Maid Service, With A Smile

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She eased herself up and almost off my cock, before sliding down again, peeling my foreskin back, wanking me, with her tight pussy. Gradually she took me deeper into her, squeezing me. Then she stopped, savouring the sensations of my cock being buried in her, my balls against her bum, our pubic hair joined as one.

+ She started to move again, sliding up and down my cock, bouncing on me. Gradually her movements became more urgent, more erratic, more demanding, as her need overtook her.

“Now,” she cried out.

I thrust into her hard, driving my cock as deep into her as I could time and time again, meeting the downward movement of her hips. She began to pant, her eyes glistening, her mouth loose with desire. I fucked into her as she drove her cunt down hard to meet me. With a scream she came again, her orgasm seeming to tear through her, a flush rising across her body.

She threw herself on top of me, kissing me to stifle her cries, her pussy pressed down hard against me, my rock hard cock still inside her. Her pussy throbbed and pulsed around me, the heat of her body part of me.

“Fuck me,” she demanded, sitting up again, ” Cum in me.”

I dragged her uniform off her shoulders. Shrugging out of it, she showed me her totally naked body for the first time. I pulled her to me, kissing her, before rolling her away from me, and onto her front. I gazed down at her gorgeous ass for the first time.

She lay on the bed, knowing what I wanted, and wanting the same. I knelt behind her, my wet, hard cock rearing up in front of me. I lay on top of her, sliding my cock between her wet thighs and back inside her pussy. She arched her back as I fucked her, her pussy still incredibly tight around me despite the juices pouring from her with every thrust.

I reached down and caressed her ass, pulling her cheeks slightly apart to expose her puckered little hole. The juices from her pussy had already run between her cheeks. She looked so wet and inviting. Slowing my movements, I pushed a finger into her ass, fucking her gently. She pushed her head into the pillow, stifling her moans as they got louder.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and rested it against her other hole. My cock seemed huge against her tiny rear entrance. I pushed down as she pushed her bum back to meet me, my hand guiding me in. I pushed harder, and suddenly her body gave way and took hold of me, sucking me in. Half my length slid into her velvety hot ass.

She cried out again as I pushed deeper, before pulling out, before thrusting back in, fucking her sweet ass harder and harder. Her cries filled the room. We no longer cared, carried away with our sheer lust, our need. I drove into time and time again, driving her down onto the bed. She pushed her ass up to meet me, her hand sliding down to her cunt, to her clit.

I felt her fingers inside her, rubbing along my cock as I fucked her ass. This drove me over the edge again, and I came. A great gush of spunk powered out of me, deep into her ass. My cock seemed to swell up, and then erupt, over and over again, as my cum filled her. Her bum was still bobbing up and down to meet me as her own orgasm thundered through her.

With a gasp I rolled off her, pulling her to me, both of us totally spent. Maria cuddled up to me, a broad smile on her beautiful face.

“I wanted you the moment I saw you,” she confessed, in her lovely Spanish accent, ” and today I have you.”

She went on to tell me that she had never done this before. I have no idea if it was true, but it made me feel good!

All to soon she kissed me and stood up. She dressed quickly, doing up her uniform, and straightening her tangled hair the best she could with her fingers. I went to kiss her again, but this time she avoided me, starting to quickly tidy around the room. I wrapped a towel around my waist, and went out onto the balcony.

She finished in minutes, and I went back into the room. We seemed awkward together, not quite believing what had happened, not wanting it to end, but knowing it had to. She moved towards the door to leave, but I reached our and held her by the shoulders. She stopped and turned, reaching up to kiss me softly on the lips. She started to move away again, but I pulled her to me, not wanting this so end.

My cock stirred, and I reached for her poppers. I yanked the sides of her uniform apart, reaching for her breasts as she reached for my cock. I pushed her back against the wall, desperate for her. Her body was still flushed from our earlier sex. I held her to me, and she reached down and guided me between her wet thighs, and into her. Her hot, wet pussy enveloped me, sucking me into her.

I drove deep into her as she hooked one leg over my hip, opening herself to me. She clung onto me, her breasts pressing into me, her lips on mine, her tongue fucking my mouth. We fucked frantically, knowing that time was short, driven on by our need.

As she came she cried out in Spanish, biting my shoulder to stifle her screams. I pumped into her, prolonging her ecstasy and agony, and building mine. When I came, she squeezed her pussy tight around me, milking my cock for every jet of cum I could pump into her. We sagged against each other, breathing heavily.

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