Midnight Stroke

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Oh, I’m so tired, what a trip home”.

These were not the kind of words I wanted to hear as she walked into the house.

“There was stop and go traffic through the construction area, then some asshole cut me off and gave me the finger. What’s for dinner babe”?

I decided to try and help the situation out.

“Look, get into the whirlpool, have a glass of wine and relax. You’ve earned it. I’m making chicken and walnuts”

She agreed to my plan, went upstairs and I heard the bedroom door close. I had been hoping for a quiet romantic evening, not one that was fucked up by the outside world before she even got home.

I hate when that happens. I can create a relaxing sensuous environment, but you’ve got to be open to it. The bottom line is, we hadn’t made love in weeks and I was getting weird about it. I thought about her during the day, I had an erection five times today just from thinking about her. She is still so hot to look at. I agree, my imagination can get carried away, but I’m nuts about her. She likes sex sometimes, but can also live without it. I can’t.

I put the chicken in the oven, and the water for the pasta on low. I filled a glass with her favorite white Zin, and headed for the bathroom. I heard the whirlpool and knocked on the door.

” Room service” I called out.

“Entre’ ” she said, and I entered. The room was warm and steamy from the bath. All the jets were on full blast and she was lying back on the inflatable pillow. She extended a wet hand for the wine, smiled and took a sip.

“ Mmmm thanks babe” she said and laid back into the pillow, water jetting and bubbling all around her. Her breasts were submerged, but her nipples poked above the water. Her eyes were closed as she lay back and enjoyed the pulsing of the jets. I felt the familiar swelling in my penis, for the sixth time today, and turned to tend to my chicken and pasta.. “Thanks” she called after me.

“You’re welcome ma’am” I said and left her there to soak the day away.

Later on, as I was clearing the dishes she said again, “that was good babe, thanks”.

“I’m glad you liked it” I said “I know you had a long day, but I hope you feel better now”.

“I do, but I want to get to sleep early. I’m sorry babe; I know you had other plans but I’m just so tired. I wouldn’t be any fun”

I figured that the hot bath, the wine and food might all work against my self-interest, but she deserved it and I was glad to be a part of her recovery. She went upstairs and after turning the dishwasher on, I followed. I had been fantasizing all day, I needed relief, but it looked like it wasn’t going to be with her. I put on pajama shorts, slid into bed next to her and turned out the light. She smelled fresh from her bath; her skin was soft and smooth as I touched her arm.

“Good night” she said without turning to me and was quickly asleep.

I lay there for a long time before deciding that I couldn’t wait another day or week, or however long until she felt like it again. Her breathing was that of a deep sleep, and her warmth and her scent were arousing me to hardness again. I knew that I had to ejaculate soon or go insane.

I slipped my hand down to the bulge in my shorts. My penis began to thicken and rise. I stroked my chest lightly, as I knew she would do if she were awake, lightly scraping my nipples to hardness. I opened the snap fly in my jammies and my penis sprung out, It throbbed in the cool air and stretched to it’s full length., the hot tip resting on my navel. Now I wanted to cum. I used both hands to stroke my nipples with closed eyes, my mind imagining her beasts swaying above me as her tongue licked my nipples.

My hand stroked my cock slowly from the tip to my ball sack. I shave my balls, and the trunk of my penis. I keep my pubes trimmed short. The overall effect is that my cock looks bigger and thicker than it really is. My right hand stroked my hardness while my left hand cradled my balls. After a few seconds I went back to my nipples with my fingertips. My cock jerked as I did so.

I was into my jerk now and didn’t want to stop. I felt her weight shift on the bed and froze. I didn’t know how I would explain why my erection was in my hand and my jammies around my ankles.

As she quieted, and her sleep sounds resumed, I continued my stroking. Up the underside lightly, around the tip, down the upperside. Stroke each nipple lightly with my nails. And back again, lightly, gently. Precum began to drip and I spread it on my cock head. Now I was getting into it, my penis got hotter to my touch. My eyes shut tight, I began to stroke, remembering that there was a box of tissues on my night table. As I stroked, all of a sudden I felt fingernails stroking my nipples. I opened my eyes, and she was there kneeling next to me. I don’t know how long she was there quietly watching.

“Keep going babe, you look like you are so into it, I want to watch you, and I want to see you cum”

My heart began to pound. I froze there.

“I know it’s been a while I want to help, what would you like me to do”? she whispered.

“Just watch me; watch me jerk my cock. I am imagining your mouth on me, and my mouth on your cunt.”

She looked into my eyes and in a swift movement, she pulled her nightgown over her head. Her breasts swung free, her nipples hard as rocks. She reached down and stroked my nipples with her fingernails, then bent to suck on the right one. Her hand slid down my stomach to where my hand was wrapped around the base of my cock.

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