Mom’s Attraction

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“Fuck I need to go so bad,” I said as I ran to the bathroom.

I guess this is what I get for drinking so much today. Today is my 18th birthday and my family threw me a party at our house to commemorate it. My parents feel that as long as it is at home that I can have some alcohol since it is supervised. I have to admit that I had snuck more drinks in then they new about. Thankfully I only drank enough to get buzzed and am not feeling any hangover effects. The only thing wrong was that since I was a little buzzed seeing some of my female friends that I invited over in bikinis started to get to me. I ended up growing a boner in my pants and was not aware of it till I noticed some other girls taking glimpses down at that area. I quickly adjusted myself once I figured out what they were glimpsing at. I am not sure but I could have sworn that I saw my mom taking peaks as well but I am not sure. I have to be honest though thinking that my mom possibly may have been staring at my cock actually turned me on as well as by what she was wearing. She was wearing a very skimpy bikini showing off all her assets very well.

I stand at about 5’8″ with short brown hair, blue eyes, average build, and a solid 6 inch cock when I am erect. My mom who I never really looked at sexually looks very good for her age. She is 40 years old but looks like she is 35 with long brown hair down halfway down her back, green eyes, about 130 lbs, nice perky C cup breasts, and a very sexy perky butt.

I was going over the image of my mother in her sexy bathing suit as I walked back to my room after I relieved myself in the bathroom. I was thinking of what she may look like without the bathing suit on and what I would want to do to her. My cock was starting to grow and I was looking forward to a nice masturbation session when I got back to my room.

I just a few feet in front of my parent’s door which is halfway between my room and the bathroom before I started to hear what sounded like moans and groans.

“Hmmm I wonder what that could be,” I thought as I walked quietly and slowly toward my parent’s room.

As I reached my parent’s room I was sure now that the sounds I was hearing were moans and groans. I also noticed that my parent’s door was partly open. I was already partly hard and turned on and after the incident with my mom today I decided to take a peak inside. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My mom was on the bed on all fours with my dad behind her pulling on her hair and fucking her hard.

What I was witnessing was not as shocking as what I was hearing. As my mom clinched on the sheets as my dad pounded into her she was groaning and moaning but between that she was saying, “Oh fuck Jack his cock looked so big in his shorts today. It got me so fucking wet. I wanted him to jump me and fuck me right there in front of everyone. I bet his cock is bigger than yours and I bet he can fuck better than you can. Come on baby fuck me hard. Does it turn you on knowing that I want to fuck our son so bad?”

I couldn’t believe it. My mom really was looking at my erection today and she was even getting turned on by it. I have to admit it was actually turning me on hearing that my mom got so turned on by me and even wants to fuck me. I reached down and pulled my cock out of my PJ pants and was about to stoke it but before I even got it in my hand I could hear my dad grunting.

“Oh no sweety come on I am not even close yet. Please don’t cum. Please keep fucking me,” I heard my mom pleading to my dad.

I could see my dad holding onto my mom’s hips as his body shook signaling his orgasm. My mom’s head was down and her hair was covering her face. I just looked on feeling pity that my mom was not getting any satisfaction but hoping that my dad would recover and he would please her but there would be no such luck. Once my dad stopped shaking her pulled out of my mom and fell back and actually got under the covers. My mom raised her head and looked upset but to my horror she glanced in my direction. I got so scared when I saw my mom look my way that I quickly put my softening cock back into my pants and got up and quickly but quietly went to my room.

“I can’t believe that just happened,” I started to think when I got to my room and laid back on my bed, “I just found out that my mom was checking out my erection today, that she actually has a desire for me, and that she is not even pleased by my dad. I don’t know what to make of it all. I have to admit my mom’s attraction to me and the idea of fucking my mom is really hot.”

I was laying back in bed thinking about all that happened today not being able to fall asleep when I heard my door start to open and my mom whisper, ” Scott are you up still?”

I was scared and not knowing what to do so I didn’t respond and pretended like I was asleep. I wanted to see what she was doing so I barely left my eyes open. She opened the door enough to walk in before closing it shut. I couldn’t believe what my mom was wearing. My mom looked so sexy in a sheer nighty that barely contained her beautiful breasts and barely covered her mound. I almost had a heart attack when the light from the moon hit her body. When the light hit her nighty it made it completely transparent and all of my mom’s body was on display. Her beautiful breasts were nice, perky with slight sag and suck able nipples that looked like pink erasers sticking out almost an inch from her body. Her pussy was completely shaven with not a hair to be seen.

“Scott, are you up?” she continued asking trying to see if I was awake at all.

After asking me the same question a couple more times with no response she started walking toward my bed. I couldn’t believe my mom with her beautiful body was getting so close to me. My body responded to the closeness of her amazing body with the blood throughout my body flowing into my cock making it rise causing a tent in my sheets.

“Oh my it looks like someone is having a nice dream,” she said as she looked down at the obvious tent, “God Scott if only you knew how much I want you. No how much I need you. Ever since today at the pool I haven’t been able to get you off my mind. Your cock and your body have just got me so entranced.”

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