Mom Finds Her Panties

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Charlotte’s juices sprayed out on her son’s face. He licked and sucked up all the juices. Charlotte clawed and moaned. Her thighs shook against Dustin’s head. Charlotte laid back on the bed trying to catch her breath but Dustin kept licking at his mother’s folds. Charlotte lifted Dustin’s head up from her pussy and chuckled at the pussy juice painted on his face. She pulled him up to her and gave him a big kiss. Dustin rest his head on his mother’s breast while she licked up the juice.

Dustin started thrusting his hard cock against Charlotte’s thigh. “Dustin aww honey it looks like you need some relief too baby.” She kissed his head. “Mommy’s pussy is a little sore after all that yummy licking you did honey.” Charlotte pushed Dustin down on the bed and kissed down his chest and stomach. She pulled his boxers down slowly and exposed his big hard cock. “It’s so big! Lemme just fix this for you. Mommy knows what to do.”

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