Lucky You

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“Yeah. Tell your father to get well soon and that I like him much better then his son,” she smiled. “But to be serious, I need you to call The View, 106 & Park and The Mo’nique Show,” Demi started walking towards the exit, outside, as she continued talking. Mr. De Luca was following closely behind. “Tell them all that I am on for Wednesday and Thursday. Oh and please specify that I am only there to promote my album not my love life.”

Julian raised a dark brow but she plowed on. “If I hear any questions about boyfriends and lovers I promise I will flip my shit and pull a Chris Brown.”


“Anything else?” Julian asked, remembering to bring a tape recorder or something with him next time. The woman had so many damn commands! He was supposed to be telling her what to do, where to go, what to say. Not the other way around. However, he wisely stayed quiet. His dad was counting on him. She continued talking.

He looked up and was pierced in the gaze of her greenish hazel eyes. He couldn’t help but look at those lips. They were naturally pink and full, yet shiny from her carefully applied lip-gloss. He forced himself to look away from them, but helped himself to view more.

Her long eyelashes, fake or not, he could care less; they worked for her either way. Her small nose, high cheekbones…she definitely looked better in person than she did on TV and she looked fucking incredible on television. And her body… it was the epitome of curves in all the right places.

Visions of him spreading her out on his work desk swarmed his mind before he could stop himself.

He felt a stirring in his pants and swore silently. Focus.

“Hello? Did you get all of that or do I have to repeat myself?” Demi asked, becoming more and more impatient with his sudden silence.

“I think I’ve managed to remember it all, thanks for asking though,” he said, reaching for another cigarette. Damn nicotine. Damn stress.

“Ugh, you smoke?” She asked, rather snootily, as if only people of poor class smoke, and flipped her blonde hair-which was probably a weave, but it went oddly well with her golden skin- over her shoulder.

Julian rolled his eyes, noting with humor that Andre had done the same as well. “Yeah, I usually pull one out when I’m stressed. And would you believe it, this is my third one today. One of which I started smoking when I first heard I had to manage you and the second when you started talking. Get the hint?”

Andre coughed.

Demi’s pretty face turned dark as a storm cloud. “Don’t worry, I’ll be out of you hair as soon as you drop me off home.”

Julian blew out smoke, which Demi dramatically swatted out of her face, before responding with, “What?”

“You have to take me home. Andre has other errands I need him to run. I want to give him as much time as he can get.”

“Oh, how generous of you,” Julian replied sarcastically.

“Look, just point me in the direction of your car so I can begin to make my way over there. I want to get out of here before the paparazzi shows up.”

Julian pointed east and she stormed off, her five-inch heels click-clacking on the pavement. Julian took one last drag as he and Andre enjoyed the view of her firm, round ass as she walked away.

“Only reason why I stay,” Andre joked, before walking in the opposite direction.

Julian shook his head and began to walk after her.

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