Lucky You

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I’m just your average guy that is 38 years old. I have a great job as a professional. I’m a little overweight, but not fat, I have two sons and just went through a terrible divorce last year. It took 14 months for me to get rid of my ex-wife but I have been great ever since I left in 07.

I have a couple workmates that I would hang out with after work sometimes. We had a standing Friday afternoon at the local Hooters where we would go and have a couple of beers and talk about work and what we were going to do on the weekend. This went on for several months until I met Julie.

It was the day after Valentines day and we were at Hooters for our regular Friday beers. Julie walked in while we were there. She knew some of my co-workers and one of them had invited her for a beer. Julie works as a nurse and she was in her scrubs. She’s a very petite woman, about 5 foot 1 and probably 105 pounds. Brown hair cut shoulder length with brown eyes and a very addictive smile. She has a very nice body and does not look her age. She 34 and could easily pass for 23 or 24. She has nice round tits, kinda small but perfectly shaped for her size, an ass that just doesn’t shake at all and it’s nice and round.

She sits down and my buddy orders her a beer while the introductions are being made. We all make small talk but I can’t keep my eyes off her. Something about her is very attractive and seductive all at the same time. Julie announces to everyone at the table that she was going to get her first and last tattoo today. I asked her what she was going to get and she said she couldn’t tell me. Then I asked her where she was going get it and she told me she couldn’t tell me that either but I could come along if I didn’t have anything to do that afternoon. Well let me tell you, there wasn’t anything more important in my life at that point in time than going with her so I said I would go. I bought us a shot of Patron each and we drank a couple of more beers.

Now I’m not into statistics or anything like that but what are the odds of sitting at Hooters and a beautiful woman walks in and asks me to go with her to get a tattoo in a location that has yet to be disclosed? It’s got to like 1 zillion to 1 or something. I should have bought a lottery ticket that day.

We start to leave and she asks me to ride with her. As we’re driving there she tells me she always wears Lucky Brand jeans and wants to get “Lucky You” tattooed right below her bikini line. She said all Lucky jeans have that on the fly when you unbutton them. She thinks it would be cool if she was with a guy and he takes off her pants and see’s Lucky You right above her pussy. I couldn’t agree more!

We get to the tattoo parlor and she has already been there before to talk to them about it. The guy already made her template and we go in the back and she pulls the front of her scrubs down just enough for him to place the template on her. She gets up and walks over to the mirror to see if it’s straight. Julie ask me if it is line up. I told her to pull her pants down farther and let me see her pussy to make sure. She pulls them down far enough for me to see the most beautiful shaved pussy I have every laid my eyes on. I made sure it was lined and she got her tattoo.

Well let me tell you guys…..This is one HOT tattoo! I really don’t like tattoo’s that much but holy shit!

I asked her to go out that night and she agreed. We met at a little bar with a bunch of my friends and co-workers and had a great time. It started to get late and we went back to my house. I really didn’t expect what was next.

Once at my house we started kissing on my couch and got into it really good. She is so passionate. I have never experienced anything like this. We went to my bedroom and got undressed. I was the first guy to see that great tattoo while se was naked. WOW!!! She has a hot little body that is the product of working out. We started kissing and rubbing each other all over. Her pussy was so tight and wet. I went down there and started to lick all around her little slit and lightly on her clit. She moaned her approval and I started to really lick her then. I worked on her pussy and clit until she exploded in my face. I kept going until she had another orgasm. She pulled me up on her and grabbed my cock and guided it into her waiting hole. She was so tight that I could barely get it in her but I kept working it until she had it all. We had the greatest sex that night. The next morning she got up and took a shower. She sent me this picture later on that day.

We have been together everyday since that lucky Friday on Feb. We have a great sex life and I couldn’t be any happier. We have sex whenever either of us want to. Sorry about the eyes but she doesn’t know about this story. I can’t say that I have ever believed in sole mates but now I do. This is the greatest girl in the world. Just right for me.

All I can say is “Lucky Me”.

Lucky You Are

“So, any new lovers, boyfriends, or guys in general the listeners should know about?” Rosie Lopez asked.

Demi sat up and leaned into the microphone, laughing. It was a tired laugh. She was really tired of this same old question. “See, how did I know you were gonna ask me that?”

Rosie laughed too. “Sorry! I had to do it! Your fans wanna know. I mean you’re a beautiful girl, can sing ya ass off, and you’ve had relationships every now and again but nothing very serious. So I’ll ask again, any new boyfriends, lovers…?”

“Na, there ain’t girl, but I promise you, I’m working on that!” Demi gave a half-ass laugh.

Rosie didn’t seem to notice. Instead she smiled and then said, “Well girl, we support you all the way. We’re gonna go into a commercial break. Be back in three minutes to hear Demi’s new single called, ‘Lucky you are’.”

Demi took off the headphones as soon as they were off the air and walked out of the soundproof booth.

“Yo Andre!” Demi’s husky personal assistant swiveled his baldhead in her direction. “Get a hold of Elijah! I’ve been trynna get him since forever and a day ago. Call him, text him, email him, send him a fucking message in a bottle. I don’t care, just get him here!” Demi ordered.

Andre groaned and went to go do the task.

“Ms. Smith, we need you back in here!” A radio producer yelled from down the hallway. Demi gave a frustrated sigh before walking back into the booth.


Julian drew a final drag on his cigarette, threw it in a nearby ashtray and answered his phone.

“Yeah?” Julian asked.

“Jules,” his father croaked.

“Shit, dad, you sound terrible.” Julian began to pace around his apartment.

“Yeah, I got the-” he coughed violently, “I got the flu.”

“Aww man. You need me to do anything?” Julian asked, more out of politeness than anything else. He genuinely loved his father, but doing favors for the man was the equivalent of trying to please the devil. You’ll never be able to.

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