Maid to Fuck

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“I guess you’re wondering what’s going on?” Dad asked and now he was standing right in front of me.
“You’re fucking around on mom. I can see that.” Some of my anger had returned.
“I could see why you would think that, but your mom knows Rosa and I are together. She suggested I leave work early and come home and get my shave this afternoon because Rosa has your mom and a couple of others to shave tonight.” Now I looked at dad like he had two heads and he smiled and told me he would explain everything to me. “I could tell you now and break the mood, or Rosa here can take care of your obvious problem right now.” I saw my dad looking at my crotch and the outline of my erection was pretty obvious. I didn’t answer and I guess they took my silence as a yes.

Rosa got up from the chair and walked up to me and leaned over to kiss me. At the last moment I realized the girl had just been eating my dad’s ass and I turned away. My father seemed to chuckle and stood there and watched Rosa help me off with my shirt and then kneel in front of me and start working on my pants. She pulled my pants and underwear halfway down my thighs in one motion and my cock sprang forward and hit her in the forehead, once again that seemed to illicit a chuckle from my father.

She licked my balls and told me she would shave them later like my father’s but I really didn’t care at that point. Her mouth on them was enough for me to digest. She worked on my balls for a few minutes and then she slid her mouth up my shaft and started to flick her tongue over the head. A big drop of pre cum appeared which she quickly gobbled up. My father was still standing there next to me slowly stroking his fat dick, watching Rosa suck me. “Her mouth’s worth a million bucks” dad said looking at her almost like a proud father. She turned and leaned towards him and took his cock in her mouth. She stroked mine while she sucked up and down on his shaft a few times before going back towards mine. When she took all of me into her mouth and throat I exploded, I tried to warn her and pull away but she kept her mouth locked on me and didn’t stop sucking until I stopped shooting. She released my cock and it made a popping noise and she licked up the jism around her lips and looked at my dad and said it was going to be a really great weekend.

Dad helped her to her feet while I stood there still a little shocked by how good that felt and that my father had just watched me get a blowjob. They made there way over to the desk and dad leaned Rosa over and slid his cock in from behind. I watched them fucking like that for a while, I’m not sure how long but my cock was as hard as a rock again. Dad fucked Rosa really hard and she was moaning and saying stuff in Spanish while she came. Then sweaty and nearly breathless, she motioned me over. I stood next to her thinking I was going to get another amazing blowjob but my dad stepped away and invited me to fuck her. His cock was so red and so much thicker then it was before. I was truly amazed at how fat his cock was. He was also dripping with Rosa’s pussy juice and as I stepped in to fuck her she stopped me and lie on her back over the desk. With her head reaching the other side it allowed my father to feed his cock into her hungry mouth.

Dad grabbed a hold of her tits, which were bouncing now that my cock was in her and I was pumping away. Her pussy was so wet that it didn’t feel that tight and I was glad because I had already cum too fast the first time. I wanted this fuck to last until I could make her reach another orgasm. My hands were on her hips now for leverage and I was really fucking her as hard as I ever fucked any one (that’s not saying much, I know) but it did the trick and right after my father jerked his cum all over tits, she started having another orgasm and this time she was screaming at me in Spanish. When her body stopped rocking I buried my cock in her balls deep and unleashed my second load of the day. I couldn’t see it but it felt like it was even more cum then she had swallowed earlier. The three of stopped now; all covered in sweat and the little office smelling like cum and hot pussy (a good smell, mind you). Dad went over to the couch on the other side of the room and motioned me over. I walked to him, my dick was literally dripping as I sat on the blanket on the couch, not five feet from my dad.

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