Maid to Fuck

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She stopped using the vibrator and she got a strange look on her face. She told me to stand up. I reluctantly moved her leg away and stood. The outline of my cock was clearly visible pressed up against my shorts and there was a wet spot at the head from my pre cum. “If I could see this,” she touched me right next to my cock but didn’t touch it directly. “Then I guess you could see my titties.” She smiled but I suddenly became very nervous. No one had ever seen my cock before. I mean my mom did when I was a little boy and stuff but no one had seen it since it grew hair. “Don’t be shy,” she said and this time she tried to pull the front of my shorts down but I pulled away.

We stayed like that for a few seconds but it felt like hours. I guess it was a good thing I felt so nervous because it took me a few steps back from the brink, which is where I was a minute or two ago. I put my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down. I turned away from my sister before I actually exposed my cock but she reached out and turned me around so I was facing her.
“Wow, I may have to stop calling you my little brother. That’s pretty impressive Matty. I know a few of my friends wouldn’t mind playing with it.” I felt a surge of pride at my sister’s approval of my cock. She sat up and for a second I thought she was going to touch it, I prayed she would grab it for me and stroke it until I came, but she didn’t. She continued to size me up.
“It’s perfect for a good ass fucking. It’s definitely nice and long but not too thick. Have you measured it?” I nodded yes; I had been measuring it since I was 14. “How big is it?”
I cleared my throat. “Just about seven” I managed and she smiled.
“You should think about shaving your balls, they’re really hairy. A girl likes smooth balls under her tongue. I mean I love when a guy shaves his balls and the area just above his cock. I can’t help but suck it for hours and hours.”

Dana pulled her t-shirt off and sat back against the headboard in just her panties now. My cock started to twitch at the sight of her naked tits. They were amazing, not as big as moms but close and her pink nipples were so long. My hand reached out but she gently smacked it aside; “Hey hotshot, I’m still your sister.” Man, I wished she wasn’t at that very moment.

She pulled and pinched and twisted her nipples for me and all I could do was reach down and squeeze my own balls. I knew that as soon as I started stroking my cock I would explode. I didn’t want this to end, whatever this was. Dana turned the pink vibrator back on and rubbed it over her pussy again. Her legs were spread much wider this time and I could see the outline of her pussy and the wet spot was all over now. After a few minutes she was beginning to sweat, I could see the moisture on her tits and her upper lip. I held my cock, allowing a stroke every so often but I was so close. Then she slipped the dildo into her panties. I saw some dark hairs as the material of her panties pushed down. She started to really moan now and then she was telling me she was cumming. She was cursing and humping the dildo. “Oh fuck yeah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Oh fuck I need a cock! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” and she reached out and grabbed my cock.

My first blast of cum shot over her body entirely and landed on the bed next to her head. The second shot landed in her hair and then she kept pulling on me but she pointed my cock at her tits and I just kept pumping out ropes of cum until my knees were weak and her tits were covered. She sat back and closed her eyes. I fell on the bed next to her. I swear I thought I was going to faint.

I walked out of that room that day and we never spoke of it again. Dana would get mad at me if I ever tried to bring it up and several times I asked her if I could see her tits again and she practically screamed at me. I let it go after a while and chalked it up to one of those amazing things that could only happen once. It was all part of my awakening, like I said. Write me if similar things happened to anyone. I considered it normal and in talking to some of my friends who had sisters, it wasn’t unusual to try and steal glances of them naked or semi naked and stuff. None of these friends ever admitted to what I had done but I never admitted it to anyone either, it was a secret. I wondered how many of them had similar secrets.

So that brings me to what happened five weeks ago on my first visit home from college.
It was the Jewish Holidays and although not Jewish many of my professors were so we were given the rest of the day off that Friday, after our morning classes. I skipped out of there happy to be getting home because I was feeling a little homesick. I really did miss my mom and my dad and my own bed. I was on the road by noon and heading for home. The traffic was starting to get bad early because of the holiday and it took me a little longer then usual to get home. Still, my parents weren’t expecting me until the next morning so I knew they would be happy to have me home a day early.
I pulled into the driveway and it was almost 3 o’clock. I was tired from the drive and had to piss like a racehorse. I paid no attention to the black Mercedes in the driveway (my dad’s car) and walked quickly into the house and to the first floor bathroom. My piss felt like heaven from holding it so long. I flushed and looked around the first floor for any signs of life. I expected to find Rosa somewhere in the house. She was the maid my parents hired recently (last May) to help around the house since mom went back to working full time. I found nothing on the first floor and made my way upstairs to my room. I stopped at the top of the stairs.

I heard my father’s voice. He didn’t sound like he normally did, he was grunting a little and I figured my parents were home early for an afternoon fuck. Being the horny little fucker that I was (and am) I became as quiet as possible while I snuck towards the noise which was coming from the end of the hall which used to be my brother’s room.
“That’s it, lick my asshole you little slut” my father moaned again. Wow, I didn’t think mom was that wild. Then I was at the door and even though the female voice I heard wasn’t talking as much as grunting, I could tell it wasn’t mom. Who the fuck was dad fucking?

I was standing in the door now and I knew my jaw dropped to the floor. Dad was in his high-back leather chair but he wasn’t sitting. Instead he was kneeling with his ass facing the door (me) but in between us was Rosa. She was naked also and on her knees with her head buried in my dad’s ass. She was licking out his asshole. I had heard guys at school say you could tell a real slut if she licks your ass while she’s giving you head. If this was true then Rosa was a slut because she was really going at my father’s ass.

I stepped into the room and was going to protest about my father fucking around on my mom but not before I got a better look at Rosa’s ass which was sticking up in the air. When I met Rosa during her first day working for us, I wanted to fuck her right then. She was only a few years older then Dana and myself (I think she said she was 25) and she was from Mexico. She had perfect olive skin that looked really smooth and dark, almond eyes. Her lips were full and pouted even though she wore no lipstick. She was a few pounds heavy, by that I mean she was plump. Not fat in any way mind you, she just wasn’t your typical skinny, weight-obsessed woman. Her tits swelled under the sweater she was wearing that day and later when she began cleaning and sweating, she was wearing only a t-shirt. Her hips were wide but not in a bad way and her ass was very J-Lo.

Now here was that ass, every bit as hot as I imagined while jerking off that first night. I was seeing more though. True, I couldn’t really see her tits that clearly although they were rocking back and forth as she serviced dad’s ass. I could see her pussy though framed by those ass cheeks, which as it turns out were absolutely perfect. She was completely shaved and the puffy outer part of her pussy was dark like her skin but the slight peek I got at the flesh inside was pink and it looked wet. My cock was hard despite my initial anger at dad cheating on mom. I was hypnotized by Rosa’s ass and nearly had a heart attack when I heard dad; “Jeez Matt, what the hell are you doing home early?” I could also hear a surprised gasp from Rosa and now my dad was getting off the chair and turning towards me.

That was odd, seeing my father with an erection. He had a pretty big cock too. I mean, he wasn’t long like I am but he was really thick and it looked like a beer can pointing straight out with a huge mushroom top. He was wet, obviously from Rosa’s spit and the absolute weirdest part was that he was completely hairless below his waist. Not his legs, I mean if he was wearing briefs the parts the briefs covered with smooth and hairless. Rosa was sitting in the chair now and she too was hairless down below. I also got my first glimpse of her titties. They were big and looked so soft hanging there. The nipples were dark brown and wrinkled all around and they were pointing out like two thumbs.

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