Mom Finds Her Panties

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Charlotte thought he must he must have gotten the panties. Yes he must have! The revelation shot through Charlotte’s pussy. Her knees snapped and she came. The smell of her sex filled the bedroom. She continued to rub her swollen clit until it was too tender to touch. Charlotte closed her eyes and fell asleep just like that.

Dustin brought the panties back to his room and shoved them against his noise, taking in his mother’s sweet scent. He might have felt a little guilty but she left these especially for him Dustin pulled out his cock and started jerking it off with his mom’s panties. He pumped out a big load to his mother’s dirty panties.

Dustin left his bedroom and cleaned up in the bathroom. He walked past his mom’s door which was open a crack and something caught his eye. He stopped at her door and pushed it open slowly. There he saw his mother lying naked in bed. Her pussy and tits were exposed to his eyes. The beautiful blue veins stretched down to her big areolas. His mother’s pussy glistened with juices. He couldn’t walk away but he couldn’t go closer either. He was stuck in this spot, mouth wide open.

Charlotte eventually sensed a presence in the room and opened her eyes sleepily. She saw Dustin standing there in only boxers at the doorway. She got scared, repositioned herself and covered up her massive titflesh. “Dustin!”

“Mom…….. so pretty.”

“You shouldn’t be looking at me like this!” Charlotte tried to cover up her pussy but left her tits free for Dustin’s hungry eyes.

“But Mom… you.. you left me those panties…. you’re so beautiful. I’m so… sorry.” Dustin dropped his head and slunk away from his Mom’s door.

Oh shit Charlotte thought. She jumped out of bed and after her son. “Wait Dustin! Wait! It’s okay.”

Charlotte grabbed onto Dustin and hugged her body tightly against him. “Don’t go back to your room. Stay with Mommy.”

Dustin felt his mom’s massive jugs against his back and spun around to her. Her tiny arms wrapped around his broad back. He looked down at his mother’s face and then to the breasts pushed against his chest. “Mom.. you look so good like this.”

Charlotte blushed at the compliment and smiled at her son. She reached up on her tippy toes and pressed her soft lips against Dustin’s. Dustin tasted her sweet lips against his and started kissing her. He lifted her up in his arms. Charlotte slipped her tongue into Dustin’s mouth and it mingled with his. Charlotte held Dustin as tight as she could against her body.

They shared kisses. “Come to my room instead tonight honey. Please.”

Her little hand slipped into Dustin’s hand and squeezed it, she lead him still naked back to her room. He looked down at his Mom’s tight butt. Charlotte sat on the bed and motioned for Dustin to sit next to her. He sat down, his eyes staring openly at his mother’s breasts. Charlotte cupped Dustin’s face in her hands and she kissed him again. “You can touch me.”


“I want you too.” She reassured him. Charlotte grabbed his hand and placed it on her quivering tits. Dustin immediately squeezed and cupped the warm flesh. They continued kissing and he roughly squeezed at his mom’s boobs. Dustin’s hands groped Charlotte’s chest. She moaned into her son’s mouth and her hand explored his strong chest. Her soft hands slid down his bare stomach and over the bulge in the his boxers. Charlotte squeezed the big bulge in her tiny hands. “Mom… urghhh” Dustin moaned.

They continued kissing and fondling each other’s body. Dustin’s hand inevitably reached his mother’s pussy. His fingers touched Charlotte’s engorged lips and she stiffened. Dustin continued touching and exploring his mother’s pussy. “Dustin.. that feels so good. This is where the strong odor from my panties you like so much comes from. Why don’t you go ahead and give it a sniff.”

Dustin laid down with his head on his mother’s thigh. Charlotte ran her hands lovingly through Dustin’s hair. He moved closer to the pink folds of his mother’s pussy and breathed in the sweet aroma. “When a woman becomes excited, she releases the smell on those panties from her juices. It won’t hurt you. You can taste it.”

Dustin moved closer and stuck out his tongue, touching it to Charlotte’s folds. He tasted the juices from his mother’s swollen lips. Dustin moved closer and lapped up the rest of the liquid. Charlotte moaned, “Keep going.”

Dustin ran his tongue up her pussy lips and then pushed it between her folds. He couldn’t get enough of the taste of texture. Dustin’s mouth found Charlotte’s clit and she jumped in pleasure. Dustin took the hint and concentrated on the little nub, getting it into his mouth and sucking on the little hood. Charlotte held her son’s head tightly against her abdomen. Her fingers grasped at his hair. Dustin licked up the length of her lips and darted his tongue in and out of her tight hole.

Charlotte moaned, digging her hands into the bed. She screamed out when Dustin pushed his tongue as deep as it would go in her pussy. Her legs clamped around Dustin’s head. “Mommy’s cumming!”

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