Mom’s Friend Helps Me Out

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“I’m not going to let you throw this chance away, I promise you this will stay between us, unless we both agree that someone else should know,” she said. I guess I wanted to tell her, to see her reaction.

“Ok, well its like this, I see my mates with girls, some that I would have had a chance with, most of them saying they are doing it, and every time I go back I think I could have met someone back home, but here I cant seem to, the way I feel right now I’d give up everything just to have sex,” I sadly declared.

Again there was an awkward silence, before Julie told me that I was being silly and that I’d meet someone soon enough.

I picked up my bag and said I wanted go right back home.

Julie put her hands on my chest, saying “no, you must stay, you must.”

I released my bag, saying “I want to stay, I want to do it for you otherwise I wouldn’t have come today, but I also want do something else that I think I need to go back for”.

Her hands were now on my shoulders. “Everything will work out fine eventually, your parents will be devastated if you don’t stay, please say you’ll stay,” she pleaded.

I put my hands on her waist and bowed my head. There were a few more exchanges, me wanting to go, her wanting me to stay.

It was then, with her hands on my shoulders, and mine on her waist, that I looked her in the eyes. We stood looking at each other. Me holding a woman I considered beautiful, one I was certainly attracted to, and her holding me.

I kissed her lips.

“Michael,” she said softy, not indicating if she was angry or pleased.

I kissed her again. And then again, a longer more passionate kiss. It was only 3 kisses, but the softness of her lips already had my erection growing.

“Help me stay,” I lamely uttered, wanting to say something, not wanting to ask outright for sex, but wanting to indicate that I was enjoying this unexpected turn of events.

Julie’s mixed expression was one of shock and confusion. But I slid my arms around her waist pulling her towards me and we kissed again. Her large soft breasts pressing against my chest as my hands roamed her back, feeling the bra straps and clasp under her blouse. I knew that she would now be able to feel my full erection against her stomach.

Her hands took a tighter grip of my neck and I sent my hands in different directions, my right towards her bottom and my left towards the side of her right breast. Stroking her skirt with one hand and the side of her bra cup with the other, I was pleased that we were still kissing and that I wasn’t getting a smack in the face.

I slid my left hand between us allowing my thumb to imitate a car window wiper as it moved over her breast, supported by gentle squeezing actions from the rest of my hand. A little gasp escaped from her mouth.

“Michael, we can’t do this,” Julie gasped.

“Do you want me to stop and come home with you?” I asked. Her reply being suitable to both the stop and the come home parts of the question.

I squeezed her breast harder as we resumed our kiss. My tongue slipping between her slightly parted lips until it met hers. As our tongues tangled I began undoing the buttons on her blouse, our heavy breathing now seemingly in unison as she made no attempts to stop my fumbling efforts to undress her. I gripped her buttock towards me making sure she could feel my erection against her and her response was to hold me tighter around my shoulders.

My hand slid inside her undone blouse and I sighed as felt her full breast partially through the smooth bra and partially the bare flesh above the bra cup. Smooth that was apart from the hard nipple pressing from under it. I dipped my head to kiss the bare parts of her breasts and started to gather her skirt up while she caressed my head. I heard her moan as my left hand darted between her legs and began rubbing the warm area through her knickers. My right hand undid the button and zip on the back of her skirt and it gradually fell to the floor.

I straightened up and let go of her, looking at her standing still before me, her lovely little legs, her exposed bra and cleavage, her knickers and her open blouse as I bent to take off my trainers and socks. Our eyes seemed to be locked together as I pulled my t-shirt off in silence, and started to undo my jeans. Julie finally moved, undoing the buttons on her cuffs and then taking her blouse completely off. The bulge in my boxers like a tent pole as I got my jeans completely off.

Julie had moved her hands to behind her back, and as I approached I saw the straps slacken, my hands eagerly on her waist, moving upwards ready to take advantage of the undone bra. In what couldn’t have been a better precision movement, my hands were on her bare breasts a millisecond after the loosening bra allowed them to be. Julie moaned as I groped the best pair of tits I could have imagined, while she completed the removal of her bra and dropped it to the floor.

I swear if I ever meet a woman with tits as good as hers I’ll marry her.

They were big, soft, shapely, creamy white with pale pink circles round pale pink nipples which were hard yet spongy to feel. The size of them more than filled my hands as I pushed them up, squeezed them, pulled them and generally groped them as best I could with the inexperience I had.

Locked in a kiss we moved to the bed and got on it side by side. I didn’t know how much foreplay to try and engage in but tried to show I was willing for anything she wanted. Leaving her lips I kissed her throat and her chest before kissing each breast as my right hand moved from her breasts to her stomach and into her knickers. Her pubic hair was short and didn’t cover much of an area which suggested she must shave and trim, and I allowed my mouth to drop over her left nipple as felt her warm pussy lips. I think I might have sucked too hard with excitement as my finger wet into her warm wet hole. She held my head and moaned and I looked up at her for guidance. There was none as her eyes were closed, and I wondered what I should do next. I gripped the side of her knickers as her eyes opened, and began to pull on them. She arched her back slightly and raised her bottom off the bed enough for me to pull them down the side of her left thigh. We then repeated the process on the right side and she raised her knees in turn to let me get them completely off.

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