Mom’s Attraction

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I could feel the hear emanating from her pussy as well as the juices dripping down my face off my chin from her pussy. I snaked my tongue out and was thoroughly pleased with my first taste of pussy. Her juices tasted like the best nectar I have ever had in my life and I started to lick her pussy trying to get it all like it was going to save my life. I move my head back a little so that I could use a hand to rub your clit which only made her moan and groan more. I took my other hand and slowly moved it up her body till I got to her pussy and pinched her nipple. That was the final straw leading to mom’s orgasm. My mom’s body laid there stiff for a second before she started to convulse thrashing around the bed ending with her back arching and her letting out what would have been sleep awakening moans if it wasn’t for her biting her lips.

I rose up from between her legs starting to scoop up and licking all her cum from my face as I said, “Mmmm mom you taste so good.”

My mom finally came back to reality after her orgasm and instead of responding to what I said she took my approach. My mom got up and moved in front of me and pushed me back on to the bed. My mom got on her knees and slowly slid her hands up my thighs but instead of like me she got right to the point. She took my cock in right hand and started to stoke it. My cock was by this time oozing pre cum so that worked as a lubricant. My mom used her other hand to massage both of my balls. I started to moan and I had to bite my lip so I didn’t really start to groan loudly. She continued to massage my balls as she slowly lowered her head down toward my cock and kissed the tip of my cock. My cock jerked from the kiss which my in turn looked at me and smiled before she took the head into her mouth. She started to swirl her tongue all around the head before taking me in her mouth all the way to the hilt. I had to grab my pillow and place it over my face as I let out the loudest groan that I ever thought I could emit as I felt her deep throat me.

I lifted the pillow from my face and said to my mom, “Oh fuck mom this feels amazing. This is the best feeling ever.”

My mom didn’t even respond but just continued with the best and only blow job I have ever received. I loved it even more because my mom was becoming really sloppy with it. Her spit was flying everywhere all over my cock, balls, her body, and the bed. She started to gag on my cock as she started to go faster and faster up and down my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I grabbed onto my bed sheets before saying, “Oh fuck mom I am going to cum.”

My mom was either so lost in what she was doing that she didn’t hear me or she didn’t mind that I was going to cum but nevertheless she continued to suck my cock. It took just a few more seconds before I could feel my balls start to tighten so I grabbed my mom’s head and impaled mouth onto my cock as I felt my cum flowing through my cock spouting out deep into her throat. She continued to suck taking all of my cum in her mouth and she didn’t miss a drop. My mom swallowed all my cum as she cleaned my cock.

My mom raised her head from my cock after having cleaned it all up and said, “Mmm you taste really good Scott.

“Oh my, are you already hard again?” she asked me as she looked down at my cock which had already risen to the occasion.

“Oh god mom yes it is. I want no need to fuck you so bad right now Mom my cock will never rest till it feels the wet soft hot feeling of your deep pussy,” I groaned as I looked up and down her body.

“Oh fuck Scott. Lay down so I can ride your fucking cock,” she said loudly now not minding the loudness anymore.

I lay back grabbing my cock in my hands shaking it at her and smiling enticing her before I said, “Come and get what you want Mom.”

My mom did not need to be told twice. She slid her way up my body till her pussy was right over my cock. My mom reached down and grabbed my cock in her hands pointing it towards her pussy. She slowly lowered her pussy onto my cock. We both groaned and moaned loudly. Mom did it due to the sensation of having her pussy filled me from feeling my first wet smooth pussy surround my cock.

“Oh fuck mom Thank you for taking my virginity,” I said through loud groans and moans.

My mom didn’t move as she said, Oh my god baby it is your first time. I am so honored that I get to be your first time.”

My mom bent down kissing me when she got low enough before she raised back up and started to give me the best fuck that I could have ever imagined. She was bouncing up and down my cock going all the way to the tip of my cock and slamming herself all the way down to the hilt.

We were so lost in the pleasure of what we were doing that we didn’t hear the door open and wasn’t conscious of my dad at the door until we hear him scream, “What the fuck is going on here?”

Will the dad join in or will he divorce the wife and disown the son? You will have to wait and find out…

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