Maid Service, With A Smile

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She rolled onto her back, allowing me better access. Her breasts were delectable – full and firm, her nipples small and dark. I kissed her again as I reached down to undo the remaining poppers. I pushed apart the two sides of her uniform and looked down at her – she was naked underneath, her body tanned a gorgeous dusky brown, without a white mark to be seen.

I cupped a breast in my hand feeling its firmness, its size. Her breasts looked perfectly rounded, her erect nipples slightly conical, slightly tilted upwards. I ran my fingers over her nipple, feeling it twitch and pucker, feeling it become even more erect. I leant over and sucked a perfect nipple into my mouth.

She sighed – a long drawn out sensual sigh. I ran my hand over her flat tummy, past her perfectly formed navel, down to her pussy mound. I stroked her silky black hair. She moaned as my fingertip found her prominent clit, feeling her wetness, her desire. I rubbed her clit gently, all the time sucking on her nipple, on her breast.

Easing my mouth away from her breasts, I move slowly down her body, kissing her, tasting her. I started at her breasts, before nibbling gently along the line of her rib cage. I moved over her belly, kissing her, licking her, poking my tongue into her navel. I kissed my way down to her pussy, kissing all over her pubic mound, but not touching her hot, wet slit.

I moved off the end of the bed to kneel between her legs. Now she moved her knees, exposing more fully the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Her black hair was cut short, and ended at the top of her slit, leaving her wetness open to me. Her dark skin deepened to a reddy colour towards her slit, but her clit and inner lips both showed up, very pink and wet.

I planted a soft kiss on her clit, and felt her push up towards me as a moan escaped her lips. I pulled back slightly and turned to kiss the soft skin on the inside of her thighs. I looked at her as I did so, teasing her as she had teased me. I kissed up and down each thigh, soft kisses, before kissing her clit again, this time harder.

I massaged her with my tongue in a slow circular motion, before running my tongue downwards, past her pussy, to her small, puckered hole. I flicked my tongue along the tight little ridges I found there before sliding back up. This time I sucked on her lips, drawing them into my mouth, first one, then the other, and then both together. I felt her squirm under me as I plunged my tongue into her hot, wet pussy, into her body.

I fucked her hard with my tongue, sliding my hands under her firm buttocks and pulling her hard to my mouth. She bucked her hips to meet me, her hands rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

Her orgasm hit her quickly, running through her with a violent tremor. She cried out, almost screaming. She grabbed my hair, holding me so tight against her pussy that I could barely breath. She ground herself against me, my tongue still inside her, her juices pouring out of her.

Gradually her grip softened and her body relaxed. I licked and kissed her gently, easing her back to earth. I crawled back up the bed, showering kisses on her as I went, still taken aback at how my planned wank had turned out. We kissed and held each other.

Maria rolled onto her side to face me, reaching down for my cock as she did so. She told me that she had let herself into the room with her pass key to do the cleaning as normal, only to find me on the bed. She had watched me for five minutes before joining in. She told me how big and hard I’d looked, and how she couldn’t resist me. As if I was complaining!!

Talking to Maria like this, running my hands over her soft, smooth skin, over her sexy, young body, feeling her hands on my cock, was having the desired effect. I could feel my cock rising again.

“Mmm,” Maria murmured with a smile, “that feels good.”

I kissed her as she stroked my cock. A long sensual kiss, our tongues rolling around each other. I sucked on her tongue, on her lower lip, as our passion built again. I dipped my head and drew her nipple, her breast, into my mouth. I kissed her mouth again, caressing her breasts and rubbing her ripe nipples.

She moaned and sighed into my mouth, easing me onto my back. Still kissing, she straddled me, the ridge of my hard cock pushing up against the hot wetness of her pussy. She pushed her mouth hard onto mine, her breasts hard against my chest, her pussy hard against my cock. She rubbed the length of her body against mine, heightening our pleasure, our desire.

She pushed herself up, raising her hips so that my cock head nestled against the slippery entrance to her wet body. I moved slightly, but she stopped me, letting me know that she wanted to be in control. I reached for her breasts, cupping them in my hands, rubbing and teasing her nipples as she rubbed her clit along the ridge of my cock.

Then she shifted her position again, letting my cock head slip inside her. Her pussy felt incredible – hot and wet, tight and soft, totally desirable. I wanted to fuck her hard and fast, to take her. Sensing this, Maria shook her head, looking into my eyes.

“Soon,” she whispered.

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