with my hand, but all that did was plunge my fingers into her pussy.

My fingers and the vibration of my lips as I yelled was just what she needed to soar over the edge into bliss. Her hips started churning a move I once saw a native New Zealand dancer do, causing my fingers to plunge in and out rapidly and my neck vertebrae to start snapping like a devil chiropractor was working on them.

I’m pretty sure she screamed, but it was hard to tell with her thighs pressed so tightly over my ears, which was probably a blessing because I’m sure she shattered a vase.

How long does it last when one person is being crushed while another is in ecstasy? Too long and not long enough.

Her body relaxed as if all the bones had dissolved. I rolled away and gasped for breath.

“Wow!” she said

“I think my neck is broken,” I said.

It took a moment or two for her to realize what I said.

“Are you okay?” she said as she sat up.

“Ahrrrr, ahrrrr,” I said as I wiggled my jaw back and forth and tilted my head side to side. “You squeezed me kinda tight.”

“Ah gots jes’ da ting,” she said, returning to form, “y’all jes’ move up da bed and ah gonna make it all better. Hehehe, ah ain’t nev’a sucked no white man dick b’fo’.”

I moved up as she moved down, until she was at a right angle to me, her head just where it needed to be. The pain of having my brain squeezed had robbed me of the urge down there, and I had gone limp. With bright eyes she looked at me, ran her pink tongue over her thick black lips, and said, “Ah ken fix dat.”

With deft grace she pulled me into her mouth and I went from one soft limp inch to full length in less time than it takes to say it. Her enthusiasm and skill were unparalleled in my experience up to that time. Or since. I was quickly hornier than a satyr in a room full of virgins.

It is not possible for me to describe what it is she did that was so very perfect. I was in heaven, nirvana, Valhalla, and Abraham’s bosom all at the same time. Time stood still as I hoped it would never end. I didn’t want to cum, but I wanted to, needed to, more than anything.

She stopped at least a millennia too soon.

My eyes opened and I said, “Have you ever fucked a white man?”


“High time you did. Either get on me or lay down on your back.”

Without subtly or hesitation she straddled me, lined up our good parts and sat down on me.

Oof! I was glad the mattress had good springs. I was in as deep as I could go. Milly was not exceptionally tight, but I could feel her on every square millimeter of my dick. Later she told me that I filled her completely. Not because I’m big, but because women are so very adjustable. God bless ‘em.

We didn’t move for endless moments. I didn’t move because she felt so good wrapped around me. I can only assume that she didn’t move because she liked how I felt inside her. She had a small smile on her face and her eyes were closed.

Finally she started to rock back and forth and posting on me. I tried my best to thrust into her, but she smiled down at me and said, “Ya’ll jus’ relax an let me do da work, shugah.”

It was the first time she had called me anything but sah.

I reached up and grabbed big handfuls of each tit. I squeezed, tugged, rubbed, pulled, and tweaked, but mostly I hung on for dear life. She was going wild and I was along for the ride.

She started slow, just rocking and bouncing, but with each movement she became more and more enthusiastic. Soon she added a side to side and a round and round. Her up and down became jerkier and harder. I thought the bed might break.

It didn’t, but Milly started moaning, “Oh, yeah, unh huh, oh, yeah, unh HUH, unh HUH, UNH HUH, OH LAUD, OH, OH, OH! YES!”

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