Lucky You

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“Actually, I do need a favor,” he rasped.

Julian winced. “Let me hear it.” Before I say no, he added in his head.

“I need you to take my place as Demi’s manager for a few of weeks. You can take my pay check.”

Julian’s heart stopped. He reached into his back pocket for another cigarette, lighting it, before answering.

“Oh hell no! I’m not going to manage that she-devil. And hell will freeze over before I do that for a few weeks.” Julian immediately felt bad when he heard his dad cough and wretch violently again. “If you’re trying to make me feel guilty, it’s working,” Julian joked.

His dad laughed weakly, “How’d you know? So will you do it or not?”

Julian gritted his teeth. “What am I supposed to do about work dad?”

Elijah De Luca huffed, “You and I both know that you can do your job outside of an office. You’re a fucking CEO of a company for Christ-sakes!”

“You couldn’t get anybody else to do this?” Julian asked, fishing.

“The people I trust the most to do the job are busy.”

“Thanks. Nice to know I was the last option,” Julian muttered.

“You asked,” his father replied.

Julian sighed. He didn’t know much about Demi, except that she was fucking hot and a total bitch. Even though his mind screamed say fuck no, he heard himself say, “Alright, dad. I’ll do it.”

“Great. Thanks my boy.” He listened as his dad gave him numbers of important contacts and information on Demi’s inner circle. Julian took another drag of the cigarette before stubbing it out with disinterest.

“Okay, old man. Get well soon. Tell mom I said to take extra care of you.”

“She will,” his dad laughed. Julian believed it.

It would always be a wonder to him how his parents managed to stay married after thirty years. Not too long after Julian hung up the phone, the stupid thing rung again.

“What?” he answered gruffly.

“Julian?” A stern voice asked.

“Yeah, who’s this?”

“This is Andre, Demi’s assistant. Elijah told me to make all calls to you.”

“Yeah. What’s up?”

“I need you over here at Beatz 107.5 radio station.”

“Right now?”

“The fastest you can get here. Try fifteen minutes,” the gruff voice rasped.

“Damn,” Julian muttered, “Okay, be there in less than ten.”

“Better be, it’s your ass,” Andre said lowly before hanging up.

Julian made a quick grab for his phone and keys before dashing out of his apartment and inside his BMW.

The drive took as long as he expected and he spent more time trying to find a parking spot. He walked a few blocks back west before he saw the red-bricked building in his view. He stepped inside and walked over to the receptionist.

“What floor is the radio station?”

The blonde looked up at him. “Only pre-approved guests and employees can go up there.”

Julian did his best not to roll his eyes and turned on the charm. “What’s your name?”

He licked his lips and smiled, the way he knew women liked.

She blushed, “Lisa.”

“Pretty name. Mine is Julian-”

“Mr. De Luca, are you done flirting with the receptionist?” a melodic, yet cold voice asked, quite sarcastically.

He knew that voice. She- devil.

He swore, and turned around.


He’s an angel, she thought. He was six feet even with unruly, curly black hair that flirted with his long eyelashes. He had dark blue eyes, the color of the night’s sky. His nose was straight and strong and his lips curved like Cupid’s bow. Her eyes traveled lower to his black leather jacket, the crisp white top that spread tight against his chiseled chest and abdomen, the dark blue jeans that covered thick, muscular thighs and black boots. She released a shaky breath as she felt a familiar tingle between her legs. “You’re not Elijah,” she said, even though that much was obvious.

“You’re smart,” he quipped, his blood red lips lifting up at the corners a little.

Demi narrowed her eyes.

“I assume you got the email he sent earlier this morning,” he said in a deep, melodic voice. He chuckled slightly when she gave him a look that clearly said she didn’t. “He’s sick with the flu. So, much to my delight, ” his voice dripped with sarcasm, “I’ll be taking his place as your manager for the next three weeks or so.”

“Three weeks? What the hell? I have interviews, talk shows-”

“And I’ll be with you every step of the way.”

“Listen smart- ass, I don’t need your little jokes okay? Keep your comments to yourself.”

He may be sexy, and good looking and all, but he needs to know who he’s talking to, she thought. He nodded.

“Anything else boss?” He asked with a mocking smile.

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