Morning Masturbation

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But it’s not over yet; I am not done. I shove the hose up my hungry ass, filling it full of water. My pussy, tired from my amazing orgasm, throbs again, excited at the prospect of another fuck. The water fills my belly to the point of bursting; a tear runs down my cheek. It feels so fucking amazing; hot, full, painful and wrong. I slide my free hand to my pussy and plunge my fingers deep inside, groping my G-spot, loving that yummy spongy bundle inside my pussy that gives me an orgasm like no other. I scream out “uuhhhhhh” as the water gushes back out of my ass spraying the walls, making me feel like I am going to cum again from the relief alone. I fill myself up over and over, spraying the walls with hot water. I lay down in the shower, alternating between shoving the hose up my pink asshole and pounding my clit again. I fill up my ass one last time, holding the water inside my belly, tears streaming down my face from the pain and pleasure, wanting so badly to let it out, I fuck myself again. My pussy swollen and full, I shove the hose inside, finding my G-spot, shooting the water on that bundle of pleasure until I can’t hold it anymore. I shoot the water I’ve been holding out of my ass as I am cumming from the water pulsing inside me. The hose falls to the side of the tub as I collapse, exhausted from the amazing orgasms I just gave myself.

I get out of the tub, dry off, get ready and go to work and no one ever knows the dirty little secret of how I clean myself.

Just a quick morning orgasm that I thought I’d share!

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