Mom Finds Her Panties

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Charlotte Miller hurried around the kitchen. She pulled out all the ingredients to make a delicious homemade sandwich for her son, Dustin. Charlotte methodically put the bread down, added turkey meat and spread mayonnaise across the tasty sandwich. She grabbed a few pieces of lettuce and tossed them onto her creation. She grabbed the knife from the bright marble counter and expertly cut the crust off her son’s sandwich. Her soft hands clutched the knife to split the sandwich in two.

Charlotte kept her home perfect. Every surface was clean and all the pictures were set on the wall straight. She was a prim and proper professional woman. Charlotte had to bring home the bread when Dustin’s father left them both high and dry. Charlotte didn’t have the luxury to grieve over the son of a bitch husband leaving them both with nothing. She had to take care of Dustin. She had to hold back the tears and find a job to support them both. Charlotte worked her way through college and got a better job with her degree. She always made sure there was food on the table for Dustin and now she was a well paid real estate saleswoman.

Charlotte was a small woman with long blond hair. She was by all accounts a very beautiful woman with feminine curves most girls would kill for. Her giants breasts almost broke through the material of any blouse. Her skin was soft and smooth. Charlotte always took care of herself. Which made Dustin’s recent behavior all the more troubling. She couldn’t understand why her handsome young man wouldn’t even leave the house anymore. He graduated high school and then locked himself up in his room. The summer was almost over and despite Charlotte’s urging, he hadn’t looked into any colleges. She tried everything over the course of these last few months.

Charlotte offered to take him anywhere for vacation, she tried endlessly to convince him to focus on anything but laying around his room all day sulking. She even pushed him to go in for a psychological evaluation, Dustin told her he’d lock himself in his room and not even let her in if she pushed that again. Charlotte didn’t want to make a bad situation worse. This wasn’t even the worst part of it. The most troubling thing was that Dustin wasn’t happy. He even threatened suicide when he was angry. All of this weighed heavily on her mind as she lifted the plate off the counter and headed to her son’s room.

Charlotte opened the door and was immediately accosted by the violent noise coming from Dustin’s television. She walked across the messy bedroom and barely made out the image of her dear boy, Dustin, under his cover. “How can you stand it in here? The TV is so loud!” Charlotte exclaimed while fumbling with the buttons on the television, turning the volume down. Dustin didn’t answer. He was becoming less and less responsive. Charlotte’s mood softened as she tentatively sat down on his bed. She just couldn’t understand why such a handsome virile man wasn’t out partying all night like other young men did. Dustin was tall and lean. It was surprising how fit he was considering he never seemed to do anything but lay around.

He didn’t even move for the plate of food in his mother’s hand. She set it down on the bed between both of them. Dustin’s entire body was still covered by the blanket. She could see his eyes were fixed on the television screen. Her heart broke for her only son. Why did things have to be this way? Why couldn’t they talk about it? Her little hand reached out to her son. She gently caressed his cheek. He quickly flicked her hand away. His head turned and he took in the sight of his mother’s thin summer dress. She was oblivious to his leering eyes. It was impossible not to look with her giant titflesh pushing against the dress. Her nipples poked out. She rarely wore a bra around the house.

“Do you need anything honey?” She asked sweetly.

He grunted a no.

Charlotte reached for her son again. She touched him so softly. Her warm hands moved across his forehead, “It’s such a nice day. Maybe we could go for a walk Dustin?” The room was silent. Dustin’s attention was back on the television. Charlotte’s eyes welled up. Charlotte wanted to spend time with Dustin. She wanted to cradle him in her arms like she had when he was a happy little baby boy. “I love you Dustin.” He didn’t answer. She waited a minute before standing up slowly and walking out of the room.

She ran to the kitchen and turned on the sink. Her mind was running wild. I can’t just do nothing she thought. She had to keep trying until something broke through with him. She cupped the cold water from the sink in her tiny hands and washed her tears away. The cool water soothed her. Charlotte dried off her face with a pretty pink hand towel and sat down at the kitchen table. She thought about the predicament for a long time.

Dustin finally got out of bed and grabbed a towel. He left his bedroom and started the shower in the bathroom.

Charlotte heard Dustin leave his room and had an idea. She thought, if I can change his surroundings maybe his attitude could change too. She decided to take it one step at a time. Charlotte got up from the kitchen and quietly made her way to Dustin’s room. Something as simple as just cleaning up his messy room could help.. she hoped.

She took great pains to open his room as silently as possible. Charlotte didn’t want Dustin getting any idea of what was happening while he was in the shower. She looked around the room for a minute. Charlotte sure had her work cut out for her and not much time. She reorganized his closet, separated his clean clothes from dirty clothes and cleaned the dust from the television. This room is starting to look presentable she thought. The last task was Dustin’s bed.

She left his room and waited at the door of the bathroom, good she thought, the shower is still running. Charlotte opened up the linen closet and took out a clean bedspread and pillowcase. Again as she went past the the bathroom and carefully listened at the door. Charlotte got back in Dustin’s room and put down the clean bedspread and pillowcase on the bed. She lifted up the cover and moved it over to a chair. Charlotte picked up Dustin’s pillow and a pair of plain cotton panties fell out of it. She jumped back in surprise. “What the hell!” She said out loud to no one. Charlotte looked closer at the panties and realized those were hers. She had put them in the hamper yesterday.

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