Motel Maid

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“Only if you’re in them,” I said, then I got embarrassed. The joke had gone on long enough and I didn‘t need t be charged with sexual harassment. “I’ll just leave them here for whoever lost them.”

I gathered up my folded clothes and went back to my room. I heard Milly chuckling as I walked away.

At this point I had noticed she had a fair sized bosom that matched her rear. She was not hideously ugly, but then, she was no Hally Berry either. Her mouth was large and thick lipped, she was missing one tooth, and her nose was wide. She combed her hair straight back so that it ended in an uneven fringe behind her head. She was about three or four inches shorter than me. Her skin was the black of someone who had nothing but African ancestors.

Things got a lot more interesting the next day.

I came back from the exercise room, again sweaty and tired from a long run on the treadmill. The room was made up, cleaned with the bed made, new soap on the sink, and clean towels. All I wanted to do was wash the sweat away and relax.

My wet clothes were thrown into the corner and I was in the shower in short order. I washed off under hot water, then cooled off under a shower as cold as I could stand it, letting it run over my head until I had cooled down. I turned off the shower, grabbed a towel and started drying off.

Unknown to me, or her for that matter, she had come into the room to restock the tissues and the toilet paper just at the moment I turned off the shower, so that neither of us knew the other was there. I didn’t hear her walking around because the room was carpeted and I was drying my hair with a towel and the exhaust fan was running. I stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom just as I was taking the towel off my head and she was walking around the corner into the bedroom.

Without my glasses on all I saw was a black shape coming at me where no black shape should be. Or any other color or shape for that matter.

“YEEEAAAH!” she screamed, and threw the toilet paper rolls and the box of tissues into the air.

“YEEEAAAH!” I screamed, and dropped my towel.

We stood, staring at each other, me wet and naked, she wide eyed and as pale as she could be considering her skin tone. My knees were shaky and my heart rate was at least 200 bpm. Way over my maximum.

She gathered herself together and looked at me, with her eyes amazingly wide. “Oh my Gawed, sah, ah’m so sorry, sah. Ah din’ know yo’ was here, sah. Ah’m so sorry, sah. Is yo’ alright, sah. Ah’m so sorry, sah. Oh my Laud, sah, Ah’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I finally managed. “You just surprised me. No harm done.”

“Oh, sah, please don’ tells on me, please, sah. I need dis job, sah. I’ll git fired if y’all tells on me, sah.”

“Okay, it’s okay,” I said as my heart rate started to return to normal. “I won’t tell on you. Just please try not to surprise me like that again.”

“Ah won’, sah. Ah promise ah won’, sah. Ah’ll be real careful, sah. Ah promise.”

All the time we were talking, her eyes were down cast but flicking up and down, looking at the naked white guy standing in front of her. Finally her eyes settled on my privates. I have to admit, she could not have been all that impressed. Truth is, I’m only average sized. So what she said next really stunned me.

“Sah, would it be a’right if ah looked at ya’ll? Ah mean, ah ain’t nevah seed no white man b’fo’ an’ ah jus’ wanna see what it look like, sah. Please, sah?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. She wanted to what?

“You want to what?” I said.

“Can ah look at yo’, sah, please. Ah ain‘t nevah seed no white man nekid b‘fo’.”

“Well, okay,” I said, “at this point you might as well. I no longer have anything to hide. Go ahead and look all you want.”

I reached over and turned on the bedside lamp, giving her all the illumination she could possibly need to see everything there was to see. As I thought about it latter, I was actually rather flattered. I am no Adonis, and quite frankly, women rarely look my way.

She walked around me, looking intently at my butt, my chest, my back, and of course, my penis . Even at my face, which brought a smile to my face and to hers.

“Sah, would it be okay if ah tetched yo’, sah? Ah mean, ah ain’t nevah tetched no white man neither.”

At that point, why not?

“Go ahead,” I said.

Tentatively she reached out and touched my chest and ran her fingers through my chest hair. Then she moved to my shoulder and around to my back. She moved her hand down my back, over my love handles, and gently over my ass. She walked around to the front and after some hesitation, slid her hand over my hip and onto my dick. She wrapped her hand around me and lifted. There is no way she could have been impressed, but she did look fascinated.

“Ah nevah seed a white one b’fo’ or one dat din’ have da skin on da end, sah.”

At least I knew I would always be her first something.

As she held my penis with one hand, she reached in with her other hand and lifted my balls. The average man, at this point, would be growing hard. Not me. I was still wet and standing in an air conditioned room. My goose bumps were getting goose bumps.

With a sigh, she released me, said, “Tank yo’, sah,” turned and left.

I realized I was still wet and cold. I picked up the towel and finished what I had been doing, slightly dazed at what had just happened. It felt good to have been looked at so intently. Still, I doubted very much it would come to anything.

A call came later that day, letting me know the part for my car was coming the next day and my car would be ready the day after. I could soon be on my way.

It was too hot and humid to do much of anything. There were restaurants nearby, as I said before, but other than that, the only other things were car dealerships and office buildings. It was even too hot to swim. I was not in the mood to explore, so the only thing for me to do was to sit in my room and try to be interested in old movies in the TV. There is only so much work I could do.

I was bored.

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