Milk My Full Breasts, Please

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When my husband saw me he almost gasped and said, “You look positively obscene, just look at your tits … the way they move as you walk – and your nipples! They are enormous, fucking hell!”

There was a knock on the front door. It would be our neighbour.

“You go,” I was instructed.

I opened the door and with my neighbour was another, younger guy.

“You look amazing,” he said, “Oh and this is my kid brother. Hope you don’t mind, but I told him all about you.”

We went into the living room and the introductions were made. I think they were surprised by my husband being there and also by what I was wearing.

It was a bit awkward at first, but I knew why they had accepted my invitation. They wanted to milk my tits and this was I wanted too.

I made some coffee and as I bent over to put the cups down my breasts were virtually spilling out. They felt so sensitive.

“Milk?” I asked.

“Please,” they both answered together.

The atmosphere was electric, you could feel the tension in the air.

I perched myself onto the sideboard and as I did so I slowly undid the buttons on my top. My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding as I let the garment slip off my shoulders. I looked at my husband who just smiled and licked his lips.

I was now naked to the waist and I stretched my arms upwards and clasped my hands behind my head. This pushed my tits out further. They felt so tight and full and my nipples tingled with anticipation.

“Help yourself,” I said.

The two brothers looked at each other and I could see the lust in their eyes. It was an unbelievable feeling. They both stood up and made their way towards me. I cupped each breast with a hand and offered them to my guests. I looked down and could see that milk was now seeping out from each nipple.

My neighbour was first to react and bent his head to lick my right nipple and when he made contact I groaned out loud with desire. His brother then went to my left nipple and straight away started to suck. I felt my milk fill his mouth. I closed my eyes in sheer ecstasy and when I opened them I saw my husband taking a photo of the two guys sucking on my tits. This made my vagina quiver with excitement. I had never felt so sexy, so desirable. There were three men all wanting and lusting after my breasts.

“Take your skirt off,” ordered my husband in a croaky, dry voice. He may have been dry but I certainly wasn’t.

The two men stepped back and as I looked down I could see my nipples elongated like two rubber pipes. They were running with milk which dripped onto my skirt. I stood up and undid the skirt zip.

The garment fell to the ground and I was left with just my tiny g-string which was moist and sticking to my pussy. I sat again on the sideboard with my bottom on the edge. My legs were apart and my vagina thrust forward wanting to be touched.

Milk continued to flow onto my now naked tummy, trickling downwards towards my hungry cunt.

Hands were on my tits, and pulling on my nipples. I couldn’t take any more. I wanted to be milked properly, on all fours. I moved from the sideboard and onto the floor my tits hanging downwards like two udders. My husband had got a big towel for me to kneel on and a bowl to collect the milk.

My neighbour began to milk my nipples, squeezing them and pulling downwards to make my milk flow fast. I could hear the fluid hitting and splashing into the bowl.

The brother was undoing his trousers and I began to get slightly frightened at what my husband might say, but he just nodded his approval and took more photos.

The brother’s erect cock was free and he was offering it to my mouth. I don’t normally like oral sex but now I sucked it between my lips like a porn star. I could taste the plentiful pre-cum, my mouth was wet and I sucked harder, loving the feeling.

All the while I was being milked but my neighbour was now releasing his cock and was undoing my drenched g-string to expose my soft centre. He moved behind my bottom, his penis was hard I could feel it nuzzle at my clit before finding its way deep inside my gaping cunt.

I was at a stage of wanting and lust that knew no bounds. I wanted everything possible. My mouth was full, my tits were flowing with milk, and my pussy was clenching on a cock. Then my neighbour thrust his thumb into my virginal rosebud.

This sent me over the top. I couldn’t shout out as my mouth was full but I made and animalistic grunt and felt my body lose control. The tingling and sensations in my stomach flooded everywhere – to my breasts, my mouth, my legs and finally to my cunt. I grunted again and exploded with orgasm, my whole being was shaking, my mouth was running with saliva and pre-cum and my cunt contracted as my hot juices began to flow.

Then it happened. My mouth was filling with spunk, spurt after spurt. There was too much to swallow and white cream was running down my chin. My neighbours cock began to pump inside me. His sperm mixing with my cum. I was running with milk. I screamed out to God, the Universe and anyone who could hear me. I couldn’t stop my orgasms. Over and over spasms shot through me, tears were flowing from my eyes. I’d never known anything like this, and never believed such emotions and feelings existed.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”, I shouted my tongue dripping with cum.

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