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My name is Matt and I want to share something that has happened over the past 5 weeks that has totally changed my life. I went away to school. Now, being away at college hasn’t changed my life, it’s what happened the first weekend I came home that has changed me completely.

I’m the youngest of 3 and the last to go away to school. My oldest brother is 25 and recently married and living about 100 miles away. My sister Dana still lives at school with me but she’s attending school in Florida and we live in Westchester so she’s only home several weekends a year. I attend a University on Long Island that is two hours away. My dad does well with his job so it wasn’t an issue for me to move in on campus at the start of my freshman year.

Until recently I guess I lacked any sexual experience to speak of. I was a late bloomer and it wasn’t until I was 16 that I grew from a shrimp (5’3”) into a tall young man (6’0”) all in a year and a half. I finally got a steady girlfriend towards the end of my senior year and lost my virginity on my prom night. It was a great experience but I knew there were a lot of things we didn’t do. I also learned from the showers here in college that my cock, while not the thickest seemed longer then many of the guys my age. My sister saw it a couple of years ago and she told me it was very nice as did the girl I fucked on prom night but it felt better having the validation of seeing so for myself.

I guess our household wasn’t that different than many others growing up. There was definitely a certain amount of sexuality in the air and several things had happened that I always considered Norman. I have only discussed these things amongst my family members so I have no real outside input in these matters. Certain experiences stick out in my mind and you, the readers are the first outside of my family circle to hear about them. If similar experiences happened to any of the readers, please feel free to send me feedback (feel free anyway).

One was having an older brother who was very popular with the girls. I would listen in to my brother fucking in the attic with one girl or another. He even let me watch him fuck a girl a few months before he got married (no, I didn’t watch him fuck his future wife) and he encouraged me to go ahead and “jerk it off” while I watched. I did and the experience was very rewarding for me. In fact, it’s what I saw that night that clued me in to all the things I didn’t get to do on my prom night. I didn’t get a blowjob or I didn’t get to eat pussy or do the several positions that I had seen Adam do to that girl. Still, it fueled many jerk off sessions that followed until the experience I had during last year, which happened a month or so before my prom.

This time it was Dana who let me share something with her. By now my mom had gone back to work after staying home to raise us until I was 16. I had always had certain sexual feelings towards my mom. They were just a curiosity and I never really thought I would ever touch my mom. I just admired her good looks and the fact she looked younger and prettier then any of the moms I had known growing up. I also saw her topless once (she never knew) and she has beautiful breasts that are large and firm and sexy as hell. I also noticed, as I got older and it was just me in the house, mom and dad were less careful about being quiet when they fucked. I got to overhear that several times from the hallway. Yes, it made me hard and yes I almost always took out my cock and jerked it off while I listened.

Then the experience with Dana took place. I liked to sleep late and on this morning there were no exceptions. I woke close to noon and heard noise coming from my parent’s room. I was curious of course, knowing that my parents were supposed to be at work. I stopped in the hall just outside the door and heard Dana’s voice on the phone. She was talking to someone about something she had found in my parent’s bedroom.
“I’m telling you, it’s two headed. It’s like that one Sherry has. The one her and Beth use on each other.” There was a pause because I could only hear one end of the conversation.
“There are a few things in here…” Another pause. I dropped to the floor and peeked into the room and saw Dana sitting on the side of the bed in panties and a t-shirt and she had several colorful things on the bed near her. “This one feels like a real dick. Wow, it’s totally life-like.” More pause, “Whew, this one has working batteries.” I saw my sister holding up a pink thing that looked like a dick with a knob at the base of two tiny, fake balls. “No, I can’t… That’s sick.” I hadn’t realized it until then how hard my cock had become in the shorts I wore to sleep. I rubbed my cock a little but stopped because I didn’t want to cum. “Well, maybe if I do it over my panties.” After Dana said that she sat back against the headboard and spread her legs. I heard a noise, a steady hum and she giggled and told whoever it was on the phone that she wanted every detail of what she did with her boyfriend last night. Curiosity eventually got the better of me.

I tried to see what the buzz was and why my sister was moaning so I moved a little closer and now I was in the doorway. Dana had her legs spread, knees up and was rubbing the fake dick with the knob over her panty-covered pussy. When she saw me I saw the startled look on her face and she closed her legs and whispered something into the phone and hung up.
”Get over here.” She said to me and I wasn’t sure if she was mad or what but I was scared and I stood and walked over to her. She moved all the things she was looking at aside. There were at least a half dozen sex toys but I couldn’t focus just then. She patted the bed and I sat down. I had always gotten along well with Dana and I always thought she was so pretty just like mom. She had the same type of body but I had never been as lucky as I was with mom to see her in any form of undress. She looked at me with an odd grin and then she looked at the tent in my shorts.
“I’m s…so…sorry” I managed to stutter and she smiled even more at me.
“I guess we’re both the curious type.” She said. “I woke up and felt really horny this morning and decided to snoop. Every parent has a secret drawer.” She smiled again and looked down at an open drawer on the side of the bed my mom sleeps on. I had tried those drawers in the past looking for dad’s Playboys but it had always been locked.

“So mom and dad have a secret drawer?” I asked and I began to relax slightly.
“Look at this stuff mom has.” She began to show me each item and handed me several which made my cock swell back up to full mast again as I handled the items and thought of what they were used for. The last thing she handed me was the pink dick she had been playing with and I could feel moisture on its tip. She saw that I felt it and said, “It’s from me… I mean, not mom. I was just.” She stopped and opened her legs and so I could see the matching moisture on her panties.
“I was planning on cumming… you interrupted me.” She smiled and opened her legs wider, resting her right leg over my lap. She took the vibrator (she later explained the difference between a vibrator and a dildo) and began rubbing it over the wet spot in her panties. She moaned a little and I pushed her leg down so that it was pressing against my hard cock. “You were planning on cumming too, weren’t you?” I just nodded and she closed her eyes.

“That was Cindy, you know Cindy right?” I nodded, my eyes transfixed on her hand as it glided the toy over her sex. I was praying she would pull her panties to the side but she seemed content to play through her panties. “Cindy has great tits, doesn’t she? I mean guys are so hot for her big tits. I love playing with them.” I looked up at her face for the first time, I couldn’t hide my surprise that my sister liked playing with her friend’s tits.
“Don’t worry little brother, I’m not a lesbian.” I told her it didn’t matter if she was and she said I was sweet. She started moving her leg, the one that was pressed against my cock and this time it was me who let out a little moan.
“A few of us girls do play with each other though. You know, just touching our breasts” she rubbed hers through her t-shirt and I saw how hard her nipples were.
“Can I see them Dana, please?” I asked not because I was a cool customer but because my rational thought was jaded by what I was looking at.

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