Milk My Full Breasts, Please

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This is about an experience of one of my work colleagues and is in her own words – with a little literary licence!

Since my baby was born eight months ago my sex life has taken a turn for the worse. My husband doesn’t seem very interested, other than an occasional quickie, which leaves me feeling low, not wanted and sexually frustrated.

I have worked hard to get myself back in shape and I think I have succeeded very well. The only difference in my body, compared to pre-pregnancy, is the fact that my breasts are much larger and full of milk. I am still breast feeding my baby once a day.

The only problem is that I have a surplus of milk and have to express some daily. To me, though, my tits look fantastic. They are large, firm and my nipples are huge and always look swollen and erect. It turns me on no end and they feel extra sensitive and sensual. My husband, however, doesn’t seem to like them for some reason and moans at me when my nipples poke through my clothes. He thinks it looks disgusting. I think it looks hot and so very sexy.

Anyway, there I was feeling frustrated when my next door neighbour called on me one morning. He’s a decent bloke and, while we chatted, I couldn’t help but notice that he was fascinated by my breasts. He seemed unable to keep his eyes off them. I suppose I couldn’t really blame him as my nipples were firm and showing through my thin t-shirt..

I also hadn’t realised that my nipples were slightly leaking milk and there were two damp patches on my t-shirt. When I glanced down I eventually saw this and felt embarrassed. I mumbled something about having too much milk. He looked at me and said, “Lucky baby.”

At this moment my baby started to cry so I had to see to her and I said goodbye to my neighbour.

I soon settled my baby, which was just as well, as I was in a state of confusion as to how I felt. I felt so – so damn sexy that’s what.

I went to change my damp t-shirt and looked into the mirror as I did so. I unhooked my bra and felt so horny as I saw my breasts. The nipples seemed enormous and were sticking out like small pipes. I touched them lightly and shuddered with pleasure and began to massage my breasts. Milk was, by now, leaking from my nipples and running over my tits. I kept on playing and pulling on my nipples and tits, my hands wet with milk until suddenly I groaned and shuddered to a mighty orgasm.

I felt I wanted, no needed, more and pushed one hand down my skirt and into my panties. I couldn’t believe how lubricated I was and circled my clit with a finger. My other hand was still on one breast and I was unable to determine from what source all of the pleasure was coming from. My tits and cunt seemed to be linked by electricity and a great feeling of exotic pleasure was welling up in my tummy.

I couldn’t stop myself from pulling on my nipples and manipulating my clit and suddenly I erupted inside with orgasm and my panties were being drenched with my cum and juices. I was crying out, moaning and groaning as I came a second time and wanted it all to end. I couldn’t take any more. I was completely spent but my cunt pulsated and once more I came. I was leaking from my tits and my pussy.

Eventually I calmed down, showered and expressed what was left of my milk from my breasts.

That night I tried to talk about our sex life with my husband. He wasn’t really interested in listening and made some stupid remark about how I was a ‘naughty mummy’ to be thinking about such things.

The following day I was feeling very neglected and frustrated. After I had put my baby in her cot for an afternoon nap I changed into a tight top and left my bra off. I also put on a brief thong and a short skirt. I liked what I saw in the mirror, My breasts looked massive against my slim waist and my nipples were firm.

On a sudden impulse I phoned my neighbour and asked if he wanted a coffee. I know I was asking for trouble but I wanted to be admired as a sexy woman not a mother.

He was soon at the door, and the coffee was ready.

“Milk?” I asked innocently.

“Definitely,” he answered, “Just squeeze some in.”

I was flushed by his comment, especially as he was staring at my tits. I was breathing heavy which made my breasts puff out even more.

“You still have plenty of milk then?” he said.

“Yes, too much,” I mumbled.

The more he looked at me, the more excited I got and, of course, milk started to leak from engorged nipples.

“Can I see?” he asked, “Can I see your milk? Please.”

I didn’t know what to do. I really wanted him to look at me and perhaps touch me as well.

“Please,” he said again.

I took a deep breath and lifted my tight top so that it rested above my tits.

“Jee-sus,” he exclaimed, “You look amazing, such beautiful breasts.”

He walked over to me and his hands reached out to cup my heavy tits. When he touched me a shot of electricity seemed to shoot through my body.

“What does it taste like?” he asked.

In a very weak voice I said, “Try some.”

His lips touched my left nipple and he gently sucked. God, it felt so good. This man wanted me.

“Lovely,” he muttered, his mouth now tighter on my nipple as if he was trying to devour my whole breast into his mouth.

“Kneel down,” he ordered, “and I’ll milk you.”

He pulled my top over my head and was undoing my skirt until I was standing wearing only my small thong.

“Kneel,” he said again.

I don’t know why but I did as he wished and was kneeling like a dog – or was I a cow waiting to be milked. He put a bowl under my chest and started to pull on my nipples with his fingers. My milk started to flow into the bowl. I couldn’t believe I was letting him do this but somehow I couldn’t stop him. He kept saying how beautiful I was and I loved it.

One of his hands moved to my bottom and he began to feel and squeeze me, his other hand still on my nipples. He pulled on my thong until it was down between my thighs. I was now exposed to him, to do with as he wished.

Fingers moved between my buttocks and made their way to my cunt and slipped inside. He was still pulling my nipples each in turn. The pleasure was unbelievable and I tried to squeeze my legs together so I wouldn’t cum.

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