Motel Maid

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“Uh,” I said eloquently. “Yeah, yeah. Umm, I need more soap. And, uh, more towels.”

“All righty, sah, ah jus’ give em’ to ya now, sah.”

“Uh, no, no! Bring them to me later. When do you get off?”

“Well, sah, ah gotta work inna office till eight tonight.”

“Great. Perfect. Bring those thing then. I’ll still be up.”

“Oh, ah don’ know, sah. Ah could be in lottsa trouble if ah don’ dat, sah”

“Umm. Look, it’s still not fair. I let you touch me all over and for as long as you wanted and I didn’t get to touch you at all. You should come back and give me a chance.” I know that was lame and desperate sounding, but I didn’t have any time for finesse.

But it worked!

“Well, okay, sah. Ah sup’pose ah could bring y’all some soap and towels den, sah. But ah gotta be goin’ now, sah.”

I’m glad they didn’t charge me extra for how long that day seemed to last.

The only other thing of note that happened that day was the garage called me to let me know that the part had arrived that morning and my car would be ready by ten o’clock the next morning. Sometimes things just come together.

Stupid as this might sound now, I actually thought about what I should wear while I was touching a naked black woman. I decided to wear a terry cloth robe just in case she decided to chicken out and send someone else with the soap and towels. Of course I wore only the robe, just in case things went very well.

Just in case you’re dying of suspense, things did go very well!

By eight I was ready. I stood in the bathroom doorway, with the bathroom light off and watched the room door in a small mirror I had placed on the side table. At 8:15 there was a soft knocking on the door. Several seconds latter there was a louder knocking on the door. I said nothing. I waited. After twenty or thirty seconds, I heard and saw the door open and the maid peeked in and called out, “Sah? Sah, ah’s he’ah wit’ da soap and towels yo’ axed fo’, sah. Sah, is yo’ he’ah, sah?” She stepped into the room and the door closed behind her with a loud click.

It was, as they say, showtime.

I took off the robe and tossed it behind me. Then I stepped out into the room in all my naked, middle aged glory.

“Boo,” I said.

She looked surprised, but I don’t know if it was my sudden appearance, or my outfit.

“He’ah’s yo’ soap an’ towels, sah”

“Thank you,” I said, “just put them on the chair. Good. Now please come over here.”

She kind of shuffled over towards me, without looking up, until she was beside me at the end of the bed.

“I believe this is where I stood when you looked at me. Am I right?”


“Good.” I put my hands on to the first button of her blouse. “May I have the honor?”


“Has a white man ever undressed you?”


She wasn’t wearing her maids uniform. She had on a red silk blouse and a navy blue skirt. She was wearing sandals. Her hair was combed down around her face with a soft inward curl. I noticed that she had put on some makeup. It was very subtle, as was the perfume. She smelled like wild flowers and musk. It was very nice.

The buttons were small and came undone easily. Her breath caught when I reached her breasts. She sighed when I reached her waist and pulled the hem out of the waistband of her skirt. I looked into her eyes as I pulled the blouse open and slid it off her shoulders. She smiled at me and I noticed that she was no longer missing a tooth.
I slipped my arms around her to undo the back of her bra. The back strap was wide, but there were no fasteners there. Her breath tickled my neck when she said, “It hooks in the front.”

In the space between her breasts there were probably six hook and eyes running vertically between her bra cups. I undid them until, with the last one, her breasts sagged down, but remained in the cups. I pulled the cups off her tits and they sagged down even more. I put a hand under each tit and lifted. Her breasts were soft and pliable, but large. It would have taken both hands to hold one of them, with some left over. The bra fell down, forgotten, on top of her blouse.

“Have you ever had a white man touch your breasts?” I said as I hefted them and squeezed.


“Have you ever had a white man suck on your nipples?” I said as I pulled her midnight black skin into my mouth and sucked.

“Never,” she said with a catch in her voice.

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