Lucky Slip

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Though I didn’t think it possible, I pushed just a bit forward into Emma when she moved and both of us gasped. My hands unintentionally squeezed at her butt and when my cock found that new place in her pussy she shot a hand back to grab one of my wrists. She clearly hadn’t meant to, but I appreciated the sheer emotion of the gesture.

“Andrew……” she whispered between pants.

I waited. I attempted my old, ‘avoid the temptation’ technique and when I felt her quim pulsing upon me I knew it was pointless. My squeezing fingers pulled Emma closer to me, my shaft slid against Emma’s walls and I could feel her fingernails upon my wrist.

“You have to… we have to stop….” It sounded like she was trying my strategy, though her words were only just audible.

“…..yes, okay….. you have to get up first.” I warned.

At first she didn’t move, and then she put her foot to the ground and pushed upward. My sister’s tiny hole slid out around me slowly, pleasurably, until she apparently slipped again. I looked around and could see no reason for it, but down she went until her ass reconnected with my hips. I searched her for an answer and only caught a second of the glance she’d sent my way on her look back. However, it was unmistakable as it flashed by, a smile.

And a naughty one at that, my perfect little blonde sister wasn’t as innocent as she’d played, her smile gave her away. I positioned my hands for a bit of different type of help this time. Her hand, still wrapped around my wrist, tightened. My hands indented in her as I guided her just a fraction of an inch from popping out. She cast her glance my way, sending boughs of her luscious blonde hair bouncing over her shoulder. She was sitting more upright now, her back arching, and as my eyes met hers, the wicked grin I observed told me she wasn’t about to stop.

She began to sink back into my lap, my rod filling her with its heat, inch by inch. This time she cooed and reached back with her other hand, I was in heaven. The towel fell away from her body and for the second time, my naked, sexy little sister was descending upon my protruding member (intentionally that is). It was so warm, and the sheer tightness of it had me focusing on nothing but the feeling. I couldn’t control myself. As she came down to meet me I grasped her all the more firmly and thrust upward to meet her.

“Oh God, we should stop….. oh fuck….. we should not be doing this……….uhhhh,” she couldn’t even finish the sentence.

I started to move my hands a bit, becoming bolder and hungrier to feel my sister’s body. They inched over her hips, which I paused to grasp, feeling her hipbones as I pressed my fingers into her. I massaged her a bit there, causing the slow and steady bouncing she had begun to increase in tempo.

“I thought you were getting up?” I teased, having trouble focusing myself as Emma was sliding herself up and down on top of me. My God, I knew she wasn’t but by the tightness of her tunnel I could have sworn she was a virgin.

“Uhhhh…. Fuck you…” She let out with obvious frustration.

“I think you are sis…” I strained, and she laughed.

My hands made my way up to her breasts, finally, and they were all I’d dreamed of. As I took them in my hands they sat there cupped perfectly. I kneaded them, brushed my fingers over her nipples and marveled at their perfection. One of my hands continued adoring her breasts while I wrapped my other arm around her abdomen, forcing her down hard now onto my penetrating rod.

“Fuck you’re big…. I can’t stop…..mmmmmggghh….. don’t stop fucking me.” She sounded so sexy, moaning and cooing while talking dirty to me.

I decided to take a little more initiative, pushing myself up from our seated positioning and causing Emma’s dainty toes to finally make contact with the ground. As soon as they did, I turned her, with my cock still lodged inside of her, to the sink. Standing now, it was my turn to start fucking my little sister just the way I wanted her. Bent over the sink as she was, she suddenly stood on her tiptoes as I started pushing my thick head in and out of her once again. It was an involuntary gesture, the little spasm that had stood her like a rail for me to shove myself directly up into, probably from all the pleasure I was giving her, and I loved it almost as much as the panting I could hear coming from my ungodly sexy sis.

I reached in front of us once again and took firm grasp of her chest, lodging myself inside her warm pussy as my hands massaged her great tits. She did her best to meet my thrusts, but my desire for her had me winning out and slapping my pelvis against her toned butt. I fucked her like that for a few minutes, my hands alternating between a dominant grasp of her slender neck, soft breasts, toned abdomen and pert ass. I even reached down to massage her clit and send her into a clearly powerful orgasm.

“Ohhhh FUCKKK….. Oh my God, I can’t believe…….ughhhh…. my own brother is making me cummmm!!”

And cum she did; the pulsing of her walls around my penetrating member was almost enough to send me over the edge, but I powered through and made her ride out her own orgasm with continuous thrusts inside of her. We looked each other in the eyes in the mirror, watching as my hands worked themselves around her body and seeing each other’s wide eyes in disbelief at the sheer excitement and pleasure.

“Fucccckkk….” She whispered as she came down form her orgasm. She was short of breath but had enough to say: “I want to watch, I want to watch your big fat cock going in and out, please?” I wanted to look into her eyes directly too, to watch her watch me press my cock into her pussy and know just how much she loved it. My little sister – the consummate tease and the object of so many of my dreams now in my grasp, I wanted to look deep into her eyes as I fucked her. I wanted this act of incest, which had started out as an accident, to end up with Emma begging for more; now that I was inside of her I wasn’t sure my cock would ever feel right anywhere else.

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