Mom’s Attraction

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I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; my mom actually was infatuated with me. I have to admit the desire of my mom for me was actually an ego booster and a turn on for me. I have always had a low self esteem as well as being shy which I attribute to my virginity. I was getting so turned on by my mom’s body and her attraction that I almost couldn’t stand it. I was so close to just opening my eyes and just start humping her but I first wanted to see where this lead.

“Scott are you for sure not awake,” she asked as most likely a precaution for what she was about to do.

After having asked me for a final time whether I was awake my mom reached down, took the hem of her nighty in her hand and pulled it up and off her body. She slowly caressed her breasts even pulling on her nipples as she looked down at the tent in my sheets.

“This is no good. I can’t see anything,” she said before she took my sheets and slid them down my body just past my cock.

The cold air made my cock jerk and I could see my mom get scared as she turned and looked up at my face to see if I made any motion to waking up but I didn’t. Once my mom was content that I was still asleep she looked down my body and rested her gaze on my cock. Seeing my mom staring at my cock and knowing her hidden desire for it only made more blood flow to my cock making it jump. My mom licked her lips after seeing my cock grown and jump. My mom continued to massage her breast with one hand as she slid the other hand down her body to between her legs. I was upset because my mom’s left leg was in front of her pussy and I couldn’t see what she was doing. Thankfully my mom must have been getting uncomfortable so she stretched her leg out but as she did that she swung her leg over mine but by doing so her leg touched my cock as it went over. My mom noticed this and looked back at me to see if I woke up but I didn’t make any sign of waking so she went back to looking at my cock. My cock started to leak pre cum from the gentle touch of her silky smooth legs.

I was so happy that my mom moved her legs because I could now see the sexy show she was presenting me. My mom was still rubbing her breast, pinching her nipple as she used her middle finger on her other hand to slide it up and down her slit. I could tell my mom was really starting to get turned on. I could see the light glistening off the moisture coming from her pussy. My mom bit her lip but I could still hear slight moans coming from her. The whole show was getting more turned on as it went and my body was expressing that physically as more pre cum started to ooze from my cock. I think this is when my mom finally decided to break that taboo barrier that had been set by society and take a chance at trying to have me. It was also the time where I decided that I was going to “wake up” and finally accept the desire that I had for me mom and cross the taboo line myself.

I slowly opened my eyes wide open and said, “Hi mom what are you doing here?”

“Oh fuck…Scott you are awake…Oh my god I am…God I am so sorry,” she started to blurt out as she started to tear up.

“Mom it is ok. I have been awake this whole time. I noticed you staring at me this morning but I wasn’t sure if I saw you starting where I though you were. Tonight after I went to the bathroom I passed by your guy’s door and I hear all you told dad. I have to admit it turned me on so much and to be honest I started to have a desire for you. Once I saw that you were looking in my direction I ran back to my room and laid here imagining all that could happen. When you came in I didn’t know what to do so I pretended like I was asleep. I got so turned on seeing what you were wearing and than by the show you gave me that I can’t stand it anymore. I know that is wrong but I want you mom I want you so fucking bad and I can’t stand it anymore,” I said looking at her body with lust in my eyes.

“Oh fuck baby I want you so bad too. I don’t know what has come over me. It all started today when I noticed your hard on in your pants. Seeing your hard cock outlined in your pants just got my juices going so bad. I had to go to the bathroom and masturbate afterwards since it made me so hot. I couldn’t keep you off my mind and it all culminated in bed with your father. Once he finished and I was satisfied I was so horny that I decided to risk and coming in here. Once I noticed your erection under the sheets it ignited a fire deep in my pussy making it get wet. I would love it since your father has a problem with pleasuring me start fulfilling each other’s needs. I would like this to continue more than just tonight but if this is too weird for you I would understand and hope that we could put this behind us,” she said with a worried look in her face as she waiting for my response.

I decided to not respond with words but respond through action. I slowly sat up on the bed and reached toward my mother taking her silky smooth cheek in my hand as I slowly leaned forward and softly kissed her lips. I started to kiss her longer and more passionately. I could feel my mom’s tongue sliding along my lips. I slowly opened my mouth as I snaked my tongue out allowing our tongues to intertwine. Our tongues started to dance as we continued to kiss each other as I let my hand fall from her face.

We continued to kiss for another minute before my mom softly pushed me away and said, “I am taking that as yes.”

Again I chose not to respond by words but does it be my actions. I slowly pushed her back on to the bed. I got up and moved between her legs leaning down continuing the kiss. I then started to move to the right side of her face kissing as I went.

I got to her ear and nibbled on her ear lobe before whispering into her ear causing hot air to blow into hear, “I want you so bad…No I need you.”

I could hear my mom groan as I whispered that into her ear. I continued licking and kissing down to her breasts where I made circles around both of them all the way up to her nipples by kisses and licks but did not suck on her nipples. I raised my head up and then dove down and sucked her nipples into my mouth hard. I could hear my mom letting out some moans and groans as I sucked on her nipples. I did the same thing to both nipples as I started to kiss and lick my way further down her body. I got down to her pussy but before I started to touch it I quickly moved over to her leg.

I kissed and licked my way down her leg. Once I got to her feet I sucked each of her toes into my mouth suckling on them. I then started to go up the inner side of her leg and when I was right at her pussy again I snaked my tongue out but right before it was going to touch her pussy I jumped over to her other leg. I did the same thing to that leg as I had done to the first one. Once I came up from her feet I raised my head up and looked at her seeing her eyes glazed over with pure lust. She took my head in her hands and impaled my face into her pussy. Her pussy was drenched when my nose slammed into her clit and my mouth was right smack on her pussy.

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