Mom Finds Her Panties

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Just then Dustin opened the door to his bedroom. Charlotte’s eyes shot over to him but she couldn’t say anything. They stared at each other a minute, “I.. uhh… cleaned your room.. err…” She tried to make excuses while backing away from the bed. He stood there in nothing but a towel. His masculine sculpted body caught Charlotte off guard. Her mouth moved but words weren’t coming out until finally she spoke again, “I’m.. I’m gunna go make dinner.” She ran out of his room.

Dustin walked over to his bed and saw his mom’s panties on the bed. He threw himself on the bed, wrapping the blanket around him. Charlotte was bouncing off the walls in the kitchen. She found her own panties in her son’s pillowcase. What could he be doing with them she thought. “You know what he must have been doing with them Charlotte.” She told herself. He must have been jerking off with them. Using his mother’s panties for sexual aid! Her face was flush. She scooped up water from the sink and doused her face with it but this time it didn’t help her calm down.

At the same time she was wrestling with the image of her son standing there so big and strong in just a towel. It dawned on Charlotte that a healthy young man with all the sexual needs of a healthy young man was cooped up all day alone in his room. The image of her son jerking off to her panties shot through her head. She had been a mother, a boss, a co-worker, but it had been so long since she had been sexy. Sexy enough for a young man to want her in that way.

Charlotte forgot about dinner and went to her bedroom. She was very sleepy all of the sudden. Charlotte dropped onto the bed and immediately dozed off. All her thoughts and fears squared off in her dreams. She was standing in her son’s bedroom. Dustin was on the bed jerking his cock off with his mom’s panties wrapped tightly around his manhood. “Dustin. NO! You can’t do that, honey. I’m your mother.. Dustin.” She pleaded with him.

He looked up at his mother, his eyes glazed over in the midst of sexual gratification. “But Mom….. it makes me happy.”

Charlotte’s face softened and she looked down into his lap. The head of his stiff pipe poked out from her soft panties. Dustin started moaning and jerking faster and faster. His cock erupted on the panties. The juices spilled over her panties and thoroughly soiled them. Charlotte took one step closer and closer. Dustin finished cumming all over her small article of clothing and Charlotte reached out for it. It was gooey from his cum. She slowly grabbed it off his cock and held it up, examining it. Dustin looked up at his mother.

She relented “It’s okay baby. It’s okay.”

The sun crept across the room inch by inch until Charlotte’s body was bathed in the warm sunlight. The dream faded from her mind and she woke. Charlotte clumsily reached over to her nightstand and grabbed the clock. I’ve gotta get to work she thought. Charlotte stood up on wobbly legs and tore off the summer dress she wore yesterday. Her breasts jiggled out the constraints and bounced freely out in the open. She walked to the bathroom and cupped them absentmindedly. Charlotte jumped in the shower. She washed her hair and down her body paying very little attention until she got to her tight little pussy. Charlotte found that her clit was swollen. She rubbed the little nub, squeezing it with her fingers. The smell of her excitement nearly overwhelmed the soap smell. She finished washing off quickly without even cumming. I’ll have to put that off until tonight she thought.

Charlotte finished in the shower and walked over to her dresser, ready to get dressed for a day of work. She opened her panty drawer but found herself moving the plain cotton panties to the side in favor of something a little more sexy. Charlotte lifted up the little pair of satin panties and inspected them. They were red with a black little bow in the front. She felt sexier just touching them. Charlotte dropped the towel and put the little pair of panties on one leg at a time.

She got dressed and listened by Dustin’s door. Charlotte carefully opened the door and checked to see that Dustin was still sleeping. She had the urge to go in and have a talk. Charlotte was having a lot of urges lately.

The day went by fast. She felt very confident in the little satin panties all day long, like she was guarding a secret. Charlotte managed to finish the paperwork on another house sale. She was really feeling good about herself. She got home and checked on Dustin. She stood by the door and watched him so focused on the television. She couldn’t face him. Charlotte went to the hall closet and pulled out a bottle of wine. She uncorked it and poured herself a glass. I earned it she thought. She sat alone at the kitchen table and ended up nursing the bottle. Charlotte realized she hadn’t even changed out of her work clothes yet.

She went to her room and pulled out a tight top and a pair of shorts. Charlotte carefully unbuttoned her blouse and lifted herself out of each arm. She stood in front of the mirror and checked the view out in the mirror. Her big breasts hung high in the bra. She unclasped the back of the bra and freed the mammoth titties. She unzipped the slacks and pulled them off. Charlotte pulled off the pretty panties last. Her nipples hardened. She reached up with the panties in hand and tweaked the bloated nipple. The soft material felt good against her breasts. She squeezed her big titties and moaned quietly to herself. Charlotte remembered dinner again and got herself together, putting on the tight top and shorts. She tucked the satin panties in her shorts. Charlotte smiled at the sight of her giant breasts in the little top.

Charlotte fixed a simple meal just big enough for her and Dustin. She walked past the hamper and opened it. She balanced the plate in one hand and pulled out the little pair of panties from her shorts. Charlotte smiled at them and dropped them in the hamper, closing it and continuing on to Dustin’s room.

She walked into his room. Dustin was laying in bed in the same position he was in this morning she thought. She sat next to him on the bed and offered him the plate of food. He looked up at her, the tight top catching his eyes. He couldn’t look away from the cleavage tightly confined in the little top. Charlotte giggled at him nervously and put her hand on his shoulder. “Are you okay, honey?”

He didn’t respond to her but didn’t take his eyes off her boobs either. She set the food down. Her fingers gently prodded Dustin’s shoulders.” Alright.. so I’ll leave you to eat.” Charlotte got up and headed out of the room. She looked back at Dustin, “I left something special for you in the hamper.”

Charlotte closed Dustin’s door and felt such an excitement between her legs that she nearly buckled over. She had just told her son about her dirty panties in the hamper with the expectation that he would take him. This is so exciting she thought, and more than a little scary. She ran off to her bedroom and jumped onto the bed. Charlotte peeled off the tight shorts and went to work on her pussy. Her fingers grazed over the puffy pink lips of her pussy. She rubbed them and slipped one finger into her tight hole. She popped another finger into her wet pussy. Her fingers fucked in and out of her pussy. Charlotte moaned and rubbed her clit. Just then she heard Dustin’s door open. Dustin walked past her room and then went back to his room.

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