Lucky Slip

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Emma must have felt the same way too, because when I dislodged myself from inside of her to flip her around, her face was laden with need — the need to be filled up by her big brother’s big cock once more. It was she that reached between us and took hold of the head of my steaming rod, placing it at her entrance and saying:

“Oh please Andrew….put it back in me…”

I leaned into her body, my cock head urging its way passed her tight lips. As I began to inch my cock into my little sister’s pussy I also lifted her by the ass, my fingers pressing into her firm, smooth cheeks as I put her weight on the vanity.

“Yeessssssssssssss…. Show me Andrew, show me that big thing of yours going in your naughty little sister….oooohhhh.” I did just that, bottoming out in her inescapable warmth before retracting and entering her passage once again. First we were both looking at the penetration, the unbelievable and erotic incest we were both losing ourselves in and then upward. My eyes scanned her body, hers mine. When we reached our lips I leaned in, locking eyes and kissing her with reckless abandon. The kiss said everything we couldn’t, that Emma’s teasing had been only about torturing me, and that my dreams were fighting to manifest themselves. Emma’s look was one of desperation, I could see another orgasm welling up inside of her, and I wanted her to come with me, I was so close.

“Ohh baby, ohh big bro……please….. I know we shouldn’t but….uhhhh…” she trailed off.

“What Emma…? I said over hurried breaths, still focusing on sliding my shaft in and out of Emma’s pussy. I could watch it flex to accommodate me, her insides making way for the penetrating staff.

She moaned, she tried to catch enough breath…”I could get pregnant……Ohhhhh God, I don’t give a…. fuckkkkkkkk……oooooh.” I pushed in deeper on that one, spurred on by what I could tell my little sister was implying over an escalating orgasm.

“Just fill me up baby… yes, yes….. cum in your bad little sis…… I’ve been teasing you for so long….. I can’t believe I’ve been….uhhhh… missing this!” God she sounded so sexy.

I was seconds away now and Emma was headed there too. Just a couple more strokes and we’d both be……Wow the feeling was so wonderful. I watched my sister roll her eyes and head back as she started to feel it, my cock pulsing with its first powerful jet of sperm, directly, deeply into my little sisters pussy. She was over the edge, and I held her in my arms as she clutched me and howled in front of me. Another pulse of sperm, my heart felt like it would explode, but I only exploded again into Emma’s womb.

It felt like it could go on forever, Emma’s spasming body or my powerful sprays of seed. It didn’t though, and my beautiful, albeit horny little sister was smiling like the dirty little girl she was while we remained locked together at the hips. My cock softened only a bit, remaining so full of desire for Emma that it refused to disappear. Emma rested her head on my heaving chest.

“Ummmm….. wow…..

“Yea…. That was….” I stuttered to find the words.

Emma finished them for me, “intense…amazing…”

“You are… unbelievable.” She blushed when I said that, though I wouldn’t have known over her sex flushed face.

Emma felt my cock still hard inside of her, it must have grown because her eyes widened and she said with shock, “Are you serious? Ready to fuck your little sister again so soon? Don’t you think we should get like some protection or something.”

“Yesss…. ” I got out.

But my cock had other plans, the risk of getting my little sister Emma pregnant sent my cock expanding deeper and wider into Emma’s slick channel. She flashed me that famous smile, and I knew she wanted it.

She wanted it three more times that night actually. We fucked on the kitchen table, in the screened in porch and best of all, in our parents shower. I couldn’t get enough of Emma’s beautiful body and her seductive and sexy personality. We got to protection eventually, but filling my little sister up with her own brothers sperm was all that either of us wanted for a while. We’re just crossing our fingers, and I’m still making love to my sister as much as possible every chance I get.

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